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Online Only Fundraising

Midland Fund Raising provides a completely contactless fundraising experience through our online platform. With no need for in-person contact or handling money, order forms, or catalogs, our internet-based approach makes fundraising easy and safe.

Register online to start your fundraiser and begin raising funds immediately. Our direct home delivery option ensures your supporters receive orders straight to their front doors. Contactless fundraising has never been easier or more convenient! Join us today to start raising money for your cause.

Each Online Only Fundraiser Includes-

  • Cutthroat profit margin
  • No long-term contracts or high-pressure sales
  • Tracking sales through an online portal
  • Custom parent letter sent via email
  • Online ordering for friends and family
  • Thorough sales reports
  • Profit check Mailed straight to you after your sale
  • For customer service transactions, customers call us directly
  • 100% customer satisfaction assured
  • 500+ products offered and perfect catalogs for you
  • Timely delivery of our package

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Online Only Fundraising- Making School Fundraisers Easy For You

With the rising advantages of the online platforms, it’s time that fundraisers take a step forward too. We have the Internet that has the power to influence millions of people across the world. So why would Midland Fundraising fall behind? Presenting you the most effective and easy fundraising idea in the USA to generate high profits in the least time possible! You will be stunned by how easily and smoothly this process works. Those who are wondering how it works, we have got you covered!

We offer you a wide variety of products in our catalogue. We deliver Christmas-themed products, home decors, gardening tools, pet products, games for preschool kids, and many other utility products. They are durable and look beautiful too. But that’s not all, we also have snacks for you to gorge on! Find cookies, candies, lollipops, and popcorns in mesmerizing flavors. They sell pretty well and have no preservatives. Some of the consumable items are gluten-free and whole grain for you. So look through our catalogue under online fundraising and start a grand event in the easiest way possible.

Choose Your Favorite And Host a successful Online Fundraiser In USA

Plain and straightforward fundraising is a thing of the past. Today is the time for fresh concepts that add fun and create value for a social cause. Midland Fundraising offers a variety of ideas for raising funds for schools.

You can choose from the following catalog and incorporate them into the online fundraiser event. We assure you that our holiday fundraiser ideas will be a super hit!

  • Spring Fundraising
  • Fall Fundraising
  • Cookie Dough Fundraising
  • Candle Fundraising
  • Popcorn and Peanut Fundraising
  • Candy Bar Fundraising
  • Lollipop Fundraising

Why Choose The Concept Of Online Fundraisers?

If you are looking for easy fundraising ideas for school, this one would be a fine choice. There are no limitations when you pick online fundraisers. Every organization will benefit from manifolds because of these reasons-

  1. Higher reach- Fundraising for schools in the USA is a worthy cause. It needs as many buyers to create a notable buzz. Online only fundraising will give you the reach that you never thought of. It isn’t restricted to one city but spreads to the whole country. Anyone can participate or enter this event from the comfort of their homes.
  2. Straightforward process- You don’t need much to start an online fundraiser. Organizations will need just a few promotions for the event and minor logistics to implement a grand online school fundraising idea. Unlike conventional fundraising, the entrance hurdle is lower with internet fundraising. The setup of a fundraising portal is really easy and uncomplicated. Any of the well-known social media sites, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, may be used for this. Opening accounts on these services can make it simple for you to attract more people to your online fundraiser in the USA
  3. Minimum costs- Another benefit of internet fundraising is the virtual, immediate flow of money. In addition, financing is very simple for contributors to comprehend if it is implemented and managed properly. Online fundraising ideas for schools in the USA are less expensive for a charity organization than traditional methods like mail or in-person solicitation. In addition, compared to traditional office expenditures, administrative costs are considerably cheaper. Through the online donor platform, these administrative expenditures are addressed.

Why Choose US For Online Fundraisers in USA?

Success doesn’t come overnight for anyone. Midland Fundraising has years of practice when it comes to delivering a good fundraiser. With our awe-inspiring creations and carefully designed catalogues, we make sure your patrons get the most outstanding outcome.

Here are a few ways we make every school fundraiser a massive success-

  • Setting specific and practical goals- Imagine having immeasurable and haphazard goals that aren’t possible for some events; they lead to failed expectations. If the organizations have reasonable fundraising ideas and vision, with a clear and tactical approach, it becomes easier to handle and plan. Hence, Midland Fundraising in the USA makes sure that their proper goals are set for the event for the organizations.
  • Promotion of online fundraiser- If no one knows about the Midland Fundraising, you can expect less online participation of supporters. We ensure that the target group is quickly informed about the school fundraising. Our extensive and unusual promotional ideas are shared by the organizations that find them laudable.
  • Vibrant school fundraising ideas and products – Who doesn’t like an event filled with lively energy and powerful ideas and top-quality products? Our online fundraisers will create unmatched sales so that you reach the goal with great finesse.
  • Suggesting a suitable event for you- In the USA, Midland Fundraisers ensures that all school fundraising plan takes into account the intended audience, level of experience, available resources, and volunteers. We tackle every facet of the deserving occasion that ensures excellence and success.
  • Being sure to increase networks- Any kind of meeting in a large gathering, no matter how little or large, will inevitably introduce you to new acquaintances. Networking produces additional ideas for fundraisers and assistance. We, therefore, make sure to connect with them to create stronger bonds and work for a better tomorrow.
  • Offering a wide range of products and programs- On raising funds for schools, we have various features and products. You may get excellent gourmet delicacies, variety and in-depth recipes, personal goods for everybody, flower bulbs, adorable wrapping paper, home décor, and more in unique catalogues and special fundraising ideas. Variety attracts customers, which results in higher sales for fundraiser initiatives.
  • Detailed evaluation after every event- Every time we organize a preschool fundraiser in the USA, our remarkable team makes careful analysis of the outcomes. It includes, but is not limited to, the inspection of sales numbers, quality of hospitality, the performance of the project, what might have been improved, the schedule, location, decoration, administration, monitoring, etc.

