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On The Go Totes Fundraiser

Are you looking for a trendy and practical fundraising idea for your school?

Look no further than our On The Go Tote Collection! Our catalog offers a wide range of high-quality totes that are functional and stylish, with various designs that appeal to different tastes and preferences.

Our Tote Fundraiser Catalog is the perfect solution for schools, sports teams, pom teams, school bands, PTAs, youth groups, charities, and other organizations

Our carefully curated tote catalog features competitively priced products that maximize profitability for your fundraising efforts. Our user-friendly ordering process makes it easy for everyone to place orders and support your fundraiser.

With our tote catalog, you can offer a fashionable and practical product that your community will love while raising funds for your school's needs. Customize your fundraiser with our onlinehybrid, or home delivery options, making it convenient for everyone involved. Say goodbye to the hassle of collecting money or delivering products.

We also offer customized options if you're looking for even more personalized fundraising solutions. Just reach out to us, and we'll gladly assist you.

Make fundraising a breeze with our On The Go Tote Catalog. Get started today!

  • Direct To Home Shipping Available!
  • Prices As Low As: $16.00
  • Earning Potential: rgt-star rgt-star rgt-star rgt-star
  • Home Button Logo | Presented by Midland Fundraising Free Supplies: Every sale includes free brochures, custom parent letters, Spanish translation free prizes, and more!
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Our Traditional Fundraiser Features: Catalogs, order forms and online sales!

Any sale can be run as a Traditional Fundraiser. Its our most successful option for raising funds!

  • Free catalogs, order forms, and personalized letters
  • We process your order forms for you
  • No initial costs and no excess inventory
  • Orders are organized by seller and group for simple distribution
  • Online orders can be shipped to the home or organization
  • You keep the profits and pay only the remaining invoice


Our Hybrid Fundraiser Features: Catalogs, NO Order Forms, online sales only!

Any sale can be run as a Hybrid Fundraiser. It's the easiest option for raising funds!

  • Free catalogs and personalized letters
  • All orders are placed online
  • No money collection
  • No upfront cost involved & no leftover products
  • Online orders can be shipped to the home or organization
  • We send you a profit check at the end of the sale


Our Virtual Online Fundraiser Features: NO Catalogs, NO Order Forms, online sales only!

Any sale can be run as a Virtual Online Fundraiser. It's a quick and contact-free way of raising funds!

  • Your customized fundraising information will be sent via email with shopping links included
  • All orders are placed online
  • No money collection
  • No upfront cost involved & no leftover products
  • Online orders can be shipped to the home or organization
  • We send you a profit check at the end of the sale

Supercharge Your Sale And Make Totes On The Go A Plus One!

UP TO 45% profit
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Holiday Wishes Fall Fundraiser
Popcorn and Candy Catalog Cover | Presented by Midland Fundraising
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Add The Popcorn & Chocolates Catalog To Your On The Go Totes Catalog Sale
Cookie Dough Catalog Cover | Presented by Midland Fundraising
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Add The Cookie Dough Catalog To Your On The Go Totes Catalog Sale

Starting your fundraiser with Midland Fundraising is completely free. We provide all the materials you need to get going without any upfront fees, ensuring you can begin your fundraising efforts with ease and confidence.

A typical Midland Fundraising campaign lasts 2-3 weeks, balancing sufficient time for sales with sustained enthusiasm. However, we can extend this up to 4 weeks to fit your schedule and maximize fundraising success.

We’re ready to move quickly and can get your fundraiser started within a week after finalizing the details.

No, there are no minimum sales requirements with Midland Fundraising. Our programs are designed to be flexible, accommodating groups of all sizes, and ensuring everyone can participate in our fundraising activities.

Midland Fundraising offers support through automated emails and a dedicated team to guide you from start to finish. This comprehensive support ensures a smooth and successful fundraising experience.

Absolutely! Midland allows you to customize your product selection, enabling you to tailor the fundraiser to your group’s preferences and create the ideal mix.

Midland will provide your group with promotional posters and all selling materials needed. We also provide kick off video’s and direct advertising of your fundraiser via email and Social Media directly from our website.

Yes, Midland offers both standard and customizable prize programs to motivate sellers and boost participation, enhancing the overall fundraising experience.

