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Popcorn & Chocolates

Popcorn & Chocolate, How Could It Get Better?

Are you looking for something tasty yet profitable? Our Gourmet Popcorn & Chocolate program in the USA sells itself! All of us love popcorn and chocolates, and the top-notch ingredients make this the easiest fundraiser yet. Truly farm-to-table, no-trans fats, no GMOs, gluten-free, no preservatives, and 100% whole grain!

Our Popcorn has eight chocolatey, buttery, cheesy, kettle and caramel-flavored delectableness to choose from, all in a huge 1-gallon & 1/2-gallon resealable baggage!! But it doesn’t end there; our Chocolates come in a wide range of flavors to fit everyone’s craving!

Midland Fundraiser for Every Occasion-

  • 8 delightful popcorn flavors in 1- and 1/2-gallon resealable bag
  • 6 yummy assorted box chocolates
  • Free collated sales materials.
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!
  • Free shipping; no minimums.
  • Easy online ordering for friends and family.
  • Orders are packed by the student.
  • 500+ products are available for your supporters.
  • What we offer- Our programs feature a wide variety of products. Discover seasonal fundraising products, including unique personal items, wrapping paper, flower bulbs, candy treats, home decor, tasty gourmet foods, and various cookbooks.

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Easy School Fundraising Ideas with Midland Fundraiser

Team up with Midland Fundraising for a lovely popcorn and chocolate fundraiser in the USA. It is one of the best choices for your supporters. Along with this catalogue, we also provide a selection of other easy fundraising ideas and programs like Spring, Fall, Cookie Dough, Candle, Home Delivery, Candy Bar, Virtual, Lollipop, Hybrid Online, and Value Card Fundraising. Trust us for quirky holiday fundraising ideas for the gracious patrons. We deliver an ecstatic mix of food, fun, and utility through our wide range of premium products. The chocolate and popcorn products are fresh to eat and are long-lasting. There are numerous options available for your supporters, from traditional to contemporary popcorn and chocolate flavours.

Your sports team, schools, church, or charitable group will make tons of money thanks to our fund-raising initiatives! Midland Fundraising is sure to have a fundraising concept that is ideal for your organization, regardless of the kind of group you run.

Popcorn and Chocolates Fundraiser- A Perfect Fundraising Concept

This one has been one of the best choices for simple, high-profit, and easy fundraising ideas. There are millions of reasons why this one is quite famous among people of all ages.

School fundraising with popcorn and chocolates has been around for quite some time

It’s because this idea is helpful and offers a quick, tasty, and lucrative method to earn money for your company or organization. Groups throughout the nation have been organizing profitable chocolates fundraisers for years to generate the funds required to support their initiatives. Snack and chocolate school fundraisers in the USA have been essential to maintaining their activities, whether they are raising funds for sports goods, school uniforms, band fundraisers, or travel.

Gourmet popcorn and chocolates fundraisers raise a lot of money

Donors receive a tasty assortment of chocolate boxes in exchange for their money. Because the volunteers who are offering popcorn and chocolates are not haggling with friends and family for funds, chocolate fundraising is particularly successful. They’re offering a delectable gift in return for some contribution. Additionally, parents are less concerned when their kid’s contact relatives to purchase items at popcorn and chocolate fundraising in the USA, rather than begging for money. The majority of people don’t mind gifting their nieces, grand kids, nephews, children, pals, colleagues, and neighbours, money for chocolates and popcorn for a worthy cause. These are just real facts of life.

The unmatched love for chocolates and popcorns!

From toddlers, and elementary school children to adults, everyone loves chocolates and popcorn. They are a fantastic fundraiser concept for everyone! Because popcorn and chocolate fundraiser is so popular, many groups or organizations host it more than once a year. People of all ages adore chocolate, and chocolate fundraisers are a great option for groups looking for easy fundraising ideas. Many organizations continue to host chocolate fundraisers every year because they understand that they will make a lot of money selling fine products. Chocolate and popcorn fundraisers in the USA continue to sell very well.

A great spring or fall fundraising idea

The Christmas and Thanksgiving gift-giving seasons are ideal times to promote sales with chocolate and popcorn fundraisers. For the greatest outcomes, we strongly advise getting started early. Beat the competitors by promoting your popcorn and chocolate catalogue under elementary school or preschool fundraising ideas!

As years of experience have shown, the most effective fundraising times are those that take place earlier in the autumn season. We do advise starting your campaign as early in the season as you can to avoid competing with the several groups that perform their fundraising events in November for Christmas. We advise beginning your fundraising early in the fall for the most sales.

