41 Proven Online Fundraising Ideas In 2023

The landscape of fundraising has seen a complete makeover due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The staff members started working from home but the need to raise money was always there. Relying on technology was the best decision and the only situation that favored their cause. Hence, virtual or hybrid fundraising events gained exclusive popularity.

Nonprofits and even donors have embraced the idea of using technologies and find it a way more appealing option than in-person engagements. Online fundraising requires less manpower, tracks results easily, and doesn’t even restrict your donor base due to geographical boundaries.

If you’ve been looking for some fun, exciting, and entertaining online fundraising ideas, here’s a list that we have prepared for you. We also introduce you to the prerequisites of the events, and suitable ideas and guide you through the virtual fundraising techniques.

Try them, it is sure to help you step up your online fundraising efforts.

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Why Should You Consider Online Fundraising Ideas?

Fundraising is the ongoing process that aids in the expansion of certain organizations. Charity events support the needs of the neighborhood in every way possible. Thanks to modern technology make it possible to hold online fundraising events.

Apart from the fact that the pandemic phase made it necessary to go online, there are other reasons to consider going online.

Virtual fundraisers are exceedingly cost-effective in comparison to other types. It is one of the easiest and most successful ways to generate funds for the organization since there are no significant upfront costs.

For instance, you could quickly organize and carry out email marketing instead of spending money on flyers for a direct mail initiative. This will give a larger return on investment.

With online fundraising ideas and platforms, you have the power to reach out easily. Social media platforms and dynamic websites can attract prospective donors in no time. What’s more? It’s also easy to focus on the different demographics. This helps you to spread your wings in a better way.

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Know The Benefits Of Online Fundraising

Fundraising online is an idea that is slowly gaining popularity. This is mostly due to the simplicity and effectiveness that it offers. We have already briefly given you reasons to consider virtual fundraising, but let’s see some benefits of it and delve deeper-

1. Cost-effective

It’s 2023 and donations via online platforms have become a highly efficient tool. This is for any nonprofit establishment or charitable event. As we have briefly mentioned before, online fundraising has a wider reach than traditional ones. Such a swift fundraiser allows for a quick and increased flow of money, and the donors understand it better. It makes execution and administration very smooth.

2. Trust and Transparency

An online charitable platform can use online fundraising to show contributors how their money is being used. This is made feasible by breaking down every donation into its segregated parts.

As a result, donors’ faith in the relevant organization or charity grows dramatically. Such openness motivates donors to make more financial contributions through internet fundraising.

3. Ease Of Access

Compared to traditional fundraising, the entrance hurdle decreases with virtual fundraising. The setup of an online crowdfunding platform is really easy.

Online fundraising ideas are more efficient, secure, dependable, and practical. A contributor does not need to go through the time-consuming process of physically filling out a form, drafting a check, and sending it when they donate online. They only need to enter their data and press a button. This accessibility is a significant advantage of internet funding.

Proven Online Fundraising Ideas That Help You To Raise Funds

Proven Online Fundraising

Fundraising events can be exciting if you have creative ideas in mind. But sometimes we have massive brain meltdowns when deciding to plan an event. It is normal. So in this section, we present you with 41 ideas for innovative online fundraising. Brace yourselves.

1. Online Only Fundraiser

virtual fundraiser catalog | Back to school fundraiser

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Going online has proved to be incredibly beneficial for many industries. This became more prominent since the year 2020. Supporters just need to use their laptops, have a speedy internet connection, and participate in the fundraiser.

What you need to do is look into the logistics of this fundraiser. You need to be careful about the internet-based approach. Remember, this is a completely contactless event without any need to handle cash, catalogs, and order forms physically.

Let your donors have a look at online brochures with items you want to sell online. It can be anything, from home decor and kitchen items to children’s gifts.

Make it a point to have a smooth online ordering process. The best part for supporters is that they get their orders quickly at their doorstep. Nothing can be more convenient and quick than such a fundraising idea.

2. Hybrid Only Fundraiser

Hybrid Fundraiser

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A hybrid-only fundraiser is a fundraising event that combines elements of both virtual and in-person events. This type of fundraiser is becoming increasingly popular as organizations seek to adapt to changing circumstances, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

The participants can choose to attend either in person or virtually. Those who attend in person can enjoy the benefits of a traditional fundraising event, such as live entertainment, food and drinks, and the opportunity to network with other attendees.

Meanwhile, those who attend virtually can participate from the comfort of their own homes, accessing the event via a live stream or video conferencing platform and ordering the same items online.

You will get a wider reach of audience, and it will be cost-effective as well. By leveraging virtual technology, you can save on expenses, such as venue rental, catering, and travel costs.

Be careful about the coordination of orders, deliveries, and registration process when hosting this fundraiser.

