Candle Fundraiser [25 Huge Tips To Success]

The lifeblood of every non-profit organization is donations. Non-profit fundraising enables your business to finance its objectives, cover administrative expenses, create learning initiatives, and make advancements to help current and potential customers. Candle Fundraisers are one of the easiest, most creative, and most lucrative ways to raise money for non-profit organizations like churches, schools, etc.

Fundraising is continually soliciting voluntary funds or donations to help specific organizations grow.

These fundraisers help meet the community’s needs. If you plan to host a fundraiser for churches or schools, it can involve individuals and businesses. Thanks to advanced technology, one can also host online fundraisers! One such fundraiser that you can go to is the Candle fundraiser.

Wondering what it is? We have this blog for you that includes everything about the Candle fundraiser. It also has the what, why, when, and who and 25 successful tips. Read ahead!

What is a Candle Fundraiser?

Candles are a huge specialty brand that sells high-end scented candles for fundraising in the US. You will find a wide range of assorted candles with delightful scents. You can get candle-related house décor items and modern home fragrance products.

From setting a mood to reliving some memories, this company shares a passion for delivering top-notch fragrant candles. The drive to create evocative, memorable scents that help feel rejuvenated at home.

The company sells a wide range of items, such as candles in different scents and sizes, room sprays, lip balms, reed diffusers, candle accessories, scented wax tarts, votive candle holders, tart warmers, votive candles (samplers), car scents, jar toppers (for use with the Housewarmer line of candles) Electric Home Fragrance units (scented wall plug-ins), Good Air products, and more.

Additionally, they occasionally create a variety of limited-edition candles.

So, what’s a Candle fundraiser? Parents and teachers have praised the school fundraising program for over ten years as one of the best fundraising ideas. It makes sense why it is called America’s most significant love candle. It was simple for schools to generate money with these candle fundraisers.

It is sensible that one would look for the Fundraiser Catalog every year. Many organizations count on the fundraiser as a major source of success and high income for churches, sports teams such as softball or football teams, PTAs/PTOs, etc.

The Fundraiser History

One of the most popular candle producers is famous for its huge variety of scents. Since its establishment in Massachusetts, it has become the most well-known scented candle brand globally. These days, it’s rare to find a present or home goods shop without candles from a well-known brand on the shelves.

They manufacture candles in a staggering variety of scents. People are aware of the beautiful glass jar package and the purely endless range of aromas delivered by candles. It has worked wonders among more than half of the population, and by distributing worldwide, the results have been astonishing.

Why Have a Fundraiser?

Sometimes, non-profit organizations need money to improve their infrastructure, get new and updated materials, repair certain aspects of the building, etc. Therefore, a Fundraiser is a great way to raise money for a good cause. Since the vast popularity of candles, there will be high income based on its demand and versatile products.

Here are a few reasons why the fundraiser would work well-

  • The majestically charming assortment of fragrances and candles is sure to put visitors in a dilemma. Patrons have a choice to buy high-quality gift ideas.
  • You can opt for the fundraiser online for contact-free options. This was introduced during the pandemic to help people have a safe fundraiser.
  • Earn high fundraiser profits in the best way possible- the aim is to always raise a high amount of money for the admirable cause. The fundraiser is the one for you.
  • Have an easy fundraiser- A simple and classic event that has outstanding results. Strategize your fundraiser in this way and make the most out of it.
  • The products are of immense value, and premium quality leading to joyous supporters. If you are wondering about your target audience here’s a sneak peek into it- Women indeed indulge in scented candles more than men. The next target audience is families who try to create a relaxed and refreshing atmosphere at home. The women are between the ages of 30-50 years.

The biggest manufacturer of scented candles offers a variety of lip balms, room mists, and air fresheners. Candle accessories and aromatic candles are their two main product categories. There are approximately 150 different smells available for the high-quality scented candles. These are reasons enough to have a fundraiser.

When is the Best Time to Have a Fundraiser, and Who Can Have It?

Scented candles, room sprays, lip balms, candle accessories, and many other products by candles work all around the year. But the winter months hold a special place for such items. If you wish to host a successful fundraiser, the winter months, Christmas, and new years are the best time to do so. It is the peak time to use candles at churches and home.

Try to host such a fundraiser with other fundraisers like trivia night or sports fundraiser. If you host it online, the fundraiser can be a hit all over the nation and not just limited to a local area.

Anyone can have a fundraiser. It is not limited to schools or churches. Individuals, organizations, and businesses can have a fundraiser. From parents looking to fund their children’s extracurricular activities to charities trying to raise money for their cause, anyone can benefit from a candle fundraiser.