Yes, Midland has a free teacher bonus program. Midland values educators’ contributions and offers a Teacher Reward Program to acknowledge their efforts in facilitating successful fundraising activities.

Seller packets are comprehensive, including product catalogs, order forms, potential prize information, and customized instructions to ensure sellers are well-prepared and informed.

Midland supports groups of all sizes, offering personalized attention and tailored resources to guarantee fundraising success regardless of group size.

At Midland, we understand finding help can be tough. That’s why our programs are designed for solo facilitation. You might want some volunteers on delivery day, but since products arrive pre-sorted and labeled, it’s doable on your own.

Starting early in the fall is recommended to maximize engagement and sales potential before the busy holiday season commences.

Midland’s fundraising support extends to various organizations, not just schools. We have a wealth of experience working with diverse groups, providing tailored assistance to each, ensuring their fundraising success.

If there’s an issue with your order, prompt action is taken to resolve it. Simply call or email to report any damaged or missing product and we’ll send a replacement within the week.

While we suggest certain deadlines for optimal planning, we are adaptable to accommodate your schedule, ensuring your fundraiser can be conducted at the most suitable time for your organization.

Changes are no problem. We understand that plans can change and are flexible to reschedule or adapt your fundraising plans as needed.

We offer a wide range of dates throughout the year, working collaboratively to select the best time for your fundraiser, aligning with your organization’s calendar and goals.

Keeping your team motivated is crucial, and we provide effective strategies and incentives. Our experienced staff supports your campaign, ensuring sustained engagement and enthusiasm to achieve your fundraising objectives.

Our real-time tracking system allows you to monitor sales effortlessly. At the end of your fundraiser, comprehensive reports provide a detailed overview of all sales and profits, ensuring you have a complete understanding of your campaign’s success.

Funds generated from online sales are swiftly dispatched within 10 days post-campaign, sent directly to a location you specify. This prompt distribution means you won’t have to wait long to reap the financial rewards of your fundraising efforts.

Yes, online sales are indeed counted towards prize eligibility, promoting the use of digital platforms and potentially increasing overall sales figures. Once the fundraiser concludes, the prizes are shipped to the designated school or organization.

Yes, Midland facilitates nationwide shipping for online orders, allowing distant friends and family to support your fundraiser and have items delivered directly to their homes.

Sellers have access to a real-time dashboard on our platform, allowing them to monitor their individual sales performance easily. This tool aids in tracking progress and setting personal goals, enhancing the overall fundraising experience.

As a coordinator, you can view detailed sales data for each participant through our Coordinator Resources Tab. This feature provides a comprehensive overview of the sales efforts, enabling targeted support and recognition of individual achievements.

Yes, registering for online selling directly benefits the fundraising campaign. It expands the reach of the fundraiser and simplifies the selling process, making it easier for sellers to contribute to the campaign’s success.

Our platform facilitates easy online ordering, allowing participants to support your fundraiser from any location, enhancing the convenience and reach of your campaign.

Yes, sellers create their own unique link using the Group ID. Our instructional letter will provide the information needed to complete this easy process.

Our dedicated customer service team is on hand to assist with any issues related to online selling. They are equipped to resolve problems quickly and efficiently, ensuring a smooth fundraising experience.

The online shop’s closure is scheduled to coincide with the end of your fundraising campaign but can be adjusted to suit your specific needs, offering flexibility in your campaign’s duration.

Your Group ID can be found on your instructional letter, in your welcome materials and in your inbox! If you have any problems finding it, we can help!

Our online platform allows for the allocation of sales credit among multiple participants, supporting a collaborative and inclusive approach to fundraising, fostering teamwork and shared success.

Promote your online fundraiser effectively by utilizing our tailored social media tools, allowing registered sellers to share their personalized store links on Facebook and Instagram. This method increases visibility and engagement, making it easier to reach a wider audience and drive contributions.

Utilizing social media, personalized emails, and engaging content are key strategies to boost online sales. Direct store links may also be sent via Text Message to all of your friends and family!

Yes, our mass emailing feature enables you to communicate with a large audience quickly and effectively, ensuring your fundraising message is widely disseminated, which can significantly boost participation and contributions.

Purchases made through our online fundraisers are shipped directly to the address specified by the buyer within the contiguous U.S., ensuring a direct and streamlined delivery process, tailored to the convenience of each supporter.