3. Popcorn and Chocolate Fundraiser

popcorn chocolate fundraising | club fundraising ideas

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Online sales are one of the best ideas for a fundraiser. So how about having an online popcorn and chocolate fundraiser? Whether it’s for schools, sports teams, churches, or any other non-profit organization, it will be a hit.

Everyone loves them so it’s safe to say that the sales will be phenomenally high. You can partner with organizations that provide premium-level popcorn and chocolates.

All you need is to promote this event very well. Show them what products you have and the reason for hosting the event. People should be aware and ready to support the cause online.

Provide catalogs virtually for the product. Send online registration forms for those who want to participate in this session. They can get these mouth-watering munchies delivered to homes soon. Since this fundraiser is suitable for all ages, it will draw huge attention in the online world.

4. Supreme Snacks Fundraiser

supreme snacks catalog | Easy fundraising ideas

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Another one that you can host online is the supreme snacks fundraiser. You can sell candies, sausages, and cheese of different varieties for online patrons. This idea can be used easily as its high in demand. Being a popular choice, the supreme snack boxes make it a lucrative and delicious virtual fundraising idea.

Because of its premium-quality packages, they are often not available in regular shops. Use this to your advantage and raise large amounts of money as quickly as possible virtually.

When organizing such an online event, make sure it is well advertised. Include a small fee to participate in such an event. There should be a brochure available for the visitors so that they can choose their snack items.

The affordability and long shelf life make it a beneficial event. Let the supporters look forward to sweets in flavors of dark chocolate coconut, caramel apples, peanut butter, and more. There are cheese spreads in horseradish flavor, jalapeno, etc.

The well-cut sausages, creamy cheese spreads, and heavenly chocolates are sure to provide you with a massive funds collection.

5. Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Cookie dough Fundraiser

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Who doesn’t like some delectable cookies? Pick the online cookie dough fundraising option, which contains a selection of items for the supporters for a big virtual charitable fundraising idea. When you need to raise plenty of money, sending online brochures or catalogs is the ideal solution. Start the event by showcasing your talents on an appropriate online forum.

With so many alternatives available for online platforms, makes sure you hold a perfect and well-planned event.

The virtual participants can find M&M, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Macadamia, and Oatmeal Raisin under this fundraising concept.

Let the supporters have some pre-portioned sugar cookie dough. Give the patrons a sense of warmth and affection by providing them with specially selected baking equipment and pre-portioned cookie dough via online orders and delivery. There will be attractive packaging that will undoubtedly draw them into buying more virtually.

DIY Online Fundraising Ideas

Want additional suggestions to expand your ways to raise money online? Check out our extensive DIY online fundraising ideas list for nonprofit organizations.

Know how to make your fundraising efforts entertaining and engaging for every supporter in different ways. Let’s start-

1. Email Campaigns

Email Campaign

Doesn’t the name speak for itself? An email campaign is the most famous and easiest way to obtain donations from your patrons. Keep in mind that your target audience gets thousands of mail every day, so you’ll want to make the content stand out from the rest when you’re writing it.

Use a captivating subject line, striking graphics, and a call to action that is crystal clear and emphasizes the necessity for such an online event.

You may also think about leading potential online contributors on an experience that ends with an unforgettable appeal. This may advance your email marketing. Donors are more willing to donate after learning more about your work extensively.

It may also lead to increasing investments from prospective donors in the future. Use this idea and we promise you a successful online fundraiser this year.

2. Virtual Awareness Campaign

Virtual Awareness Campaign

Doesn’t the name speak for itself? An email campaign is the most famous and easiest way to obtain donations from your patrons. Keep in mind that your target audience gets thousands of mail every day, so you’ll want to make the content stand out from the rest when you’re writing it.

Use a captivating subject line, striking graphics, and a call to action that is crystal clear and emphasizes the necessity for such an online event.

You may also think about leading potential online contributors on an experience that ends with an unforgettable appeal. This may advance your email marketing. Donors are more willing to donate after learning more about your work extensively.

It may also lead to increasing investments from prospective donors in the future. Use this idea and we promise you a successful online fundraiser this year.

3. Simple Crowdfunding

Simple Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has been a long-standing online fundraising method that continues to prove effective, particularly for small nonprofits with a dedicated local community.

To further involve your supporters, you can encourage them to initiate a peer-to-peer campaign on behalf of your organization. Crowdfunding on a trusted platform is easy to conduct. All you have to do is create a fundraising page, promote it virtually, and ask people to contribute as much as they find fit.

Ensure the campaign has a compelling video that conveys your narrative and serves as a backdrop for the remaining details on the campaign website. Launch your fundraiser on renowned platforms like GoFundMe, GlobalGiving, or Kickstarter.

4. Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour

In this intriguing online fundraising initiative, give your supporters a guided tour of your neighborhood (particularly useful for international projects), or even your workplace, to show prospective contributors how you conduct business.

