31 Best Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas to Maximize Donations

Raising essential funds for your nonprofit can sometimes feel like a daunting task. The sheer multitude of ideas and strategies available might leave you feeling overwhelmed. But fear not, for there is no need for apprehension.

Keep in mind that there are countless individuals out there who are eager to rally behind your organization’s noble cause. Your mission is to find the most effective way to connect with them and make them passionate about your purpose.

Enter fundraising—an ever-reliable solution. A well-planned fundraising event is not only practical but also an enjoyable way to engage with your supporters and spread awareness about your mission.

The world of nonprofit fundraising is teeming with creative possibilities, and the time to explore them is now. So, without further ado, let’s delve into nonprofit fundraising ideas and plan a successful event that will propel your cause to new heights.

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31 Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

Raising funds for your nonprofit organization can be daunting, but with millions of people eager to support your cause, you only need an effective strategy. Fundraising events are an excellent way to engage supporters, raise awareness, and achieve your financial goals while having a great time. This article explores 31 creative, fun, and optimized nonprofit fundraising ideas for SEO to help you connect with your community and boost donations.

1. Cookie Dough Fundraising

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Cookie dough fundraising is a proven and beloved method for nonprofits. Offer various pre-shaped, ready-to-bake cookie dough options that everyone will love. This approach brings your community together and is hassle-free. Plus, you can store the cookie dough for up to a year in the freezer, providing supporters a long-lasting way to enjoy their favorite flavors. If you’re seeking small nonprofit fundraising ideas, this one’s a winner. Home-style cookie dough is always a hit, so let your supporters indulge while raising funds for your cause.

2. Supreme Snacks

supreme snacks

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Snack fundraising is popular, as it promises a treat for every taste bud. Offering high-quality, delicious snacks at your fundraising event is irresistible. These shelf-stable items allow supporters to stock up for the year. Snacks are beloved by people of all ages, ensuring a broad audience for your fundraiser. The allure of exotic delicacies will keep the crowd engaged, providing a fantastic fundraising opportunity.

3. On the Go Totes Fundraisers

On the go | Tote bags

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For a trendy nonprofit fundraising idea, consider “On The Go Totes Fundraisers.” Market this event effectively through your community and social media channels to attract a large audience. Tote fundraisers cater to diverse tastes and preferences with high-quality totes that are stylish and functional. This fundraiser can bolster your support base and introduce a fashionable and practical item your community will adore. Offer totes in various colors, patterns, and styles to meet your fundraising goals.

4. Candle Fundraising

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Light up your fundraising efforts with a Candle Fundraiser, a guaranteed success for nonprofits. Candles have high-profit margins and are incredibly popular among community members. Their versatility and use for various occasions make them an excellent choice. Spread the word about your event through your community, friends, and family, and leverage social media platforms to showcase the aesthetically pleasing candles. People often stock up on these beautiful candles for special occasions and as gifts, so providing a diverse range of options ensures a loyal following for years to come.

5. Lollipop Fundraising

lollipop fundraising

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One of the best fundraising ideas for nonprofit schools is lollipop fundraising. These candy and chocolate pops are irresistible, especially for children, making them excellent fundraising products. Offer a variety of themes and flavors to cater to different tastes and age groups. Lollipops make great gifts and party favors, and their visual appeal makes them easy to sell. Spread the word and watch your community embrace this sweet fundraising event.

6. Virtual Fundraising

virtual fundraiser

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If you’re seeking cost-effective fundraising ideas for nonprofits, consider virtual fundraising. It eliminates the need for in-person events, venues, or volunteers, saving you money and ensuring safety. Virtual fundraising allows you to connect with a global audience, making them aware of your cause. Choose a theme for your nonprofit fundraising event, such as a holiday fundraiser, and tailor it accordingly. Participants can join online, explore different categories, and place orders, with direct home delivery ensuring a seamless experience. It’s a convenient and effective way to reach your fundraising goals.

DIY Fundraising Ideas For Non-Profits

Some of the most straightforward nonprofit fundraising ideas can lead to significant events. Here are some DIY fundraiser options you can implement without hesitation:

1. Car Wash

Car wash | fundraising ideas for nonprofits

Regarding fun fundraising ideas for nonprofit organizations, a Car Wash is a top choice. It’s an easy and profitable fundraising idea that can bring substantial funds. Host this event on a sunny day with dedicated volunteers, and you’ll support a meaningful cause and get cars sparkling clean. Every dollar raised goes directly toward making a difference in the lives of those in need. It’s an eco-friendly wash in a prime location accessible from high-traffic areas.