Yes, through our Coordinator Resources Portal, you can monitor the sources of your online sales in real-time.

Our online portal updates sales figures in real-time, allowing continuous monitoring of your campaign’s financial progress and helping you stay informed about your achievements towards the fundraising goals.

Our platform is designed for flexibility, allowing you to extend the fundraising dates if needed to meet or exceed your goals.

For easy registration, please follow the steps outlined in the letter included in your packet. Follow the link to get signed up now!

Our Holiday Wishes, Cookie Dough, and Popcorn programs are top earners in the fall season. Each program is designed to maximize profits, with themed catalog fundraisers like Holiday Wishes offering a wide appeal during the festive period.

We assist in setting achievable fundraising goals based on our extensive experience and your group’s potential. Our collaborative approach ensures your goals are realistic and aligned with your capabilities.

Midland streamlines your fundraising financial process. We’ll bill you only for what’s due to us once your campaign wraps up. Should your online credits exceed cash on hand, expect a profit check from us in just 10 business days, ensuring fast access to your funds. In cases where you owe us, we’ll send a simple invoice for the outstanding amount, allowing your profit to stay untouched and immediately available in your account.

Your profit from a fundraiser with Midland is influenced by several factors, such as the specific program you select and your group’s past sales performance. We’re committed to offering you competitive rates and will work to ensure you receive the best possible return. For a comprehensive breakdown of your potential earnings, we encourage a conversation with one of our experienced representatives.

Midland’s platform accommodates multiple payment methods, including all major debit and credit cards, streamlining online transactions to enhance the buying experience for supporters.

The choice is yours but Midland recommends collecting payment with orders. Payment is collected at the time of ordering to facilitate a smoother delivery process and accurate financial tracking.

Midland Fundraising handles invoicing after your campaign wraps up, charging only for what you owe. Should your online credits exceed cash collected, they process your profit check swiftly, usually within ten business days. For any balance owed to Midland, they’ll invoice for that specific amount, ensuring your profits remain unaffected and immediately available in your account.

At Midland Fundraising, transparency is key, which is why you’ll only be billed for the product costs owed to us, along with any potential flat-rate shipping charges. Many of our fundraising programs include free shipping, and we ensure you have all the terms in writing before your fundraising initiative kicks off, so there are no surprises.

If you don’t meet your sales target, you still benefit from the proceeds collected. Midland Fundraising is committed to supporting your efforts and maximizing the success of your campaign, regardless of the sales outcome.

With real-time online tracking available on our platform, you can continuously monitor your sales and fundraising progress, giving you control and insight into your campaign’s performance.

Midland encourages children’s involvement in fundraising by offering enticing incentives and clear objectives, turning the process into a fun and impactful experience. This strategy enhances engagement and drives greater sales efforts. Sharing is also seamless—our website allows for quick and easy sharing of store links on social media, through emails, and via text messages, spreading the word and boosting your fundraiser’s visibility.

In cases of broken or missing items, we act swiftly to resolve the issue, ensuring customer satisfaction. Contact us through our dedicated online form, and we will expedite the process for replacements or refunds, minimizing any inconvenience.

Midland ensures a seamless delivery experience by pre-sorting items for distribution, making the process organized and efficient. You can expect your products to arrive ready for immediate handout.

Delivery typically occurs within 2-3 weeks following your campaign’s end, with the aim of a quick turnaround. We provide tracking details so you can monitor the delivery progress and prepare for its arrival.

Shipping costs are minimized in many of our programs, with free shipping options available. We include shipping fees in the product price when possible and apply only a minimal UPS fuel surcharge to cover logistics, ensuring transparency in your total costs.

A signature may be required for large or high-value deliveries to ensure secure receipt. We advise coordinating with the delivery schedule to facilitate a smooth handover of goods.

Yes, customers receive tracking information for their orders, allowing them to monitor the shipment and anticipate the delivery date, providing transparency and peace of mind.

We collaborate with you to select an optimal delivery date that aligns with your schedule, ensuring the process fits seamlessly into your plans and provides an organized distribution.

All product arrives to you sorted and labeled by seller including prizes when applicable.

We offer flexible shipping options, allowing orders to be sent either to a centralized location like your school or directly to individual purchasers, based on the structure of your fundraiser.

