Double Good Fundraiser: How to Make the Most of Your Campaign?

Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.” Kathy Calvin, the former president, and CEO of the United Nations Foundation quoted this in the context of fundraising to explain what fundraising means to society.

The idea of popcorn fundraising has been widely prevalent and fruitful for organizations and groups to raise donations for a cause while spreading awareness about it. It could be anything like funding a school, a day care, a non-profit, a sports club, a cultural group, cancer treatment, or medical research. With hundreds of fundraising ideas helping organizations to back their purposes, a double good fundraiser is something that will help you earn the maximum donations. Never thought that could be possible, right?

Well, this blog will let you know how it is truly possible! While old and conventional fundraisers are still popular, many organizations need ideas that can reach the masses easily and help them gain huge donations. A virtual fundraiser, like a double good fundraiser, is the answer. You can incorporate this fundraising idea to your school fundraising event and experience high-growth in your revenue.

Here, in this blog, we are going to explain the unique concept of the double good popcorn fundraiser, which is a fully virtual event, and how you can make its campaign successful to raise abundant funds.

What is a Double Good Fundraiser?

Double Good fundraiser is a product-based virtual fundraising company that is supporting non-profit organizations or groups to achieve their fundraising goals through widespread popcorn sales. It started as a community, where people committed to helping the society, especially kids come together to contribute to a cause.

Tim Heitmann, the man behind the Double Good company first started his wholesale popcorn business selling handmade and premium quality popcorn to national retailers. But soon, he realized that his interest in serving the kids do not match the interests of the big retail businesses. He then began providing popcorn fundraising opportunities in 2003 for the kids. That’s when the future of the company took a complete turn. He started receiving appreciation from athlete groups, schools, etc., that helped them purchase uniforms, travel tickets, and other necessary goods.

While he was sure that fundraising is the best way to help kids and make their future, the community created a social fundraising platform. It is 100% online and helps the groups to sell popcorn for 4 days continuously by providing them with a link for purchase to friends, families, and potential supporters. Double Good company ships all the products directly to the buyers. Therefore, there are no extra hassles for the groups, or organizations to host such a fundraiser.

One huge perk of this fundraiser is that it lets the organizers keep 50% of the sales and that makes it one of the most profitable fundraisers. The company strictly based its success on the amount it can assure back to the organizers with their popcorn fundraiser. It hence decided that 50% of the sales will go as profits to them.

What Makes A Successful Double Good Campaign?

While the double good popcorn fundraiser is quite a viable fundraiser, it can bring you great profits only when you market it well. So, what should you do to promote the specific double good online fundraiser to get as many donors as you need? A successful campaign for online fundraisers comprises three main factors- a captivating story, interesting images, and a clear CTA (Call-to-Action).

All these factors should be inevitably connected to make the campaign successful. But apart from that, you should follow these few tricks to make the fundraiser campaign successful.

1. Recognize your audience

First, find out who is the target audience of your fundraiser. Is it the current donors, or do you want to target new prospective donors? Are they women or men? Knowing the audience is vital as it helps you curate the message of your campaign. When you understand the audience, you can connect their emotions with the cause of your virtual fundraising and influence them to act.

2. Get a theme and a message

The main idea of your fundraising shall be promoted through your campaign. Whether it is for a sports group, a school, or a day care, let the supporters know to who they are donating. Develop a short and precise message for your campaign that everyone will understand. Remember to choose a theme for your campaign that is appropriate to the cause of your fundraiser. The theme should be understandable by the audience and set the tone of your campaign idea. It should be present in the e-mail address, social media posts, application forms, and other types of campaigns.

3. Create a story

Just a simple promotional message about your double good gourmet popcorn fundraiser may not be effective to convince the audience. You need a unique story to tell the audience. Create a story based on your fundraising cause that will convince the people to support your fundraiser. While facts are important to make your story powerful, emotions will make the story convincing. It’s only when people feel the story, and get inspired by it that they will share it with others. So, a good story will spread your campaign like a rapid-fire and help it gain enough attention.

4. Make a clear CTA

CTA implies Call-to-Action and is needed for the campaign of your double good virtual fundraiser for several reasons. CTA buttons are hyperlinked to a page where people can register for the event, book a service, purchase a product, or make a payment. By placing an effective CTA you can persuade the audience to the next crucial step.