2. Art Show

Art Show | fundraising ideas for nonprofits

Unleash the power of creativity with a captivating Art Show fundraiser, one of the best fundraising ideas for nonprofits. This event taps into the artistic talents of students, inviting them to showcase their masterpieces for a meaningful cause. Each artist can participate by paying a small registration fee, while attendees can enjoy browsing the captivating collection for a flat ticket price. Consider involving local artists to add even more flair to this creative display.

3. Spelling Bee

spelling bee | fundraising ideas for nonprofits

This thrilling fundraiser idea for nonprofits calls all word wizards and spelling enthusiasts. Organize an exciting Spelling Bee event to highlight brilliant minds while raising funds for a cause close to your heart. Keep it simple for attendees by offering flat-rate tickets to join the fun and allow participants to create their fundraising pages to seek support. Hire volunteers, promote the event well, and host an admirable event celebrating the power of education, community, and philanthropy.

4. Bake Sale

Bake Sale | fundraising ideas for nonprofits

Support a laudable cause via a delectable Bake Sale fundraising idea for nonprofits. This classic event will fill the air with sweet aromas and mouthwatering treats. Incorporating a baking competition can add an exciting twist to the mix. Alternatively, supporters can purchase delightful treats at a flat rate, with attention to compliance with all food serving laws to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

5. Dance Marathon

Dance Marathon | fundraising ideas for nonprofits

Add dance elements to your fundraising ideas list with a thrilling Dance Marathon fundraiser. This exciting event invites participants to join a 24-hour dance extravaganza, all for a worthy cause. Launch peer-to-peer campaigns and set personal fundraising goals to take the lead, form teams to compete for the highest achievements, and let music create lasting in-person connections. Supporters can request their favorite songs with a small donation, adding to the excitement and contributing even more to your mission.

6. Dodgeball Tournament

Dodgeball tournament | fundraising ideas for nonprofits

Get ready for dodge, dip, duck, dive, and donate in an action-packed Dodgeball Tournament fundraiser idea for nonprofits. This friendly classic game creates excitement at a local school or university. Teams can start a fundraiser to secure their spot in the tournament, or donors can join with a set registration fee, encouraging everyone to spread the word and rally friends for an exhilarating match. Ensure you book a proper venue and provide snacks and drinks for the players.

7. Photo Contest

Dodgeball tournament | fundraising ideas for nonprofits

Embrace creativity with a Photo Contest, another nonprofit fundraising event idea. Collect all the entries and create a central landing page where people can vote for their favorite photos by making a small donation. Consider displaying the winning photo at a local gallery for a week to add an exciting incentive to this creative competition.

8. Recipe Books

recipe Books | fundraising ideas for nonprofits

Immerse patrons in a delightful world of home-cooked meals with a heartwarming Recipe Book fundraiser. Create a charity cookbook as a nod to the cherished days of handwritten recipes and family favorites. Invite supporters, volunteers, and employees to contribute their beloved recipes with a dedication, doodle, or heartfelt note.  You can even turn it into a virtual fundraiser by letting everyone submit recipe collections online.

9. Cooking Class

Cooking Class | fundraising ideas for nonprofits

Whether in-person or online, Cooking Class fundraisers offer a lot and invite talented local chefs, volunteers, and donors to share their expertise in the kitchen and provide a delightful culinary experience, participants can secure a spot in the class by paying a flat registration fee or meeting a fundraising minimum, which directly contributes to the cause. For virtual attendees, offer admission tickets to attend the captivating live stream. Make sure to arrange everything on time, with the person teaching cooking sharing fun trivia and anecdotes from life with the audience.

10. Film Festival

Film Festival

Embrace the art of storytelling and the power of film with the Film Festival fundraiser idea. Let supporters show their filmmaking talents by submitting productions and transform them into a friendly contest where attendees can vote for their favorite films with a small donation. Promote this event well, as many people love watching films, and consider adding snacks and refreshments to boost your collection.

11. Auction

Auction | fundraising ideas for nonprofits

Strike a deal with local spas, restaurants, or hotels for an exciting nonprofit fundraising idea – an Auction. Prepare for a thrilling auction fundraiser where exclusive prizes await the highest bidders. Participants can join the auction either online or in person. Online participants have easy access to enticing businesses’ websites, while in-person events offer additional fundraising opportunities through merchandise, food, or drink sales.