You can also host fundraisers for a specific purpose. For instance, if you have a school, you can host a fundraiser to buy new computers for the computer lab. If you are a sports team, you can host a fundraiser to buy new uniforms or equipment.

In short, the options are limitless when it comes to hosting a fundraiser. Whether you have a small or large group, you can host a fundraiser to raise money for your cause.

Types of Candle Fundraisers

Candle fundraisers are highly adaptable and may be customized to fit your unique requirements and objectives. There are two fundamental forms of candle fundraisers to choose from:

1. Traditional Candle Fundraiser:

This is the most frequent form of candle fundraiser. In this type, you’ll receive a physical catalog of available candle items. Your supporters will be able to order candles from this catalog, and you’ll collect their orders and payments. After collecting all the orders, you’ll place a bulk order with the candle provider, who will then deliver the candles to you. You can then distribute the candles to your supporters. This type of fundraiser usually entails a longer timeframe and more coordination for order collection and distribution.

2. Online Candle Fundraiser:

This type of fundraiser is conducted entirely online. You’ll partner with an online candle provider that will set up a customized fundraising website for your organization. Your supporters can visit the website, browse the candle products, and place orders online. The online provider will handle the order processing, payment collection, and shipping of the candles directly to the buyers. Online fundraisers are often more convenient and require less effort in order collection and distribution.

You can choose the candle fundraiser that best suits your organization’s needs and resources.

25 Successful Candle Fundraiser Tips:

If you’re planning to host a candle fundraiser, here are 25 tips to make it successful:

  1. Choose the Right Candle Provider:

    Select a reputable and established candle provider with a track record of successful fundraisers.

  2. Set Clear Fundraising Goals:

    Determine how much money you need to raise and what specific purpose the funds will be used for.

  3. Plan Ahead:

    Start planning your fundraiser well in advance to allow for proper organization and promotion.

  4. Recruit Volunteers:

    Assemble a team of enthusiastic volunteers to help with organizing, promoting, and managing the fundraiser.

  5. Select the Right Time:

    Choose a time for your fundraiser that aligns with the season and the preferences of your target audience.

  6. Promote Your Fundraiser:

    Use various promotional channels, such as social media, email, flyers, and word of mouth, to spread the word about your fundraiser.

  7. Offer a Variety of Candle Scents:

    Provide a diverse selection of candle scents to cater to different preferences.

  8. Create an Attractive Catalog:

    Design an appealing catalog or online store that showcases the candle products effectively.

  9. Set Competitive Prices:

    Price the candles competitively to attract more buyers while ensuring a good profit margin.

  10. Provide Detailed Product Descriptions:

    Include detailed descriptions of each candle product, highlighting their scents and features.

  11. Offer Bundle Deals:

    Create bundle deals or packages to encourage customers to buy more candles.

  12. Set Sales Targets:

    Set individual and team sales targets to motivate participants.

  13. Offer Incentives:

    Provide incentives or rewards for top-performing participants or teams.

  14. Utilize Social Media:

    Use social media platforms to engage with potential buyers and promote your fundraiser.

  15. Leverage Email Marketing:

    Send regular email updates about the fundraiser to keep supporters informed.

  16. Host Online Events:

    Organize virtual events or live streams related to your fundraiser to generate interest.

  17. Showcase Success Stories:

    Share success stories or testimonials from previous fundraisers to build trust.

  18. Provide Excellent Customer Service:

    Ensure prompt and helpful customer service to address any inquiries or issues.

  19. Track and Analyze Results:

    Keep track of sales, expenses, and overall progress to make data-driven decisions.

  20. Express Gratitude:

    Thank your supporters and participants for their contributions and efforts.

  21. Use Visuals:

    Create visually appealing graphics and images to enhance your promotional materials.

  22. Create a Sense of Urgency:

    Encourage buyers to act quickly by offering limited-time promotions or discounts.

  23. Stay Organized:

    Keep all fundraiser-related paperwork, orders, and records well-organized.

  24. Follow Up:

    After the fundraiser concludes, follow up with participants and supporters to provide updates on the results and express appreciation.

  25. Evaluate and Improve:

    Conduct a post-fundraiser evaluation to identify areas for improvement and gather feedback from participants.


Midland Fundraising Offers The Best Candle Fundraiser Program

Candle fundraisers can be a fantastic way to raise money for your non-profit organization, school, sports team, or any other cause. By partnering with a reputable candle provider and following these tips, you can plan and execute a successful fundraiser that not only raises funds but also engages your supporters and community.

Remember that effective promotion, organization, and customer service are key elements of a successful candle fundraiser. With the right strategy and dedication, your organization can achieve its fundraising goals and make a positive impact.