For a fundraising campaign, the CTA should explain why people should contribute, what will be the result of their donations, and why it is necessary to raise money immediately. When these are clearly stated in the CTA, people viewing your campaign message will be motivated to click the hyperlinked page, which is the application form for joining the virtual event.

5. Provide necessary support

You should provide the participants of your fundraiser with the necessary support to organize the fundraiser. You should explain the gourmet popcorn varieties, explaining the benefits of each variety. Also, add a link to the ‘support form/page’ of the website to help the participants directly know how to be a part of the virtual fundraiser.

6. Create appealing headlines for email/social media posts

The best mediums for promoting your double good popcorn fundraising event are emails and social media posts. But, how to make people read more your campaign? They will just skip away the mail or the post by reading simple headings like “Donate and Spread awareness”, or “Popcorn Fundraiser”.

Making the headlines interesting to make people click on the email, and read through your social media post. Create titles like “Make a difference in kids’ life”, and “Take a small step and be part of the kid’s future.” These headlines are sensitive and will create an interest in the viewers and compel them to read ahead. Also, the headings should be short and must be fully visible on mobile devices.

Why Are Double Good Popcorn Fundraisers So Effective?

When it comes to the success rate of online fundraisers, Double Good fundraisers are the first ones to mention. It is mainly because the company, based in Chicagoland manufactures over ten thousand pounds of handmade gourmet popcorn and has made the conduct of the fundraiser as easy as a cakewalk. That’s why the name – pop up double good popcorn fundraiser! Many athletic groups and organizations working for the needs of the kids have joined Double Good for its capability to raise funds fast and easily.

Let’s find out here the key reasons for the newly approved double good fundraiser to be most effective amongst other fundraisers.

1. Extremely easy to host

With the Double Good platform, the organizers can set up virtual ‘Pop-Up Shops’, where they can sell the popcorn directly to friends and acquaintances. They need to just share the link of the page with the pop-up shops. They can share the link through social media, text, email, or other mediums.Once interested people buy popcorn through the link, Double Good takes the responsibility to ship the popcorn to the buyers. So there is no hassle of paperwork, cash collection, or product distribution for the organizers to handle.

2. Vast sales potential

Double Good’s pop-up store fundraiser is a continuous 4-day virtual fundraiser where you can sell delicious gourmet popcorn of multiple varieties. Unlike any fundraiser that takes place for a day, this fundraiser continues day and night for 4 consecutive days.Moreover, the Double Good pop-up store lets you sell popcorn anywhere across the USA, without needing to pack and ship the orders. That means you have more potential to sell popcorn and raise a generous amount of funds.

3. Maximum profits

Who could have imagined that a fundraiser can let them win a maximum of 50% of sales as profits? A double good popcorn fundraiser guarantees that! And, there are no commission fees or no minimum sales to meet to get that profit.Once the virtual fundraiser is over, the organizer will receive the profit amount (i.e., 50% of sales) directly into your account. So if you host a double good fundraiser, you neither have to handle the products nor ship products to the supporters but get paid the profit amount faster through a direct deposit or a check.

4. Freshly popped and unique varieties of products

Double Good doesn’t ever pop the kernel until the orders are placed for a fundraiser. So, whatever the supporters get is fresh, handmade, and rich in flavors. It offers 12 flavored popcorn, which includes butter, caramel, cheese and caramel, cheddar and caramel, holla-peno (spicy), sweet and salty kettle, extra cheesy, and white cheddar.

All these flavored popcorn are popped fresh in small batches as the orders are placed so that your supporters get the freshest popcorn with the perfect crisp and crunch. Also, none of the flavors are made with artificial colors, and no preservatives are used for the popcorn. Made in Chicago, their variety of flavored popcorn is the best to relish while donating to the needs of kids or a cause.

5. 100% contactless

Double good popcorn online fundraiser is also widely effective for being 100% contactless. During the perplexing situation of COVID-19, hosting public events like fundraisers was a distant dream. At that time, the double good fundraiser turned out to be the most effective medium for schools, organizations, healthcare institutes, etc., to raise sufficient funds for your cause.