12. Eating Contest

Eating Contest | fundraising ideas for nonprofits

Who doesn’t love delicious food? We guarantee that most won’t say no to this fundraising idea. This food-forward event is sure to draw supporters of all ages. Whether you serve pies, doughnuts, or popcorn and peanuts, contestants will be excited to compete and support your good work. At our Eating Contest fundraiser, participants can display their competitive spirit while supporting a worthy cause. The event promises a delightful time for all as attendees come together to raise funds.

13. Exercise Lessons

Exercise lessons | fundraising ideas for nonprofits

Participants can support a good cause while enhancing their fitness skills. Hosting exercise lessons is one of the best nonprofit fundraising event ideas you can follow. Whether tennis, yoga, pilates, or self-defense, attendees can donate to receive a lesson guided by a local expert in their chosen field. Reach out to workout studios, local gyms, and potential exercise professionals interested in donating their skills to this charitable event.

14. Board Game Night

Board game Night | fundraising ideas for nonprofits

Prepare for a cozy and competitive evening at our Board Game Night fundraiser. Transform the hall or house into a gaming haven, with stations featuring various board games, card games, and story games for adults and kids to enjoy. Encourage donors to come dressed in their comfiest clothes and bring their unsparing spirits along with their donations. You can award winners with magnificent prizes, and everyone can indulge in hot chocolate and other snacks to add to the warmth and fun.

15. Gala Night

Gala Night | fundraising ideas for nonprofits

Experience the grandeur of our Gala Night fundraiser – an elegant evening filled with purpose and friendship. Imagine yourself seated with like-minded individuals, engaging in meaningful conversations, and savoring a delectable meal. This is what Gala night is all about! Make an impact by letting patrons buy tickets through a branded campaign page. Push attendees to bring at least one guest to guarantee a vibrant atmosphere by selling two-pack tickets.

16. Battle of the Bands

Battle of the Bands

Prepare for a musical showdown: the Battle of the Bands, a thrilling fundraiser. Local talents take center stage, creating an unforgettable concert. Bands secure their spot by fundraising ahead, and attendees can purchase tickets. Invite nonprofit influencers and local personalities as judges. Take the battle online with prerecorded videos and supporter voting. Bands continue fundraising for enticing prizes. Let the high-energy showdown begin!

17. Casino Night

Casino Nights | fundraising ideas for nonprofits

Add glamour and excitement to your fundraiser with a Vegas-style Casino Night. Enjoy blackjack, roulette, and poker games with a donation to participate. Consider a grand prize raffle. Winners can walk away with gift cards to top restaurants or free tickets to your next nonprofit event. Roll the dice and host a night of fun, games, and charitable giving!

18. Murder Mystery Party

Murder Mystery

Embrace intrigue and suspense with a Murder Mystery Party fundraiser. Guests solve a captivating mystery by piecing together clues. Secure a spot with a flat registration fee and invite friends and family. Encourage costumes and a costume contest for added excitement. Let your detective skills shine at this unforgettable event.

19. Wine Tasting

Wine tasting | fundraising ideas for nonprofits

Indulge in an evening of wine and conversation with a Wine Tasting fundraiser. Collaborate with local wineries or restaurants for donated wine. Consider a sommelier to guide attendees through wine tasting. Auction baskets of wine-related items for additional funds. Include a gift card to a local vineyard for a delightful wine appreciation night.

20. Fashion Show

fashion show | fundraising ideas for nonprofits

Partner with a local venue for an exclusive Fashion Show fundraiser. Participants create fabulous fashion statements, showcasing outfits from local shops and boutiques. Consider makeup artists and volunteers for a seamless event. Get ready for a dazzling display of fashion, beauty, and support for your cause with drinks and food.

21. Pizza Night

Pizza Night | fundraising ideas for nonprofits

Bring friends and families together for a fantastic “Pizza Night” fundraiser at your local community center. This engaging event is perfect for both socializing and fundraising. Recruit experienced volunteers to help plan and promote this tasty pizza night. Children can even enjoy decorating their mini-pizzas. The event offers more than just great food; it includes fun games, raffles, and live entertainment, guaranteeing an unforgettable evening.

22. Trivia Night

Trivia Night | fundraising ideas for nonprofits

Get ready for an exciting and intellectually stimulating fundraiser with “Trivia Night.” This event promises fun, competition, and community bonding. Participants gather to showcase their expertise in various trivia categories, led by a charismatic quizmaster who fires off intriguing questions. Laughter and friendly banter fill the air as participants enjoy delicious refreshments and companionship.