You can display the organization’s accomplishments with a suitable virtual platform and reveal places where you may require more help. It’s a fantastic method to show supporters what your nonprofit organization has accomplished and how their support can help you have an even greater effect.

As you guide visitors through your area, include conversations with beneficiaries, workers, or board members online. It will keep things interesting.

5. Online Networking Event

Online Networking Event

One effective way to boost donor engagement and fundraising for your organization is by organizing an online networking event. Networking is a great way to connect with different kinds of people. Every person has something important to give or say.

So why not use this opportunity to have a fundraiser virtually?

By leveraging video conferencing platforms like Zoom, you can create breakout rooms to facilitate smaller group conversations, allowing participants to connect and build relationships.

This event can be further complemented with fundraising initiatives such as a raffle, maximizing your efforts to generate support and donations. Isn’t this a wonderful virtual fundraising initiative for nonprofit firms?

6. Social Media Campaign and Takeover

Social Media Campaign and Takeover

Did you know that 2020 was the year when social media posts were the primary motivators for charity? We strongly suggest you use social media platforms for a successful online fundraiser. There is a larger reach via such platforms.

With exclusive fundraising integration on social platforms, your patrons don’t have to stop scrolling to provide money for the respective organization.

You can also conduct a social media takeover. What’s that you asked?

Inquire whether a business sponsor or a nearby community partner would be willing to “donate their social media” for the day.

You may plan the takeover on a particular day that is important to your organization and post online all day long to build awareness about the cause and brand. Raise some money virtually through social media posts and see how things work in your favor.

This can be one of the finest online crowdfunding strategies if you have created relationships with powerful individuals or significant business owners on social networking sites.

7. Virtual Silent Auction

Virtual Slient auction

Another quick and easy virtual fundraising initiative is the online silent auction. It has been much in popularity since the pandemic.

Encourage your donors to donate online. Make sure you offer a diverse choice of goods at various price points, and consider highlighting activities like an online cooking class. We have an example for you to make you understand this process.

There was a company named Virginia Stage Company that hosted an online auction. They paired a raffle with the silent auction.

This became an amazing way to have more donors who could give to the organization at different levels. They sold over 350 tickets for the raffle and had a selection of products for this auction.

Use this distinctive online fundraising idea for your non-profit firm. It will raise knowledge and money smoothly.

8. Virtual Watch Party

Virtual Watch Party

Organizing an online viewing party might be a terrific way to bring people together. You have to select a film, reserve a date, and sell tickets online. Try to pick films that are pertinent to your business and in some manner showcase your fundraising objective. People could contribute more as a result of this!

In addition to selling watch party tickets, you may plan an intermission to talk about your goals.

You can allot 10 minutes after the film to discuss your business, how the film supports your cause, and solicit funds.The online watch party is not a casual time pass but a proper fundraiser. Remind this fact to your guests so that they come prepared that way. Try to use Amazon, Youtube, or Netflix to conduct this online fundraiser if you can.

People will be more interested in participating in this virtual event.

9. Online Workshops

Online Workshop

If you’ve been browsing for intriguing fundraising suggestions online consider holding a fun online workshop. Think about a new talent that potential donors would find interesting, or ask if someone on your staff has a specialty they can teach as an online class. To help people remember why they’ve arrived here, try to connect the event and cause in some way to your objective.

In the end, you might have a competition to see who put out their greatest effort. You could also charge entry fees and make contribution requests during this virtual workshop.

10. Virtual Tasting of Wine And Cheese

Virtual Tasting of Wine And Cheese

Imagine bringing a winery to your patrons through an online event! Most of us love to experiment with new food and drinks, don’t we? This is a perfect opportunity to give your supporters the luxury of a virtual cheese and wine-tasting session.

But how does one do that online? Unless we have started teleporting system, you have to make your donors register online. After this, ship everything they require for the sophisticated and classy night.

If this feels a bit much, you can arrange a pickup location and time for the participants through a suitable online platform. It will ensure safety in retrieving the wine and cheese packages before the event starts.

You can hire a local wine specialist to guide everyone about the wines through the live stream to make it more interesting. Garner a high sum of money from such an enticing and unique online charity fundraising initiative.

11. Virtual Game Night

Virtual Game night

Games, whether indoors or outdoors, are fun all the time. This virtual game night fundraising idea works well for all kinds of non-profit businesses.

For virtual fundraisers, online gaming can be a great idea. A successful games night charity event needs lots of people. So you have to promote this event well through social media or other online platforms.

This fundraising idea via an online platform works well for all kinds of non-profit businesses. Select a suitable online gaming platform and give options to participants on which game to choose.