However, swayed away by the benefits of virtual popcorn fundraisers where there is no need for setting up stalls, collecting money, and distributing products to supporters, people are now favoring it over offline fundraisers. Thus, apart from being contactless, it is also hassle-free and cost-effective.

Getting Started With Your Double Good Campaign

The double good fundraiser is something that anyone can host at any time. Live pop-up stores, varieties of popcorn flavors, quick link share, and easy purchases make this virtual gourmet popcorn fundraiser the most convenient way to raise money for a cause. If you are planning to organize easy fundraising then including this into your campaign will enhance the chance of your success!

The pop-up stores are an ideal way for any group or organization looking to fundraise. If you are one of them and want to know how the double good popcorn fundraiser work, here are the simple steps to get started with the campaign.

1. Downloading the app

The Double Good fundraiser works online through an app. It can also be set on their website. However, fundraising via mobile is convenient because you can track the event progress, sales, earnings, etc., continuously no matter where you are.

So, the first step is installing the App, which is available on the Google Store and Apple Store. It’s free to use, and you have to sign up with your email address and contact details.

2. Schedule the event

Set the date and time on which you want to start your pop up double good popcorn fundraiser. From that day, your 4-days fundraiser will begin. You have a lot of options to personalize your fundraiser based on your cause. First, create your pop-up store and set the goal i.e., how many dollars of popcorn you want to sell through this fundraiser. The app then lets you upload your photo or a video related to the fundraiser.

3. Share the event code

Here comes the most significant step of the double good popcorn fundraiser campaign. Once the setup of the pop-up store is complete, you get a 6-lettered event code. You need to distribute the code to your group members and people who will be interested to join and participate. In your campaign, you need to share this code along with your message, slogan, imagery, or video. Interested participants and donors can directly connect to your double good pop-up store by clicking on the link after getting convinced by the campaign posts.

The participants can join easily by using the code. They can then create their pop-up stores and need to upload a selfie or a photo so that donors can know who they are supporting or purchasing the popcorn from. As the fundraiser starts, they have 4 days to share their pop-up store link, sell, and add to your sales.

4. Set up your payout

In the last step, you need to set the payment method through which you want to receive the sales earnings. You can receive the donations generated either through a direct deposit or a check after the fundraiser closes. Once the fundraiser is complete, you will receive 50% of the sales as profits.

Tips for a Successful Double Good Campaign

If you are planning to host a 4-day doublegood fundraiser for your school, non-profit organization, or sports club, affirm its success by ensuring a powerful and effective campaign. There is a myriad of things to take care of while planning your campaign. Including this campaign in your sports fundraiser ideas ensure that it will actually reap the benefits you had always desired for. If you are willing to make your fundraiser campaign cheery and successful, here are some easy-to-follow tips.

1. Before You Start: Set Some Ground Rules

You cannot just jump straight into developing the story/idea of your campaign and launching it. Before anything, you should have clarity of your fundraising project i.e., for whom it is, what is the target or goal, and how it is going to benefit the supporters.

Hence, the first step is to make a plan for the campaign and set some basic rules to spread it fruitfully.Some ground rules for running your campaign are knowing the supporters, helping them to fulfill their wishes, building trust, respecting the supporters, and focusing on the existing supporters. By emphasizing these few golden rules, you can assure your double good popcorn fundraising success.

2. Utilize social media

The biggest powerful medium today for spreading any campaign is social media. Various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest have millions of users comprising all age groups. So if you aim to reach the masses and get as many supporters as possible for your Double Good fundraiser, then develop interesting content with an image or video and post it on different social media platforms.

However, there are diverse preferences of the audience regarding social media. They engage differently on different platforms. Thus, make sure to set your campaign in each of the platforms in a way that is effective in heightening the interests of the audience.

With trending items like reels and carousel ads emerging, you can now make your campaigns more engaging by sharing more information with the right audience. Also, you can use built-in buttons in these platforms that help the audience directly reach your double good pop-up store from the social media post.

3. Hold a kickoff event

After planning the date and time of your fundraising, you should wait for the right moment to kick off the campaign. Fundraisers connect with the emotions of the people. It is something they like to be a part of, and donating makes them genuinely happy. You can pull out this emotion from them by kicking off the campaign before the days of the fundraiser. Create a buzz about the fundraiser and reveal it through a countdown.