23. Community Potluck

community Potluck | fundraising ideas for nonprofits

Calling all food enthusiasts and supporters to the heartwarming and delicious “Community Potluck” fundraising initiative for nonprofits. This event celebrates diverse culinary talents while bringing the community together. Guests purchase tickets to share delightful meals, desserts, and beverages. Volunteers coordinate to ensure there’s enough for everyone. To add a special touch, encourage attendees to submit recipes, which can be compiled into a beautiful cookbook featuring everyone’s unique contributions.

24. Dog Walking

Dog Walking | fundraising ideas for nonprofits

Make a positive impact with the “Dog Walking” fundraiser idea for nonprofits. This delightful event brings animal lovers and supporters together to raise funds for a good cause. Participants sign up as volunteer dog walkers paired with adorable shelter dogs eager for a stroll. Create a joyful parade of wagging tails and smiling faces at a local park or designated trail. Promote the event through various mediums and step up for the welfare of our four-legged companions.

25. Clothing Drive

Clothing Drive | fundraising ideas for nonprofits

Make a meaningful difference with the “Clothing Drive” initiative. Participants can donate gently used clothing items, including adult, children, and infant clothing, shoes, accessories, and blankets. To maximize impact, set up convenient drop-off locations throughout the neighborhood and promote the event on social media and local platforms. Local shelters, organizations, and communities can collaborate to sort, clean, and distribute the donated items.

Tips To Host Successful Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

When hosting a successful fundraising event for your nonprofit organization, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. However, selecting any of the profitable fundraising ideas mentioned above can significantly increase your chances of success. Here are some essential tips to ensure your nonprofit fundraiser goes off without a hitch:

1. Value your donors

Whether your donors make small or large contributions, valuing each one equally is essential. The foundation of your organization often relies on these small contributions, which collectively build strong support for your cause. Consider hosting fundraising ideas tailored to small nonprofit organizations to embrace success.

2. Choose the Best Fundraising Events

Selecting the right fundraising idea is fundamental to your event’s success. Different fundraising events can help you raise funds and increase awareness of your cause. Hosting the best nonprofit fundraisers guarantees your success.

3. Avoid Being Overbearing

Allow your supporters and donors the freedom to contribute according to their wishes. Avoid pressuring them to donate a specific amount or purchase more than they are comfortable with. Being too forceful can alienate your supporters and deter them from your cause.

4. Plan Early

Regardless of the nonprofit fundraiser ideas you choose, planning is crucial. You should start planning well in advance to ensure a smooth event. Pay attention to details such as the venue, decorations, and publicity.

5. Keep Donors Informed

Spread the word about your fundraising event and be transparent about its purpose. Maintain clarity about your cause and the objectives of raising funds. Transparency encourages donors to contribute and become part of your mission.

Creating a Realistic Fundraising Budget for Nonprofit Organizations

Incorporating a budget plan into your fundraising idea provides structure to your goals, defines your organization’s needs, intentions, and plans, and helps monitor your progress. Here are some steps to create a realistic budget for your nonprofit fundraiser:

1. Start Planning Early

Nonprofit budgeting requires time. Begin the planning process well in advance, allowing ample time to consider your goals and allocate your finances accordingly.

2. Provide Clear Context

Take a future-oriented approach when planning your budget. Reflect on your organization’s financial health past success or failures, and identify current opportunities, threats, and emerging trends. Clearly define the context to support your purpose.

3. Avoid Relying on Assumptions

Base your budget on accurate statistics rather than assumptions. Ensure that your revenue and expense projections are realistic and supported by evidence. Keep assumptions separate from your actual budget.

4. Include Detailed Information

Your budget should include comprehensive details to help you make informed decisions. Organize your budget carefully, ensuring it contains all the necessary information.

5. Identify Revenue Sources

Identify all potential sources of revenue in your budget plan, such as fundraisers, donors, foundations, and other income sources. Detail how you plan to allocate these funds to support your programs.

6. Account for Expenses

List all expenses in your budget, including costs associated with the fundraiser. This provides a clear picture of your financial commitments and ensures transparency with donors and partners.

7. Monitor Your Budget Throughout the Year

Regularly compare your predicted budget numbers to actual figures to track your progress. This allows for effective budget management and swift identification of potential issues.

