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Donation Drive Fundraiser

Are you looking for an easy way to raise funds?

Midland’s donation drive is your group's best and most profitable fundraiser. We take care of everything: a custom group website, personal fundraising pages for students, and all the digital materials needed for the fundraiser.

We also pre-register everyone, so students or parents don't need to sign up.

With our program, you keep 100% of cash proceeds and up to 75% of credit and debit card proceeds—all with no setup charges and no fees!

Any donation drive fundraiser can be turned into a fun run, read-a-thon, or color run.  Just reach out to us, and we will show you how.

Make fundraising a breeze with a donation drive. Get started today!

  • Earning Potential: rgt-star rgt-star rgt-star rgt-star rgt-star
  • Free Supplies. No set up costs, No costs for marketing, No cost for anything!
  • Savings Icon | Presented by Midland Fundraising Our most profitable fundraiser! On average, each participant generates over $120.00 in donations!
  • Home Icon | Presented by Midland Fundraising A free custom marketing program designed to promote your fundraiser, including social media, text, and email.
  • Trophy Icon | Presented by Midland Fundraising A free prize program to help motivate participants. You can choose from a cumulative prize brochure or something custom!
  • Money Icon | Presented by Midland Fundraising Easy donation options for donors include Apple Pay, Google Pay, Pay Pal, Debit cards, and all major credit cards.
  • Shopping Bag Icon | Presented by Midland Fundraising Fast turnaround. When the drive is over, we send your funds within 24 hours.

How It Works

Our team handles everything from setting up your personalized fundraising campaign to providing exciting incentives and easy donation options.

Spread the word effortlessly and watch your funds grow, with fast payouts and real-time tracking to keep the momentum going!

  • Design:  Our team will set up your fundraising campaign. You’ll get custom materials, your own website, and a donation page for each participant.
  • Share:  Easily spread the word to family and friends through email, text messages, social media, and QR codes.
  • Collect:  Our interactive marketing programs will Increase donations using web and mobile options like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Our digital wallet features make it simple.
  • Make it fun:  Choose from custom incentives or exciting prize programs to add fun to your fundraiser.
  • Keep track:  Participants and coordinators can track them in real-time.  Monitor and share progress to make fundraising competitive and enjoyable.
  • Cash your check:  Get paid fast! We send you a check or electronic payment within 24 hours after your fundraiser ends.

What You Get

With our dedicated support professional, custom websites, and comprehensive marketing program, you’ll have everything you need to reach your fundraising goals.

Enjoy big profits, easy management, and powerful tools to maximize your campaign’s success!

  • A Dedicated Support Professional: Our awesome customer support makes us special. You’ll have a dedicated expert to help you every step of the way and ensure you reach your fundraising goal.
  • A Custom Coordinator Website:  The donation “Dashboard” lets you easily monitor and manage your fundraising campaign.
  • A Custom Website For Each Student:  Our events use POWERFUL pledge-drive technology. Each student gets a personalized website that’s super easy to use. Parents can share their child’s donation site with friends and family through social media, email, and text!
  • A Custom Marketing Program For Your Group:  Our experts will create a complete schedule of marketing and media communications to MAXIMIZE results. We provide classroom goal charts and templates for all print materials, help customize your student incentive program, email updates to parents and teachers, sample media releases, corporate donor matching letters, and more!
  • Big Profit:  You make up to 75% on credit and debit cards and 100% on cash donations. Our schools keep the highest percentage of raised money in the nation. Many schools double the amount of money they keep by switching to a Midland Fundraising Donation Drive. Parents know when they are paying too much, and our programs deliver high and predictable results every year by giving the highest profit back to your group.

Features of Our Most Profitable Fundraiser

  • Free and Easy Setup: No setup costs, marketing costs, or additional fees. We provide everything you need.
  • High Profit and Custom Support: Participants generate over $120 on average. For example, 10 kids who participate can generate around $1200.00. Enjoy personalized websites, custom marketing, and a prize program to motivate participants.
  • Seamless Donation Process: We handle all money processing with options like Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, debit cards, and major credit cards, allowing global donations. Quick 24-hour fund turnaround after the drive ends.

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How It Works

  • Design and Setup: Our team creates custom materials, sets up your website, and provides a donation page for each participant.
  • Share and Collect: Spread the word through email, text, social media, and QR codes. Increase donations with web and mobile options like Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Fun and Tracking: Add excitement with custom incentives and prize programs. Track progress in real-time to keep fundraising competitive and enjoyable. Get paid within 24 hours after you

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Midland Fundraising accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Yes, international donations are accepted.

Yes! Donors who pay online immediately receive an emailed receipt for their donation.

Midland Fundraising handles any questions or issues from parents and donors directly. Excellent customer service is one of the many reasons schools return to work with us year after year.

Yes! We provide the event chairperson and principal with access to an online portal to monitor donations and the fundraiser’s progress.

Teachers have access to an online portal to see the status of their class’s progress.

We process payment within one week of the end of your drive (check via mail or bank direct deposit).