It instills a feeling of urgency and persuades the audience to act faster.You can use catchy headlines like “One more chance to do good”, “Beginning of the good”, “Good things can’t wait”, or “Make miracle happens” during the countdown days to raise curiosity and interest in the audience. Finally, reveal your fundraiser on the day countdown ends with an upbeat and enthusiastic message.

4. Keep the momentum going

You are using various platforms for the successful campaign of your double food fundraiser, but make sure that the language and message are the same across all. There should be consistency in your campaign but it should gain momentum with time. For that, update your social media and online outreach ads with descriptive images and compelling slogans every time.If there’s a website of the organization or non-profit for which you are raising funds, update its banner continuously i.e., every day with great images and impactful messages that will elicit the emotions of the audience.

5. After the campaign: show your results

Don’t forget to evaluate the results of your double good fundraiser campaign and celebrate the success you made till now. Show the responses that you have garnered from various platforms and celebrate the milestones you have achieved through the campaign. This is necessary to keep attracting the audience and adding to your supporters’ list. By seeing the number of positive responses, others will feel inspired to do the same.To let the audience know about your campaign success, you can send milestone emails with thank you messages to the supporters and directly share the number of responses gathered in your next campaign posts.

6. Have a plan

A quite obvious step to running your campaign success is to develop a plan to avoid any chaos while kicking off your campaign on different platforms. Create a plan based on the cause of raising funds, the amount you hope to raise, and the type of audience you are targeting.

If required, get some helpful tips from people who have already hosted a double good fundraiser.With the plan, prepare a timeline of the activities that you will need to do throughout your campaign. It will help you build the structure of your campaign, what activities to undertake, by whom, and when. Having a timeline will also ensure that every necessary aspect of your campaign is ticked off and that you realize its full potential to promote your fundraiser.

7. Don’t forget the details

When it is about promoting your pop-up double good fundraiser, do not be generic! Popcorn, being one of the healthiest snacks is loved by everyone. So, there’s no doubt about the huge potential of your campaign to attract donors when it involves popcorn sales.

However, you should also be specific about other details of your fundraiser in the campaign i.e., for whom you are raising the money and why.When provided with all the genuine details, the audience will be more interested in your fundraiser. They will know how they can donate to a noble cause while relishing some flavorful gourmet popcorn.
Since the campaign message needs to be short and specific, it is advisable to link your website or the page that holds all details of your fundraiser in your campaign message.

8. Promote, promote, promote: Get the word out there about your campaign

Being the organizer of a fundraiser, it is your responsibility to promote the campaign in full swing on every online platform so that you can yield maximum profits. If the organization, group, or school for which you are raising the money has a website, there’s ample scope to promote the campaign on the website. You can create a pop-up notification about it or highlight it in the banner of the homepage. Other places on the website where you can advertise your fundraiser are blog posts, sidebars, and CTAs at the end of key sections.

Apart from the website, promote it on all social media pages to make sure that the word about your campaign reaches the masses. However, not every post is capable of capturing the attention of people on social media. With thousands of local businesses and brands plying on it to market their products or services, it is challenging to divert everyone’s focus to your fundraiser. That’s why spread the word about your campaign in a meaningful way through a beautiful message. Tell the story behind your fundraiser idea, add an image or a video, and make the audience connect to your message.

9. Be patient

While running a campaign, patience is the key! You can’t expect to get results immediately after shooting off your campaign. No matter where you promote your double good fundraisers, it takes time to reach the target audience. Besides, you have to continuously share your promotional posts with your friends and families. You can ask them to promote your fundraiser on their own social media page and seek more participation.

All these things take time, so you need to hold up with patience to see the actual results of your campaign. This is why you should start with the campaign as soon as you plan it. The earlier you start, the better. You will get plenty of time to spread awareness about your campaign and gain the maximum number of participants.

10. Celebrate your success

Lastly, celebrate when your campaign reaps results i.e., make the fundraiser a huge success! It is necessary to appreciate the supporters and donors and encourage others to take part in such fundraisers in the future.To celebrate the success, continue your campaign post the virtual fundraising event and highlight what changed for your supporters and donors.

