Midland Fund Raising is excited to offer the easiest and most profitable fundraiser ever! All you have to do is pass out the catalog packs and we do the rest! The parents will collect orders and money. Once they are ready they will place their entire order online and pay using a debit or credit card. The product will be delivered for FREE to the seller! No need to collect money or distribute orders! It’s the easiest fundraiser ever and offers at least a 40% profit return! Click below for more information!

1. Seller Receives Catalog & Order Form

Once the seller has received their catalog and order form they can share with family, friends and co-workers to begin collecting orders.

2. Place Orders Online

Instead of turning in order forms and cash, the seller’s parent or guardian will place orders online through our EZ Portal and pay using a debit card or any major credit card.

3. Orders Ship to Seller for FREE

No need to worry about passing out product. The orders will be shipped directly to the seller or parent/guardian who placed the order for FREE. Conditions apply, ask your sales representative for details.

4. Cash Profit Check and Done

At the end of the sale we will send your organization a check with your profits. All you have to do is cash it!

Let us help you decide which style fundraiser will work best for your group or organization!

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