It can be car racing like Need For Speed, Mario Brothers, Pictionary, board games like Chess, Scrabble, and more. It can be a single-player or a multi-player video game night.

When you organize this online, charge a small fee and give rewards to runners-up and winners. This will motivate the patrons. And in-between the gaming rounds, speak about your cause and the business for the donation process.

12. Virtual Open Mic Night

Virtual Open Mic Night

In general, an open mic is a live performance that typically happens at a location like a coffee shop, nightclub, comedy club, or pub. Whether professionals or amateurs anyone in the audience is welcome to perform on stage.

But what about a virtual one? It can be done virtually as well. Let this be an opportunity to do it online and show their talent in a virtual open mic fundraising idea. You might have some talented volunteers and donors who can support your cause.

All you have to do is make a roster, request participants to signup, have a reasonable price for selling the tickets, and set up a live stream from where individuals can watch happily.

Patrons can sing, offer stand-up comedy, and share anecdotes online. It will be a great way to boost funds.

13. Live Streamed Event

During the pandemic, there was a rise in live-streamed events. Many artists took to social media platforms to perform for a good cause.

Live-streamed events have emerged as a highly successful online fundraising idea for nonprofit organizations. This presented a great opportunity to connect people across different cities and even countries.

To ensure smooth interactivity, you can try Zoom or any other platform of your choice. In addition, you can leverage popular social media channels like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook Live to reach a wider audience.

These events can be designed to include a variety of sessions, such as TED talks, concerts, and raffles. Apart from selling tickets online for the event, you can also offer the option of selling food and mixers, which can be delivered directly to the participant’s homes.

14. Host a Virtual Food Festival

host a virtual food festival

Food has been a great motivator for everyone. We know many individuals love watching cooking shows and videos randomly. So why not take this chance to have a virtual tour?

When we have technology, many things are possible today. Even though a food festival is held online, it doesn’t have to limit the opportunity for attendees to indulge in a variety of great food offerings.

You can invite locals to showcase their culinary skills online or ask nearby restaurants to contribute to this event. The festival can be live-streamed or pre-recorded, featuring various cuisines and cooking demonstrations. Guests can bid on the food online or receive a sample pack during the festival.

There are unique ways to organize and execute a successful virtual food festival. Take help from professionals if you remain in a conundrum about this one. Hosting a virtual food festival can be an excellent fundraising idea for nonprofits and a great way to engage the entire community.

Creative Virtual Fundraising Ideas For Schools

Some schools need as much help in any way possible. For better amenities, infrastructure, resources, and the future of the kids, the fundraiser is a savior. Here, we have curated some fun ideas for virtual fundraising. Have a look-

1. Talent Show

Talent Show

If you are organizing an online fundraiser for the school, this one is a great option. There must be talented students in every school.

Therefore, a virtual talent show is a great way to start. As pupils can utilize more resources (that are reachable at home) and use electronic devices to make matters more exciting, a digital talent show provides for more varied performances.

Through the use of polling features, you can transform this event into a competition. Provide prizes for the best performance and deliver them online.

Also, talk about the cause so that more people contribute to schools and students’ future. Raise money quickly and remotely thanks to the digital revolution.

2. Virtual Karaoke

Virtual Karaoke

Virtual Karaoke is a fun-filled way to spend an evening with friends and strangers, singing your heart out to your favorite tunes. Create a memorable time at home by singing online. Thanks to several virtual communication platforms that gained popularity during the pandemic, you can now organize an online karaoke event as a fundraiser for a good cause.

You can invite participants to sing their hearts out together. Either choose a theme for students or let participants pick their songs to create a diverse and entertaining playlist. Make it into a competition and give prizes via online delivery.

On the whole, virtual karaoke is a great way to bring people together, have fun, and raise funds for schools, all from the comfort of your own home. So why wait?

3. Virtual Dance Night

Virtual Dance Night

Love a night to dance and let go? Host a virtual dance fundraiser for non-profits like schools. This ultimate virtual dance fundraising idea will garner lots of attention if collaborated with snacks and drinks.

Ship some snacks to the participants beforehand who have already signed up for the event. Decide on a specific time for the dance night. Make a live-stream playlist that people can dance to.

You can also request the guests to take a video and post it on social media. You can also call local musical bands and artists to participate in this unique online fundraiser.

It will be fun whether you opt to offer online tickets or just welcome everyone and request contributions. You can easily set up a separate donation page on your web page to seek funds.

4. Stay Away From Screen Challenge

Stay Away From Screen Challenge

You must have seen children being glued to the screens all the time nowadays. We know the annoying feeling!

We have a top-notch online fundraising strategy for school kids. It is an effective method to keep kids away from electronic devices. Despite children’s widespread preference for their phones and laptops, they will relish this exciting challenge.