Publish how they feel and in what way acting for a cause has changed their perspectives. For instance, you can share some of their double good popcorn fundraiser reviews in your success posts. If others learn how some people have made a difference by taking part in your double good fundraiser, they will naturally feel motivated to do the same.

How Double Good Fundraising Approaches Post-Purchase Communication?

Just like brands and businesses emphasize post-purchase communication, you should do the same for your double good fundraiser. Post-purchase communication is a prerequisite for any campaign because it enables you to convey the right message to your donors and participants and thank them for their time and valuable contributions.

For a double good online fundraiser, post-purchase communication is also essential to address issues such as delayed delivery or failed deliveries, misplaced orders, and so on. Many people will understand this because it is a fundraiser for a genuine cause and confusion can happen amidst hundreds of orders. However, in no way, you can disappoint your donors by providing them with a bad fundraising experience. If any unforeseen situation happens, you should address that straightway to make up for the grievances of the donors. Provide refund or reorder service to make sure that each of your donors receives the delectable popcorn and is happy with your virtual fundraiser.

Double Good uses post-purchase communication as common practice to offer every buyer (donor of the fundraiser) a great experience that they will remember. Generally, their approach to post-purchase communication also involves sending a confirmation email and transactional email that affirms when an order was placed and what was the order price respectively. The company understands that ensuring a good experience for buyers is necessary to keep up the trustworthiness and pride of the organizer. With post-purchase communication, they help you assure that when you are organizing a fundraiser.

What Are Some Things To Keep In Mind When Running Your Campaign?

If hosting a double good popcorn online fundraiser is your next big plan, you first ought to know a few tricks to run your campaign.

1. Choose the images/videos carefully

Fundraisers promote the act of giving for the betterment of a section of society. You can convince people to give something only by connecting with their emotions. And, there’s no better way than images or videos to bring out the emotions in people.

A person might not realize the lack of essential facilities in a preschool/daycare when you promote it in a message. But, when they see a few images or a video of some children playing in the same preschool that it clearly shows how they are deprived of many basic amenities, people could instantly connect.Moreover, providing images or videos let potential donors and supporters know who will be receiving the benefits of their donations. So, they will be more interested to donate!

2. Know your budget

Do not overspend on your campaign. Indeed, set a minimal budget for your double good fundraiser because the idea is to make maximum profits out of the fundraiser. For an online campaign, which includes Facebook and Instagram, you are allowed to choose the start and end time of your campaign along with the per-day budget.

You can also optimize the spending on your campaign by choosing a particular time of the day to show the ad. Many successful organizers stated that they run the campaign for 4-5 days initially. Then learning about the audience reactions and campaign results, they set the total budget and optimize the campaign accordingly.

3. Trust the process

Every day, more than 2 billion people are active on various social media, so when you start your fundraiser campaign, it is going to take time for your message to make rounds across various pages and profiles. There’s nothing to worry about the success of your campaign if you have started it right.

So, you need to just trust the process or algorithms that work behind social media platforms and wait for the results. To ensure you have got enough time to promote your campaign, plan, and kick off your campaign as early as possible.

Kick-Start Your Double Good Fundraiser through Midland Fundraising!

Double Good fundraiser is undeniably one of the most convenient virtual fundraisers today, which assures maximum i.e., 50% of the sales as profits. From supporting athletic programs to schools’ basic amenities, this fundraiser has helped many groups and organizations to achieve their goals with no or minimal investment. Double Good is also famous because it lets you organize a fundraiser alone and reach out to as many supporters as you wish.

“Without a doubt, the easiest and most efficient fundraiser I’ve ever done. Everyone involved will benefit from it!” Adam Nissen, Varsity Football Coach of St. Laurence High School said this about the Double Good virtual fundraiser, which is a testimony to this fact.

Double Good is an instant and easy option in front of you. However, to assure the success of your virtual fundraiser set up a campaign that speaks volumes and sways the perceptions of the masses. Hope this blog will be helpful enough to make your double good fundraiser campaign effective and results-driven!

If you are in need to raise funds for your sports group or school and want to do it through a double good popcorn fundraiser, get in touch with Midland Fundraising. Having supported hundreds of interesting fundraising ideas over the years, we can provide you with crucial guidelines to make the most of your fundraiser.