Home delivery is an option for many of our fundraising programs, adding convenience for participants and supporters by delivering directly to their chosen address.

For substantial deliveries, we can provide assistance with unloading. Our delivery process, however, is designed to be manageable, often requiring minimal help to distribute the items efficiently.

To change the delivery address, notify us in advance. We can make the necessary adjustments to ensure your products reach the correct location, providing flexibility and convenience in the delivery process.

While tracking the delivery truck in real-time is not available, we provide detailed tracking information for your shipment, allowing you to monitor its progress and plan accordingly for its arrival.

Deliveries are typically made during regular business hours. Exact timing may vary, but we strive to provide detailed information, with tracking updates available to help you stay informed of your delivery’s status.

OnThe Go Totes Catalog

As the back-to-school season approaches, it’s time to start planning your next fundraising campaign! Our “On The Go Totes Catalog” has a variety of high-quality products that are both functional and stylish, perfect for students and staff alike. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to offer these unique items and raise funds for your school. Watch now to learn more about what we have to offer.

Why Choose Us

We offer a plethora of options to help you tailor your fundraiser to your unique needs and goals. With so many possibilities to explore, it’s best to hear from us directly why we are the best at what we do! Tune in to learn more about how we can help you achieve fundraising success.

Make More Money

Who doesn’t want to increase their fundraising profits? We certainly do! Tune in to discover all the tips and tricks we have to offer, designed to help make your fundraiser a resounding success.

Kickoff Video With Prizes

Are you ready to kick off your fundraising efforts? It’s time to distribute those order forms and start selling! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to win fantastic prizes – start your fundraising journey today!

Kickoff Video Without Prizes

Starting your fundraiser has never been easier – just follow these three simple steps to get it off the ground! See how straightforward it can be to achieve your fundraising goals.

Reminder Video

Make sure you distribute your order forms to maximize the success of your fundraiser. And to make the process easy and enjoyable, we have three simple tips that you won’t want to miss!


Why Choose Us

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Free delivery!
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Custom online store for every group!
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and class.

Top 15 Tote Fundraisers

Welcome to the World of Tote Fundraisers

Step into the vibrant world of tote fundraisers, where practicality meets creativity and community spirit. Fundraising has never been this exciting, thanks to the charm and utility of tote bags. Whether you’re looking to support a school event, a youth group initiative, or even a church mission, tote fundraisers offer a versatile and profitable solution. Imagine the thrill of seeing your unique designs carried around town, spreading awareness and pride for your cause.


Why Tote Fundraisers are a Hit

Tote fundraisers are gaining momentum for good reasons. They’re easy to organize, universally appealing, and serve a practical purpose. Everyone needs a reliable bag, and when that bag supports a cause, it becomes even more desirable. From elementary students to high school teens, from dance teams to martial arts clubs, tote bags resonate with all demographics. The ability to customize these totes ensures they fit perfectly with the identity of any group, making them an instant hit.

The Appeal of Totes


versitle | Presented by Midland Fundraising


Versatility and Functionality

Tote bags are the epitome of versatility. Whether carrying groceries, books, gym gear, or everyday essentials, totes do it all. Their functionality makes them a staple in every household, making them the perfect fundraising product for baseball teams, booster clubs, and PTA & PTO events. The myriad uses for a tote bag ensure that your supporters will get daily use from their purchase, making it a win-win situation.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

In an era where sustainability is critical, tote bags shine brightly. They reduce the need for plastic bags and promote eco-friendly practices. Organizations like nonprofits and environmental clubs find them particularly appealing, as they align perfectly with their mission to foster a greener planet. By offering an eco-friendly product, you raise funds and promote a sustainable lifestyle within your community.

Trendy and Fashionable

Totes aren’t just practical; they’re fashionable, too. With countless designs, colors, and styles, they cater to the trendy tastes of middle school and high school students. Whether it’s a chic design for a cheerleading squad or a bold statement for a football team, totes can match any aesthetic. Their trendiness ensures they are carried and proudly showcased, effortlessly spreading the word about your fundraiser.