The plan involves soliciting sponsors for students to abstain from all electronic gadgets, including laptops, phones, and iPads. The fundraiser is simple to plan, requiring minimal setup and a small budget to initiate. A reward could be offered to the student with the most extended screen-free duration.

Siblings or parents can be responsible for monitoring the hours of device disconnection. Those who win should get a small prize delivered to their address.

5. Virtual Workshop For Career

Virtual Workshop For Career

Students need to get guidance about their careers. We have seen many students losing interest or getting confused about their life goals. It adds to their anxiety. Let’s not make that happen. Conduct a thorough online career workshop for them.

You could invite a diverse group of professionals online to participate in a panel discussion about their respective careers.

Additionally, it may be beneficial to contact college admissions officers to inquire about hosting a workshop for college applications for students. By doing so through the right online platform, you can offer valuable resources and support to help students achieve their academic and career goals.

During or after the virtual career workshop, make them aware of the fundraising cause too. Students may love the idea of getting career guidance and also raising money for a good cause simultaneously.

6. Online Coaching

online coaching

One way to support students who may need additional help in their studies is to offer online tutoring services as a fundraiser for nonprofit organizations.

To set up this service, you can recruit students to become peer online tutors. Peer tutoring can be a great option for students who are struggling as they may feel more comfortable working with someone their age. You can advertise the opportunity for students to become peer online tutors.

Provide them with training and resources to help them be effective teachers. This can also be a great way for students who excel in certain subjects to gain leadership experience and give back to their school community. Advertise this campaign extensively for better reach and higher donations.

7 Online Fundraiser For School Supply

Online Fundraiser For School Supply

Some fundraising ideas work best virtually for nonprofits. One of them is this one. Many schools need updated equipment time and again.

People must provide for them so that they have a better future. The types of equipment can be laboratory tools, sports materials, new musical instruments, and many more. So give the school students what they deserve- proper resources to succeed.

Set up an online school supply drive. Create a virtual shop and request the community or patrons to buy supplies for school. Give them the reason behind this drive and create an easy online fundraiser for schools.

8. Virtual Music Concert

Virtual Music Concert

The school’s band, orchestra, and choir put in a lot of effort and dedication to prepare music pieces throughout the year. Their hard work deserves to be showcased and appreciated by a wider audience. Hosting a virtual concert is an excellent way to give them the platform they need to demonstrate their talents and skills.

To make the virtual concert a success, sell online tickets to the live stream so that people can enjoy the performance from the comfort of their homes.

In addition to selling tickets, the school can prepare snack packs that donors can buy and have delivered to their homes before the concert.

This adds to the overall experience of the concert and creates a sense of community, even if everyone is watching from different locations. This can be one of the finest online fundraising concepts for schools. Promote this event on social media aggressively.

9. Virtual Tours for Museums

Virtual Tours for Museums

Museums are places where you can travel time by listening to some stories. It is a great source of information and learning for students. Some of the local museums near you may not be open for entrance, but that shouldn’t stop you.

It doesn’t imply you can’t see the sights all they have to present. That’s why there are online platforms.

Thanks to the ever-evolving technology, create a virtual trip with the local museums. It should include informative and entertaining facts. Let there be an expert who can also give some behind-the-scenes facts about this tour. This could be quite interesting for curious minds.

Organize an online tour of a cultural or historical museum for a set timeframe and charge patrons a small amount. In between the tour, spread the message about your philanthropic work too.

Online Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams

Its competition everywhere. And when it’s about sports, you don’t need much explanation. For most of us, sports might not mean anything, but for professionals and aspiring individuals, it’s of great value. They need proper equipment and infrastructure to give their best performance. Here are a few virtual fundraising ideas for sports teams that might come in handy-

1. Game Livestream

game livestream

Sports can be intense and high-pressure, but they don’t always have to be that way. Consider organizing a showcase game online, where your athletes can unwind and practice without feeling the weight of competition. You could even live stream the game and provide lighthearted commentary to make it more enjoyable.

The commentary can range from playful banter between the announcers to insightful analysis of the game’s plays and strategies. It can also include interviews with athletes and coaches, as well as fun facts and trivia about the sport or the players.

This online fundraising idea can be a great way to give athletes a chance channelize their energy and have fun while still honing their skills.

2. Sports Clinic Drive

Sports Clinic Drive

Without physical fitness, no athlete or sportsperson can reach their career best as they wish. Sometimes they don’t have access to basic medical facilities and training that they should get at all costs.

Young and aspiring individuals can get help from a unique online sports clinic fundraising idea. You can host a live or recorded video of the team members showing the basic skills in this virtual fundraising program.

This will help aspiring sportspersons and athletes learn more about the sport and also help raise funds simultaneously.

Ask a former athlete to join the fundraiser so that they can speak from their experience about sports and health. The live stream is perfect to raise money for medical facilities required daily.