Upon completion of the program, Midland Fundraising can provide the school with Excel reports showing each student’s collected donation totals as well as classroom totals.

Our profit margin varies but is typically around 60-70%. Schools also keep 100% of any corporate donation matches and cash donations. Various factors can affect your final profit margin, but most groups reach or get very close to that average margin.

We use a voluntary tipping function that allows donors to contribute a small percentage to help cover the costs of administering the fundraiser, thereby increasing your final profit. Donors immediately receive an emailed receipt for their donation.

Yes, we can add your participants for you to streamline the setup process. We only need a few key details from you in an Excel file, such as the participants’ names, email addresses, and any other necessary information. This helps ensure that each participant has their own fundraising page set up and ready to go.

No, you don’t strictly need parent emails to run a successful fundraiser, but having them can significantly boost your fundraising efforts. With parent emails, you can directly communicate important updates, encourage participation, and share fundraising tips. Parents are more likely to be actively involved and help their children reach their fundraising goals if they receive regular communications.

Participants seek donations from family, friends, and community members for their efforts in an event like a read-a-thon or fun run. No products are sold; the focus is on collecting donations.

Participants can collect donations online through a secure fundraising platform, where donors can make contributions directly.

Yes, both participants and organizers can track the progress of the fundraiser through an online portal, which provides real-time updates on donations and participation.

Midland Fundraising provides full support, including setting up the online platform, providing promotional materials, and offering customer service to address any questions or issues.

No, there are no upfront costs to start a donation-style fundraiser with Midland Fundraising.

Yes, we offer an incentive and rewards program to motivate participants and encourage more donations.

We offer various promotional tools, including flyers, social media templates, and email templates to help you spread the word about your fundraiser.

Donation-style fundraisers are easy to organize, have no product inventory to manage, and can generate significant funds through community support and participation.

Yes, we can help you tailor your event to fit the unique needs and goals of your organization.

Yes! Our fundraising websites use only directory information, which must be approved by the school administrator or principal. These websites are designed to comply fully with FERPA and COPPA regulations, ensuring no personal student data is collected or displayed. Websites provide transparency about the fundraiser while protecting student privacy.

Yes, we do not market to nor sell your information. Your email data is kept private and secure.

Yes, we use a Level 1 PCI DSS compliant service provider, ensuring that all credit card transactions are securely processed.

We handle all personal data according to strict privacy guidelines and regulations. No personal student data is collected or displayed on our websites.

We use advanced encryption and security protocols to ensure all data is protected against unauthorized access.

All donations are processed through our secure payment gateway, which meets the highest industry standards for data protection and fraud prevention.

Yes, you can request access to review your data at any time to ensure its accuracy and security.

Promoting your donation fundraiser to parents is crucial because they play a significant role in encouraging or discouraging their children’s participation. Their involvement can lead to higher fundraising success.

The first step is to send materials home with students. This includes student kits that contain all necessary information for both parents and students on how to participate in the fundraiser.

Sending follow-up letters home each week keeps parents informed and engaged. A second-week letter reminds them of the campaign’s importance and encourages them to get their children involved. A third-week letter serves as a final reminder before the campaign ends.

Use this opportunity to raise awareness by posting signs, involving student volunteers to hold hand-held signs, and using a school mascot if available. This visibility can capture the attention of parents during busy times.

Ensure that your school’s website and any internal online platforms have links to your fundraising page and post frequent updates and notices about the campaign.

Utilize platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn to create regular posts about your fundraiser. Share updates, interesting facts, and progress towards goals to engage your network and encourage them to share the posts.

Class mothers or parent volunteers act as hubs for communication within their child’s class. They can motivate and mobilize other parents, making them crucial allies in boosting participation.

Use school newsletters, bulletins, and other forms of communication to continuously remind and update parents about the fundraiser. Regular communication helps keep the campaign top of mind.

Set up information tables and posters at school events like shows, sports games, and parent/teacher meetings to promote the fundraiser and provide details to parents.

In addition to the steps above, consider using incentives, creating a sense of competition, and recognizing top fundraisers to further motivate participation among students and parents.

Engaging students is crucial for the success of your fundraising campaign. Motivated students are more likely to actively participate and encourage others to join.

The first step is to provide students with printed kits that contain all necessary fundraising information.

Hosting a kickoff assembly helps to announce the Donation Drive, explain how it works, and motivate students to participate.

Teachers should provide daily reminders and encouragement to students about their fundraising efforts.

Making daily announcements about the Donation Drive keeps students engaged and informed throughout the campaign.

The principal can visit classes to encourage participation and show support, which can significantly boost student involvement.

Implementing a reward system provides students with tangible goals and motivation to participate and raise more funds.

Posters help to continuously promote the Donation Drive and keep it visible to all students.

Using a leaderboard to track and display fundraising progress fosters a sense of competition and achievement among students.

Hosting themed dress days raises awareness and excitement about the Donation Drive, making it more engaging for students.

Creating a fun video helps to promote the event and explain its importance in an engaging way.