Types of Tote Bags for Fundraisers

Custom Printed Totes

personalized totes | Presented by Midland Fundraising

Personalize with Your Logo

Custom-printed totes are a canvas for creativity. Personalize them with your band or choir logo, school mascot, or a unique design representing your cause. This personal touch makes them more appealing and memorable. Whether for a church event or a youth group outing, a custom-printed tote ensures that your fundraiser stands out and leaves a lasting impression.

Popular Customization Ideas

Think beyond logos. Add inspirational quotes, vibrant artwork, or the names of contributors. This enhances the appeal and builds a sense of community among participants, whether part of a soccer team or a volleyball club. Customization options can include colors reflecting school spirit or designs celebrating milestones and achievements, making each tote a cherished keepsake.

Canvas Totes

eco-friendly | Presented by Midland Fundraising

Durable and Reusable

Canvas totes are known for their durability. They can withstand the rigors of daily use, making them perfect for gymnastics teams, tennis players, and softball leagues. These totes are built to last, ensuring that your supporters get value for their money. The sturdiness of canvas makes it ideal for heavy-duty use, providing a reliable companion for busy days.

Design Inspirations

Get creative with design! Think of bold colors, intricate patterns, or minimalist chic. Engage local artists or even elementary school students to create unique designs. The more eye-catching, the better. Artistic collaborations can add a distinctive touch, transforming simple totes into walking art pieces that spark conversations and attract more supporters.

Foldable Totes

On The Go | Presented by Midland Fundraising

Convenient for On-the-Go

Foldable totes are the epitome of convenience. They can be tucked away easily and pulled out when needed, making them ideal for busy daycare providers and preschool parents. Their compact nature makes them a favorite among the on-the-go crowd. Imagine the convenience of having a tote that fits into a small purse or glove compartment, ready to be used whenever needed.

Perfect for Busy Lifestyles

For those juggling multiple tasks—like hockey coaches or basketball moms—foldable totes are a lifesaver. They offer the flexibility to manage a busy schedule without compromising style or utility. These totes are functional and stylish, ensuring supporters maintain their fashion standards while managing their hectic routines.

Insulated Totes

community | Presented by Midland Fundraising

Keep Items Cool or Warm

Insulated totes are perfect for carrying perishables. They keep items cool or warm, which is ideal for food fundraisers or picnic events. These totes are a hit among booster clubs organizing outdoor activities. The insulation ensures that meals and snacks stay at the perfect temperature, enhancing the overall experience of any outdoor event.

Ideal for Groceries and Picnics

Imagine a soccer team’s summer picnic or a softball league’s outdoor event—insulated totes keep refreshments just right, enhancing the overall experience. They are also perfect for everyday grocery shopping, reducing the need for disposable bags and promoting a greener lifestyle. The practicality of insulated totes makes them a top choice for fundraisers targeting families and outdoor enthusiasts.

Designer Totes

art class | Presented by Midland Fundraising

High-End Appeal

For a touch of luxury, designer totes come into play. They offer a high-end appeal that attracts a different audience. Nonprofits hosting gala events or high school prom fundraisers can significantly benefit from these stylish options. Designer totes can feature premium materials and sophisticated designs, making them a coveted item among supporters who appreciate the finer things in life.

Collaboration with Local Artists

Collaborate with local artists to create exclusive designs. This supports the arts and adds a unique flair to your fundraiser. Imagine a choir event featuring totes designed by a renowned local artist—irresistible! Such collaborations can elevate your fundraiser, creating a buzz and drawing in art lovers and collectors who want to support a good cause.

Organizing a Successful Tote Fundraiser

Setting Clear Goals

busy schedule | Presented by Midland Fundraising

Fundraising Targets and Timelines

Begin with a clear vision. Define your fundraising targets and set achievable timelines. Whether you’re raising funds for a booster club or a church mission, having clear goals keeps everyone focused and motivated. Setting specific targets helps track progress and ensure everyone is working towards the same objective.

Engaging Your Community

Community engagement is crucial. Use local events, social media, and newsletters to drum up excitement. Engage school classes, groups, and clubs by highlighting how the funds will benefit their activities. Building a community around your fundraiser can increase participation and support as people feel more connected to the cause.

Choosing the Right Tote Bag

fashionable totes | Presented by Midland Fundraising

Quality vs. Quantity

Balance is key. Choose high-quality totes that reflect your cause well. High and middle school groups might prefer trendy designs, while preschools might prefer vibrant, playful prints. Ensuring the totes’ quality means that supporters will be satisfied with their purchase, which can lead to repeat participation in future fundraisers.