3. Sports Trick Competition

Sports Trick Competition

Who hasn’t enjoyed the astounding sporting tricks of Roger Federer or Pele? The tweener by Federer or the bicycle kick by Pele has been a treat to watch by many. So let’s use this theme to raise some money online for sports teams.

You can select a special skill or a tricky yet fun maneuver for the participants to try. Let them create their fundraising page to upload the video of their attempts. The challenge could be done anywhere from their home. Once they upload the video, the patrons give their vote for the best attempt. The vote will be via donation on the fundraising page.

The person who wins should get a reward from your side in a manner to congratulate and appreciate taking part in a noteworthy cause. This inspiring virtual fundraising idea shouldn’t take long, so make it happen soon.

4. Coach Talent Challenge

Coach talent challenge

Hosting a virtual talent show is easy. But are you interested in involving your coach to show some of their skills? It can be an enjoyable and valuable online fundraising idea. Put your teacher’s skills to test.

One fun idea to engage and entertain your supporters is to ask your coaches to showcase their unique talents through video recordings. Encourage coaches to get creative and show off what sets them apart. Then, open up the voting process to your supporters and let them choose their favorite talent.

This activity not only showcases the diverse skills and personalities of your coaches but also fosters a sense of community and engagement among your supporters. It’s a great way to promote your cause or organization.

So why not give it a try and see what hidden talents your coach offers?

5. Design Challenge

Design challenge

There has to be a way to re-design a sports team’s merchandise every year. This time you can try doing it virtually. Since there may be difficulties in finding new designs, ask artists to join the fundraiser too.

They can submit their designs for the team shirt online. Let this turn into a competition for everyone.

By opening up submissions to the public, you can harness the creativity and talent of local artists, giving them a platform to showcase their work while also producing unique and original merchandise for your team.

This approach could result in a diverse range of design ideas and foster a sense of community involvement and collaboration. The one who submits the most appealing and interesting shirt design can get a prize delivered home.

Virtual Fundraising Initiatives for Individuals

We have looked into fundraising ideas for schools and sports teams. Now let’s dive into virtual fundraising options for individuals. Here you go-

1. Online Birthday Fundraising

Online birthday fundraising

The gifts always work for birthdays. But instead of gifts, request supporters to host an online fundraiser for their birthday. This can be done by setting up a personal page for a fundraiser and collecting donations from family and friends for the non-profit organization.

One can give gifting merchandise as an appreciative gesture or wish happy birthday publicly on the social media platform. Benefactors can make use of crowdfunding platforms for this unique virtual fundraising concept.

Promote this on your website as well as send email notifications to donors before their birthdays to encourage better reach for online birthday fundraisers.

2. Virtual Challenge

Virtual Challenge

One of the most effective online fundraising ideas for individuals is to host a virtual challenge that encourages donors to become advocates for your cause. By participating in a challenge of your choice, supporters can help raise awareness and funds for your mission.

Whether it’s a game challenge, readathon, or a physical challenge such as completing a specific number of push-ups or drinking a specific amount of water at one go, it can be engaging and entertaining.

They don’t always have to be difficult and can be designed to be lighthearted or even humorous. Promote this event well on online platforms and plan this event in such a way that there’s no room for boredom. Do more by spreading the word about your nonprofit organization.

Seasonal Online Fundraising Ideas

When planning a virtual fundraiser, you can also think about the weather. Host a fundraiser online that matches the season. Here are a few season-oriented ideas for you-

1. Fall Fundraising Idea

Fall Fundraising

People like to engage in cheerful events and activities with their families and friends as the weather changes. This online fall fundraising idea is perfect for people wanting to enjoy the pleasant season in the comfort of their own homes. Plan an autumn fundraising campaign at the perfect moment to guarantee your fundraiser’s success.

Virtual fall fundraising is ideal for sports teams, schools, musical bands, church groups, etc. Let this be an opportunity to sell high-quality products online that have fall themes like Christmas decorative, elegant home decor, delicious fall-themed food items like chocolates of different flavors, colorful and yummy snacks, attractive and convenient cooking and baking utensils, items for kids, meal prepping tools, jewelry, bags, wrapping papers, etc.

You can organize a games event with the online fall fundraiser and see the enthusiasm grow for participation and purchases.

2. Virtual Open-Air Fitness Class

Virtual Open Air Fitness Class

For summertime, as you start feeling the warm weather, why not leverage the sunshine and encourage your donors to stay active and healthy? One excellent way to do this is by hosting a virtual fitness class that can be taken outdoors.

Simply enlist the help of a local fitness instructor who can lead a live-streamed class that your participants can easily follow along with from the comfort of their own backyard or local park.

Not only is this a fun and engaging way to get your donors moving, but it also provides an opportunity to connect with others who are passionate about your cause.