Popcorn and chocolates fundraisers in the USA are particularly suggested for early spring. It’s the time when you can promote them for Mother’s Day and Easter.

What does Midland Fundraiser Offer in This Catalogue?

Midland Fundraising offers 8 scrumptious flavours of popcorn and 6 mouth-watering flavours of chocolates for their patrons. You will be surprised at the quality of the food which is nutritious, whole-grain, not genetically modified or added preservatives used. Find the farm-to-table products here.

8 lip-smacking popcorn flavours that will stun you!

  • Kettle corn
  • Cookies and Cream
  • Chocolate Delight
  • Chicago Style
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Movie Theatre Butter
  • White Cheddar
  • Butter Caramel

6 enthralling chocolate flavours that will leave you surprised!

  • Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel
  • Pecan backs
  • Trinkets and Peanut Butter Bears
  • Dark Chocolate Coconut Dreams
  • Caramel Apples Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark Rounds

Why choose Midland Fundraisers in the USA For A Successful Event?

There may be several fundraiser companies that you may come across, but none will give you the results that you wish for, like Midland Fundraising.

  • Our 500+ products- With more than 500 products designed for everyone, our fundraisers uniquely touch every demographic. With these carefully curated items, we make sure you implement wonderful preschool fundraising ideas. The motive is to create sales with whimsical utility items and delicious snack packs that create a buzz among everyone. Some of these products can be used for daycare fundraising ideas or for raising funds for schools of all levels (elementary, high school, kindergarten, etc). With these products, we help organizations host on different occasions like Mother’s Day, Holiday, Easter, Birthday, and so on.
  • Researched fundraisers- When Midland Fundraising started as a company, our priority was to research everything that an organization requires for the event. After several detailed research about the competitors, customer demands, and best fundraising ideas in the USA, we develop fun and authentic fundraising for schools.
  •  Rational school fundraising goals- Many want profits and sales that cannot be realistically achieved due to several reasons. It can be due to low footfall, unforeseen circumstances, or unrealistic and impractical expectations. We remind organizations to have measurable goals. For us, quality is far better than quantity when one plans on raising funds for schools.
  • Quality, Dependability, and Convenience – Organizations can rely on our exclusive fundraising services with great ease. We deliver top-quality and variety in products for everyone. With popcorn and chocolate fundraiser, we give nutritious, whole grain, no preservatives used food for our supporters. We sell products that are long-lasting and are not genetically modified, making them safe for everyone to eat. Trust Midland Fundraisers with excellent fundraisers for preschools. We are the one-stop solution if you need high school fundraising ideas, preschool fundraising ideas, or any other option. Browse through our programs and choose a suitable one. We provide easy online order systems.
  • Our popcorn and chocolate Fundraisers produce up to 45% profit​- Raising funds for schools in the USA is an easy task when there are popcorn and chocolates available as return gifts. With incredible and easy fundraising ideas, such as this, be assured that we will earn up to 45% profits. This is quite a lot compared to our competitors that only earn up to 30% profits on an average basis. Through our different promotional strategies, remain at ease for high sales.
  • Packed with love- The popcorn and chocolates fundraiser for schools in the USA has a special surprise for you! The students pack the items themselves for their patrons. Hence, you have a rare gift filled with not just the items but a sense of affection with all of them delivered to you.
  • Choosing the right kind of event- Midland Fundraising sees that all of the events are appropriate for the audience, cause, budget, expertise, or volunteers. Our team covers each aspect of the praiseworthy event which leads to precision and success.
  • Free shipping and no minimums needed- There is free shipping with no minimums required. Supporters get carefully packaged gifts and on-time delivery no matter how many orders we get. We handle everything smoothly.

Popcorn and chocolate fundraiser for preschool is such a perfect choice for organizations looking for fresh and enjoyable concepts. Not only do most people buy popcorn and chocolates, but they also love to gift them to others too. For many schools, sports teams, and youth organizations, such easy fundraising ideas run very well. It’s a traditional event and they repeat yearly because of the high sales. Midland fundraisers keep all of the above in mind and create a phenomenal event for your firm.

When you can offer first-class products at a reasonable price, and people who keep asking for more, you’ve found a suitable fundraising idea to promise you success.