Matching Totes to Your Audience

Understand your audience. Are you targeting gymnastics enthusiasts or martial arts students? Tailor your tote selection to match their preferences and needs for better engagement. Customizing the tote options to fit the audience’s lifestyle and tastes can significantly enhance the appeal and effectiveness of your fundraiser.

Promoting Your Fundraiser

promotion | Presented by Midland Fundraising

Utilizing Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool. Use it to showcase your totes, share stories, and create buzz. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook can significantly boost visibility for dance teams and cheerleading squads. Leverage hashtags, challenges, and engaging content to reach a broader audience and keep them interested in your cause.

Leveraging Local Press

Don’t underestimate the power of the local press. A feature in the community newspaper or a spot on local radio can attract a broader audience, benefitting nonprofits and youth groups. Press coverage can lend credibility and legitimacy to your fundraiser, encouraging more people to get involved and support your efforts.

Engaging Participants

Community engagement | Presented by Midland Fundraising

Incentives for Top Sellers

Motivate your participants with incentives. Offer prizes for top sellers, creating a fun competition among soccer teams or volleyball clubs. This boosts sales and keeps enthusiasm high. Incentives can range from small gifts to significant rewards, making the fundraising experience more exciting and rewarding for everyone involved.

Creating a Fun and Inclusive Event

Make your fundraiser an event to remember. Organize a launch party or a closing celebration. Involve elementary schools and daycares to make it a community affair everyone looks forward to. Events can include games, music, and activities that unite people, fostering unity and shared purpose.

Success Stories

Real-Life Tote Fundraiser Successes

happiness guaranteed | Presented by Midland Fundraising


Case Study 1: School Fundraiser Triumph

An elementary school raised thousands with a tote fundraiser, thanks to creative designs and community involvement. Their secret? Personalized totes that every student loved. The fundraiser met and exceeded its goals, setting a precedent for future events and showing the power of a well-executed tote fundraiser.


Case Study 2: Community Group Success

A local nonprofit saw incredible success collaborating with local artists for their tote designs. The unique artwork drew in supporters from all over the community, creating a buzz beyond their usual reach. By combining creativity with cause, they raised significant funds while promoting local talent, demonstrating the effectiveness of innovative thinking in fundraising.

Case Study 3: Sports Team Fundraiser Victory

A baseball team exceeded its fundraising goal with foldable totes featuring its logo. The totes’ convenience made them a hit among supporters, who appreciated their functionality and how they showcased team spirit. This successful campaign provided much-needed funds for new equipment and uniforms, proving that practical, well-branded items can drive significant fundraising success.

Maximizing Profits

Smart Pricing Strategies

success | Presented by Midland Fundraising

Setting Competitive Prices

Price your totes competitively. Consider your audience and what they’re willing to spend. High school events might afford higher prices than middle school ones. By setting the right price point, you ensure that the totes are accessible to your supporters while still allowing for a healthy profit margin.

Offering Bundle Deals

Bundle deals are a great way to increase sales. Offer a set of totes at a discounted rate, which appeals to families and groups supporting cheerleading or soccer teams. Bundles provide better value for money and encourage supporters to purchase more than one tote, boosting overall sales.

Managing Costs

overcoming obsticles | Presented by Midland Fundraising

Sourcing Affordable Totes

Find affordable suppliers without compromising on quality. This ensures a higher profit margin for your food or football fundraisers. Look for bulk order discounts or local manufacturers who can provide high-quality totes at a lower cost, helping you maximize your profits while maintaining product standards.

Reducing Overhead Expenses

Keep an eye on expenses. Bulk ordering and finding local suppliers can reduce costs, which benefits church and booster club fundraisers. Streamlining your processes and cutting unnecessary costs can significantly increase your fundraiser’s profitability.

Post-Fundraiser Tips

thank you |Presented by Midland Fundraising

Thanking Supporters

Always thank your supporters. A simple thank-you note or a shout-out on social media goes a long way in building long-term relationships with PTA & PTO members. Expressing gratitude shows appreciation and encourages continued support for future fundraisers.