By promoting healthy habits and building community online, you can help support your mission while also improving the well-being of those who support it.

3. Ugly Sweater House Party

Ugly Sweater House Party

Many of us love to party and make the most out of the time. But do you have to go out for it or can do it at home? Introducing the ugly sweater online house party fundraising idea. This one is an extremely funny virtual fundraiser making it a successful one too.

All you have to do is bring out the best in your supporters. During the winter holidays, have the donors wear the ugliest sweaters they have. This can be in the form of an online house party fundraiser.

Ask the benefactors to gather in one group to collect funds for the organization.

Have a separate page opened for vote purposes. The one with the most donation (as voes) for the ugliest sweater wins. Overall, using this fundraising idea will be comedic and effective in building lifelong relationships with donors and generating funds.

4. Holiday E-card Fundraiser

Holiday ecard Fundraiser

When holidays are around the corner it’s time to send e-cards. Looking for a way to stay connected with your loved ones during the holidays while also supporting a good cause? Consider the online holiday e-card fundraiser! Ask the supporters to choose the best e-card from a variety of collections that you provide and raise funds accordingly.

The exceptional e-cards should be sent out on time and help nonprofit companies exceptionally. Know that the donation will go towards supporting your mission, while also spreading joy and cheer. Let your benefactors send online holiday greeting card that truly makes a difference!

5. Online Christmas Home Lights Tour

Holiday lights come in full swing as the evenings grow longer and winter settles in. It’s time to stay at home and be cozy during the winter months.

There’s no better way to have a home tour of the best lighting and decoration during Christmas than through a quick online fundraiser. With online holiday lights show and competitions, you can invite supporters to showcase their house illuminations.

Request that your patrons create funding sites for their Christmas light show tour. Let them record videos and take photographs. The public can then cast their votes online for their best holiday exhibits by contributing to each campaign page’s cause.

6. Cooking or Baking Class

Cooking or Baking Class

Winter months are the best times to cook some delicious snacks. Use this period to attract patrons to a yummy online cooking class event for your nonprofit organization.

For a perfect digital fundraising event idea to be hit, call a popular chef or ask a supporter who is a baking aficionado to conduct this virtual cooking class. Let the patrons learn how to bake cakes, cookies, biscuits, etc.

Make sure attendees sign up for the online occasion, then live broadcast the lesson to them so they can pick up new abilities and recipes while relaxing in the privacy of their residences.

Pre-Requisites To Implement Virtual Fundraising Ideas

Organizing a virtual crowdfunding drive can appear intimidating if you have never done it before. The ideal online fundraising tool,

however, can simplify the whole organizing and carrying out the process and provide your organization with all it needs to stage and oversee its upcoming event.

Here are a few more things you need to implement online fundraising ideas-

1. The Donor’s List

A donor database is a necessity. This was once a luxury for nonprofits. Make a list of important contributors whose attendance you anticipate. Make sure to initially get in touch with those contributors and provide them with VIP details regarding the event, such as who will be appearing at this digital event, details about why this fundraising is taking place, and other exclusive data so that they remain motivated to come.

2. Definitive Goals

To influence attendance, your online event for fundraising must communicate your ideas. They should leave the event fully aware of your values, the people you help, and the reasons you picked this specific goal, whether they are familiar with your work for some time or are participating in your fundraising for the first time. Your fundraiser’s objective must be clear.

Pro tip- Use a thermometer or other type of fundraising target meter at your event to show visitors the number of funds they have contributed.

3. Event Timeline

The online campaign must have a timetable. Create a minute-by-minute plan of the activities, speakers, and live shows, if any, from magic shows, musicians, or other performers, as well as special guest performances, if your event will last longer than an hour.

Hire a coordinator who can keep the show running. They may ensure the smooth logging in of visitors so that there’s no time wastage.

4. Streaming Platform

With the endless number of streaming platforms, you have a cornucopia of choices. You have to select a suitable platform. There are some free platforms and some paid ones. If you choose the free ones, there’s no worry about the budget. But if you choose the paid ones, weigh the best option and decide.

5. Fix A Promotional Strategy

Having a proper marketing plan can take any event into a beautiful swirl. Promote the event across all channels less than six months before the event. It will direct them to the occasion’s secure contribution landing page or tickets form.

Make the promotion special by adding some unexpected elements. This may work well for marketing and bringing in prospective visitors.

6. Launch Your Fundraiser

Once you have come near to the launch day, make sure you have the necessary things in order. Have everything tripled checked. You don’t want to mess up a few things at the last moment. The day before the event, send the online link to the visitors.

Learn how to troubleshoot common online platform difficulties and assign a team member to assist your users in resolving them. Let the philanthropic event be a grand success.

Choosing A Suitable Online Fundraising Idea- How To Do It?