The Importance of Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas

Nonprofit fundraising plays a critical role in the sustainability and growth of organizations. Despite the challenges posed by events like the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans donated generously to charitable causes in 2022. Fundraising is essential for several reasons:

1. Fundraising Helps Nonprofits Plan

Fundraising events compel nonprofits to set clear goals and get organized. This planning process ensures that nonprofits can achieve both short-term and long-term objectives, increasing their chances of success.

2. Fundraising Creates Sustainability

Fundraising events encourage people to invest in nonprofit organizations, covering programmatic and operational expenses. This financial support ensures nonprofits’ sustainability and ability to meet essential needs.

3. Fundraising Increases Awareness

Fundraising events are excellent opportunities to publicize nonprofit organizations and raise awareness about their causes. Increased visibility leads to more supporters and expands networks.

4. Fundraising Attracts Volunteers

Fundraising events attract new supporters who are often willing to volunteer their time for the organization’s cause. This influx of volunteers helps nonprofits build a more robust support network.

5. Fundraising Expands Reach

Fundraising events allow nonprofits to reach new communities and tap into new networks. They help organizations connect with a broader audience and increase their impact.

6. Fundraising Addresses Community Needs

Through funding raised at events, nonprofits can meet the needs of their target communities more effectively. Donations can be directed toward addressing critical issues.

7. Fundraising Fuels Growth

Hosting fundraising events on an ongoing basis ensures a continuous stream of funding for nonprofits. This financial stability enables organizations to grow and expand their reach, ultimately helping more people.

A Stellar Fundraising Event Awaits You!

Practical nonprofit fundraising ideas have the power to make a significant impact and support meaningful causes. Our collection of 31 nonprofit fundraising ideas offers diverse options to cater to various budgets and community preferences.

While organizing a charitable event can be challenging, enlisting the help of professionals can ensure a seamless experience. At Midland Fundraising, our experts possess the necessary expertise to assist your nonprofit in planning and executing a successful fundraising event. Contact us today to get started on your journey to making a positive impact through fundraising.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Average Fundraising Cost For A Nonprofit?

The cost of hosting nonprofit fundraising events varies depending on the type of fundraiser you choose. Events like backyard sales or pancake breakfasts held in your yard or on school premises tend to cost less than larger, grand-scale fundraisers.

2. What Are The Most Profitable Fundraisers For Nonprofits

We’ve compiled a list of the most lucrative nonprofit fundraising ideas above. Each idea requires minimal initial investment and ensures higher returns for your organization. Here are the top profitable fundraisers for nonprofits:

  • Car Wash
  • Candle Fundraising
  • Yard Sale
  • Dog Wash
  • Virtual Fundraising
  • Cookie Dough Fundraising
  • Dish Smashing Fundraiser
  • Craft Fair
  • Tree Planting
  • Walk-a-Thon

3. How Can I Quickly Raise Money For Nonprofits?

A fundraising event is the quickest way to raise funds for your nonprofit. These events can be organized with minimal investment and offer excellent opportunities to generate funds for your cause.

4. What Is The Most Effective Fundraising Idea For A Nonprofit?

The effectiveness of a fundraising idea for a nonprofit largely depends on your community, target audience, and the nature of your cause. Consider these factors carefully when planning your fundraising strategy.

5. Are There Any Online Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas?

Certainly! There are numerous online non-profit fundraising ideas online nonprofit fundraising ideas you can explore. Here are some of the trending ones:

  • Photo contest
  • Vacation auction
  • Fashion show
  • Virtual fundraising
  • Craft fair
  • Holiday cooking competition
  • Supreme snacks
  • Candle fundraising
  • Lollipop fundraising
  • Virtual Workout Class

6. Are There Any Specific Fundraising Strategies Suitable For Smaller Nonprofits?

There are effective strategies tailored for smaller nonprofits. Consider implementing the following:

  1. Set clear, achievable goals
  2. Raise awareness about your cause through targeted marketing
  3. Efficiently market your fundraiser
  4. Simplify the donation process
  5. Expand your reach to a broader audience

7. What Are Some Creative Ways To Engage Donors During Fundraising Campaigns?

Engage and inspire your donors by employing these creative strategies:

  1. Extend personal invitations to community members
  2. Encourage donors to volunteer their time and skills
  3. Post-event, express gratitude through personalized calls
  4. Showcase the tangible impact donors have made
  5. Seek donor feedback through surveys
  6. Cultivate connections through social media engagement
  7. Highlight top donors in newsletters and PR materials
  8. Create a donor wall to immortalize their contributions.