Analyzing Results for Future Campaigns

Analyze your results. What worked well? What didn’t? Use these insights to improve future school classes, groups, and club fundraisers. Evaluating the outcomes helps identify successful strategies and improvement areas, ensuring that each subsequent fundraiser is more effective than the last.


Recap of Tote Fundraiser Benefits

Tote fundraisers are versatile, sustainable, and profitable. They’re perfect for various groups, from daycares to high schools. The benefits of tote fundraisers extend beyond just raising funds; they also promote sustainability, community engagement, and brand visibility.

Encouraging Readers to Start Their Own Tote Fundraiser

There’s no better time to start. With the proper planning and community engagement, your tote fundraiser can be a resounding success. Whether you’re supporting a martial arts club or a preschool group, totes’ flexibility and appeal make them ideal fundraising products.

Call to Action: Join the Tote Fundraising Movement

Join the tote fundraising movement today! Visit Midland Fundraising for more information and start making a difference with your next fundraiser. By choosing tote fundraisers, you’re raising money, fostering community spirit, and promoting positive change.


Our Client’s Testimonial


This will be my first time participating so I am excited about it! Everything has been seamless and so easy to get started. We can’t wait to get our fundraiser off the ground!

Breeanne P.

I have been working with Midland Fundraising for the past three years for all of the fundraisings I do at Haviland Middle
School. During that time, they have been incredibly efficient, courteous, and professional. I organize fundraisers for
two groups that have about 150 students combined. Each time I do a new fundraiser, they get me all my forms
and materials quickly and takes the time to explain what I need to do. She makes my job very easy by providing
me with step-by-step instructions and giving me tips on how to make our event successful. Always very
polite and friendly and doesn’t hesitate to send me new copies of papers that I misplace (multiple times). Although
I’ve never met her face-to-face, I feel that Mysti is a wonderful, reliable contact of mine and I’m grateful that she is
in charge of my fundraising needs.

Coach Maggie

I am writing to express my pleasure of working with Midland Fundraising. For the past two
and half years, I have used Midland for fundraising for my school soccer team. They have been so helpful and
always ready to assist from the beginning of my experiences with the company. Mysti has always been my representative
and has always been available for questions and help with orders. She is very prompt with replies to my emails and very
thorough with my questions. Mysti has helped with things such as adding tax to our orders since we are a food taxing state
(meeting district fundraising guidelines), and she always checks up on our sales and if we need anything at all. She has been
very helpful with the selection of products and followed up on all aspects from contract correctness, delivery dates and times,
delivered items, and if we will continue to use the company in the future. Mysti Oliver has been so good and helpful to me
that I have referred her to other coaches and teachers at my school to use for their fundraisers! I would recommend her to
anyone! She has made my experiences simple and painless!

Chris C.

We have had two great experiences working with Midland Fundraising.
We were a bit skeptical at first about working with a company halfway across the country,
but it has not been an issue. Mysti has worked with us closely, always working to satisfy
both our group and our customers.
The products have been of good quality, and any issues with breakage or wrong item have been
taken care of immediately. We were happy to find a company that offered items at 50% profit
in brochure format, too.


“Your company has been a pleasure to work with. After years of selling candy bars, my Environmental Council group was looking for a company that sold high-quality products that were eco-friendly. I am so glad that we found you! I am completely satisfied with the products we have ordered but more importantly, in the high standards of customer service from you. From the very first phone calls and e-mail exchanges with you – I have found you to be helpful, cheerful and so efficient. You took care of any concerns I had with a professional yet personal touch. Nowadays, many companies don’t take the time to ensure customer satisfaction; but not with you. I have always been treated respectfully, and you keep in contact with me throughout the fundraising process. I still marvel at your efficiency – especially the one and only time there was a mix-up with one of my student’s orders. You were with me every step of the way, making things right for him and his customer. I can’t praise you enough. I have dealt with many vendors over my 26years of teaching and you and your company tops all of them for customer satisfaction,courtesy, and professionalism! I have complimented you many times over the last few years for your professionalism and outstanding customer service that goes well above and beyond in every sense of the word. You have humbly and graciously accepted it but I can tell that you truly have a sense of pride and accomplishment in all that you do so you say that no ‘thanks’ are necessary. But in this economy, people can choose to go anywhere for their fundraising needs and you have kept me coming back to your company.”