Ways To Promote An Online Fundraiser In USA

Letting people know about your fundraiser is an important step to garnering sales and creating social awareness. After you register and strategize for the online fundraiser for a school in the USA, start with endorsements. Go full-throttle and spread the word about such a fundraising idea as fire!

  1.  The online way- All of us are aware of how powerful social media is. But even in that, you need to be careful about the pages you create and post images, videos, words, and hashtags. There are digital marketing experts who can help you under this forum so that you get an ideal promotional value and garner large profits.
  2. Other methods to promote- Billboards, televised videos, newspaper advertisements, word-of-mouth, pamphlets, banner advertisements, announcement on local radio stations, and magazine advertisements are just some of the few ways to promote an online fundraiser for schools.
  3. Sponsorship and partners- Let your partner know that it will be a win-win situation if they collaborate with you. In this way, you get potential marketing benefits differently. This is applicable for online fundraisers and will affect the sales massively.

Go easy, Go Midland- Our Process Is the Simplest

Each individual likes to have a simple, hassle-free process to organize any event. We are one of the top fundraiser companies who have guaranteed an event that will be memorable for everyone, whether it’s an online school fundraiser or any other.

  • Midland Fundraising, a trustworthy fundraiser company in the USA has competent employees that are ready to assist you in making your online fundraiser a great success. After looking through a few of the available catalogs, you will be amazed by the quality of options.
  • Simply select the catalog that most closely matches your preschool fundraising concept. Tell your loved ones and acquaintances about the program. We are responsible for the remainder of the event planning!
  • Midland Fundraisers offers all the key components for school fundraising. After the occasion, the students meticulously package each gift for your consumers before we send them off.

We Are With You At Every Step Of The Process!

A sizeable sum of money will be donated to your organization through our online fundraiser in the USA. We are known to profitably sell delectable and high-quality products that are suitable for everyone- from kids to adults. Our team will happily help you make a tremendous amount of money by providing appetizing snacks like lollipops, candies, chocolates, popcorns of different flavors; and usable items for the home, garden, pets, and customers of all ages.

We are excited to work with you and help you choose modern and unique school fundraising ideas in the USA.

Together, we make sure that your preschool fundraising event is a big success. If you have any queries concerning our fundraising, call us anytime. We are waiting to hear from you!

Our Client’s Testimonial


This will be my first time participating so I am excited about it! Everything has been seamless and so easy to get started. We can’t wait to get our fundraiser off the ground!

Breeanne P.

I have been working with Midland Fundraising for the past three years for all of the fundraisings I do at Haviland Middle
School. During that time, they have been incredibly efficient, courteous, and professional. I organize fundraisers for
two groups that have about 150 students combined. Each time I do a new fundraiser, they get me all my forms
and materials quickly and takes the time to explain what I need to do. She makes my job very easy by providing
me with step-by-step instructions and giving me tips on how to make our event successful. Always very
polite and friendly and doesn’t hesitate to send me new copies of papers that I misplace (multiple times). Although
I’ve never met her face-to-face, I feel that Mysti is a wonderful, reliable contact of mine and I’m grateful that she is
in charge of my fundraising needs.

Coach Maggie

I am writing to express my pleasure of working with Midland Fundraising. For the past two
and half years, I have used Midland for fundraising for my school soccer team. They have been so helpful and
always ready to assist from the beginning of my experiences with the company. Mysti has always been my representative
and has always been available for questions and help with orders. She is very prompt with replies to my emails and very
thorough with my questions. Mysti has helped with things such as adding tax to our orders since we are a food taxing state
(meeting district fundraising guidelines), and she always checks up on our sales and if we need anything at all. She has been
very helpful with the selection of products and followed up on all aspects from contract correctness, delivery dates and times,
delivered items, and if we will continue to use the company in the future. Mysti Oliver has been so good and helpful to me
that I have referred her to other coaches and teachers at my school to use for their fundraisers! I would recommend her to
anyone! She has made my experiences simple and painless!

Chris C.

We have had two great experiences working with Midland Fundraising.
We were a bit skeptical at first about working with a company halfway across the country,
but it has not been an issue. Mysti has worked with us closely, always working to satisfy
both our group and our customers.
The products have been of good quality, and any issues with breakage or wrong item have been
taken care of immediately. We were happy to find a company that offered items at 50% profit
in brochure format, too.


“Your company has been a pleasure to work with. After years of selling candy bars, my Environmental Council group was looking for a company that sold high-quality products that were eco-friendly. I am so glad that we found you! I am completely satisfied with the products we have ordered but more importantly, in the high standards of customer service from you. From the very first phone calls and e-mail exchanges with you – I have found you to be helpful, cheerful and so efficient. You took care of any concerns I had with a professional yet personal touch. Nowadays, many companies don’t take the time to ensure customer satisfaction; but not with you. I have always been treated respectfully, and you keep in contact with me throughout the fundraising process. I still marvel at your efficiency – especially the one and only time there was a mix-up with one of my student’s orders. You were with me every step of the way, making things right for him and his customer. I can’t praise you enough. I have dealt with many vendors over my 26years of teaching and you and your company tops all of them for customer satisfaction,courtesy, and professionalism! I have complimented you many times over the last few years for your professionalism and outstanding customer service that goes well above and beyond in every sense of the word. You have humbly and graciously accepted it but I can tell that you truly have a sense of pride and accomplishment in all that you do so you say that no ‘thanks’ are necessary. But in this economy, people can choose to go anywhere for their fundraising needs and you have kept me coming back to your company.”