We have already listed 41 ideas for the charity drive. Of course, you can’t use all of them. From the many appealing fundraising ideas, you have to choose one of them. This entails a lot of thinking and planning. When picking one idea, keep the following in mind-

1. Understand Your Target

Do you want to achieve high profits? Are you aiming toward a specific sector like education, arts, sports, etc? Do you aim for consistent donations? Think about these questions while choosing a fundraising idea.

The choice of your fundraising objectives is one of the most crucial steps in organizing an online campaign. This should cover both the amount of money you wish to collect and the intended use of the proceeds. Everything, from recreational events and enrichment initiatives to novel technology and facility renovations, may be financed through virtual fundraising.

2. Your Resource Pool

Do you have the appropriate resources to create an unforgettable virtual fundraiser? You have to understand that having a few volunteers and proper technology (net connection and online platform) is crucial for any fundraiser to be a success.

Weigh your resources and then select the best idea. Assess how many volunteers you need. The cost of hosting the chosen idea, and how you track and collect the funds is the next thing you need to look into. These resources need to be well thought out very early.

3. What Time Of The Year

When considering school fundraising ideas, taking into account the timing of the fundraiser or program might astonish you. Unbelievably, this can have a significant impact on what kind of fundraiser you select. An excellent strategy to encourage participation is to choose an event that complements the season.

You can go for winter or spring fundraising ideas which can boost funds and would be fun too. For instance, the chance for fundraising centered around Halloween, Thanksgiving, and haunted homes arises in the fall so choose and plan accordingly.

Another aspect you have to take into account is the other ongoing fundraising events. If a few fundraisers are already taking place or are going to take place, then we suggest you avoid hosting an event at that time.

The volunteers and guests may be exhausted from attending the others. It would create potential damage to your event.

Impact Of Online Fundraising Ideas After The Pandemic

Covid-19 altered virtually everyone’s daily routines, including the way charitable organizations generate money. Some of those modifications are ongoing even as our world transitions into one that is post-pandemic. Here are a few things that changed or were incorporated post-pandemic-

1. The Hybrid Mode

Due to the pandemic, hybrid methods have been used to host fundraisers. The worst damaged were the organizations that had previously relied on in-person events. The pandemic caused most of them to reconsider several things, including how to nurture donors and have significant relationships that aren’t “just” another Zoom call.

Other things like how to make such occasions virtual, how to enhance donor acquisition via event fundraisers, how to handle donors in fresh ways, et cetera had to be thought out. Even though we are allowed to host live events again, they are not constrained anymore by the maximum capacity of the space.

2. Aggressive Competition

There is more competitiveness today, for events that can only be found online. While there has been a significant increase in online events, simply holding an event on the internet is insufficient.

When there are competitive events taking place to discourage donors from participating, it needs to be interesting, and worth their time to participate. Therefore, it has become crucial to –

  • Invest in online event channels
  • Alter how people are drawn to events
  • Find new ways to follow up after events

It has also become vital to new find methods to share an organization’s history and engage the people with its objective.

3. Going Outdoors For In-person Events

As soon as they announced the pandemic, every in-person meeting started taking place outside. This meant having creative online fundraising plans to build a covid-proof space.

Since then, live events have become more dependent on outdoor venues than ever, necessitating the use of inventive strategies to make shows COVID and weather-safe.

The epidemic showed us all how important nature is to maintain our psychological well-being. Activities in the outdoors like golf matches and running/walks have experienced an increase in popularity.

Additionally, during the pandemic phase, the use of recurrent donations, crowdsourcing, peer-to-peer fundraising, concentrated corporate assistance, and other strategies took place.

4. Final word- Expanded Reach

The reality is that many should have started using online methods a long time ago- the pandemic only forced everyone to take this step. The reach has expanded and virtual fundraisers have been easy to conduct. There may be more changes in the future regarding online fundraising, but it is here to stay now.

The majority of partners would agree that nothing beats the significance of face-to-face interaction, but digital capacities have made it possible to connect with supporters and prospects more consistently, grow the donor base, and open up new avenues for donor engagement and interacting with individuals wherever they are.

Choose A Fundraising Program

Innovative Online Fundraisers On Your Way!

These proven digital fundraising strategies will help raise a sizable quantity of money for nonprofit groups, schools, or athletic organizations in 2023.

Use these entertaining, stimulating, educational, and worthwhile ideas to generate large profits. It can be attended by individuals of all ages, which will bring in a staggering sum of money.

It takes a long time to organize a benefit. Whether you’re hosting for the first or tenth time, it might be a lot for you. There’s no harm in asking for help.

The experts at Midland Fundraising can assist you in producing an effective and excellent fundraiser. Expect to organize fundraising activities with cutting-edge and original ideas with us. You’ll be glad you did!