Midland Fund Raising offers 100% hands free fund raising. Use the power of the internet to raise money online! No person to person contact, no catalogs, no money collection, no order form collection and no delivery! Fundraising made simple!

1. Start Your Fundraiser

Let us know when you want to start your fundraiser. We will send you an instructional parent letter to forward on to your parents and students.

2. Place Orders Online

Parents, friends and family can place orders online for up to 3 weeks.

3. Orders Ship for FREE

We ship all items sold directly to the purchaser FREE! Conditions apply, ask your sales representative for details.

4. Cash Profit Check and Done

At the end of the sale we will send your organization a check with your profits. All you have to do is cash it!

Let us help you decide which style fundraiser will work best for your group or organization!

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