Tips to Promote The Popcorn and Chocolates Fundraiser

There are many different strategies to arrange a fruitful fundraiser for schools, but Midland Fundraising ensures that you receive great, unconventional ideas to put into practice. To achieve fantastic outcomes, use these strategies:

  • Assure your patrons that this event has something that everyone loves. Your patrons will attend the popcorn and chocolates fundraiser out of sheer curiosity!
  • Promote your event through offline and online media. You can use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to post about the event. They have enormous power to create high footfall. You can also use billboards, newspaper advertisements, press releases, or short televised advertisements.
  • Let your supporters know the reason behind the fundraiser. If people are uninformed, it wouldn’t encourage them to attend.
  • Buying some extra gifts of popcorn and chocolates to pass on wouldn’t hurt anyone. Your near and dear ones will love the thought behind such beautiful purchases. This will then create higher sales.
  • Host the perfect school fundraiser on a particular occasion for better promotional value. It can be Friendship Day, Children’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas special, and so on. This gives the supporters an additional motive to be present at the local fundraiser.

Midland Fundraising at Your Service!

Your group will get a significant amount of funding from the popcorn and chocolates fundraiser in the USA if you request us to organize everything. Earn high revenues using quality and flavourful popcorns and chocolates for raising funds for the school. With tasty items for people of all ages, we assist you in generating an incredible sum of money.

We are eager to collaborate with you and assist you in selecting contemporary and quirky school fundraising ideas, or elementary fundraising ideas. We will work together to make sure your school fundraiser is a huge success. Get in touch with us if you have any queries about our fundraising. Call us and we can help your organization, whether it’s large or small.

We’d be thrilled to hear from you and look forward to hosting a great event!

Our Client’s Testimonial


This will be my first time participating so I am excited about it! Everything has been seamless and so easy to get started. We can’t wait to get our fundraiser off the ground!

Breeanne P.

I have been working with Midland Fundraising for the past three years for all of the fundraisings I do at Haviland Middle
School. During that time, they have been incredibly efficient, courteous, and professional. I organize fundraisers for
two groups that have about 150 students combined. Each time I do a new fundraiser, they get me all my forms
and materials quickly and takes the time to explain what I need to do. She makes my job very easy by providing
me with step-by-step instructions and giving me tips on how to make our event successful. Always very
polite and friendly and doesn’t hesitate to send me new copies of papers that I misplace (multiple times). Although
I’ve never met her face-to-face, I feel that Mysti is a wonderful, reliable contact of mine and I’m grateful that she is
in charge of my fundraising needs.

Coach Maggie

I am writing to express my pleasure of working with Midland Fundraising. For the past two
and half years, I have used Midland for fundraising for my school soccer team. They have been so helpful and
always ready to assist from the beginning of my experiences with the company. Mysti has always been my representative
and has always been available for questions and help with orders. She is very prompt with replies to my emails and very
thorough with my questions. Mysti has helped with things such as adding tax to our orders since we are a food taxing state
(meeting district fundraising guidelines), and she always checks up on our sales and if we need anything at all. She has been
very helpful with the selection of products and followed up on all aspects from contract correctness, delivery dates and times,
delivered items, and if we will continue to use the company in the future. Mysti Oliver has been so good and helpful to me
that I have referred her to other coaches and teachers at my school to use for their fundraisers! I would recommend her to
anyone! She has made my experiences simple and painless!

Chris C.

We have had two great experiences working with Midland Fundraising.
We were a bit skeptical at first about working with a company halfway across the country,
but it has not been an issue. Mysti has worked with us closely, always working to satisfy
both our group and our customers.
The products have been of good quality, and any issues with breakage or wrong item have been
taken care of immediately. We were happy to find a company that offered items at 50% profit
in brochure format, too.


“Your company has been a pleasure to work with. After years of selling candy bars, my Environmental Council group was looking for a company that sold high-quality products that were eco-friendly. I am so glad that we found you! I am completely satisfied with the products we have ordered but more importantly, in the high standards of customer service from you. From the very first phone calls and e-mail exchanges with you – I have found you to be helpful, cheerful and so efficient. You took care of any concerns I had with a professional yet personal touch. Nowadays, many companies don’t take the time to ensure customer satisfaction; but not with you. I have always been treated respectfully, and you keep in contact with me throughout the fundraising process. I still marvel at your efficiency – especially the one and only time there was a mix-up with one of my student’s orders. You were with me every step of the way, making things right for him and his customer. I can’t praise you enough. I have dealt with many vendors over my 26years of teaching and you and your company tops all of them for customer satisfaction,courtesy, and professionalism! I have complimented you many times over the last few years for your professionalism and outstanding customer service that goes well above and beyond in every sense of the word. You have humbly and graciously accepted it but I can tell that you truly have a sense of pride and accomplishment in all that you do so you say that no ‘thanks’ are necessary. But in this economy, people can choose to go anywhere for their fundraising needs and you have kept me coming back to your company.”