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$1 Sour Yummy Lips Lollipops

Indulge in the playful and tangy delight of $1 Sour Yummy Lips Lollipops, the perfect fusion of sweet and sour in a fun, kiss-shaped treat. Crafted for those who crave an extra zing, these lollipops offer a unique twist on the classic confectionery experience. Available in an enticing variety of six delicious flavors, Sour Yummy Lips Lollipops cater to all taste buds, making them an ideal choice for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or to add a touch of sweetness to any particular moment. Whether you’re looking to surprise your loved ones or treat yourself, these sour lollipops promise to deliver a burst of flavor that’s as memorable as a kiss. Perfect for party favors, gift baskets, or as a delightful everyday snack, Sour Yummy Lips Lollipops are the go-to option for those who love to explore bold and tangy tastes. Explore our range today and find your favorite flavor, or mix and match to enjoy the full spectrum of our sour yet irresistibly yummy selection.

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Each piece sells for $1.00, so the retail value of each case is $640.00 (640 x $1.00).

Each Sour Yummy Lips Lollipops case costs between $300.00 and $260.00, depending on the number of cases you buy. For example, purchasing two cases would cost $600.00 (2 x $300.00).

You earn between $340.00 and $380.00, depending on how many cases you buy.  For example, if you purchase 2 cases, your profit would be $680.00 (2 x $340.00).

Cases Retail Cost Profit $ Profit %
1-19 640.00 300.00 340.00 53%
20-39 640.00 290.00 350.00 55%
40-59 640.00 275.00 365.00 57%
60+ 640.00 260.00 380.00 59%


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Product Details

  • Packaging: 640 lollipops per case. Cases contain eight inner cartons of 80. Each carton has two clear bags of 40.
  • Flavors:
    Sour Apple Sour Cherry
    Sour Watermelon Sour Grape
    Sour Mandarin Sour Strawberry