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$2 Caramel Sea Salt Pretzel Rods

Indulge in the sumptuous taste of our $2 Caramel Sea Salt Pretzel Rods, where the perfect balance of savory and sweet comes to life. Each pretzel rod is generously enveloped in a velvety layer of rich, creamy caramel, then artfully drizzled with decadent dark chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt to enhance the flavors. Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, these gourmet treats are individually packaged, ensuring freshness and quality in every bite. With their irresistible combination of flavors and textures, these pretzel rods delight the taste buds and are a feast for the eyes. They offer a satisfying indulgence at only 180 calories each without guilt. Our Caramel Sea Salt Pretzel Rods are the epitome of indulgent snacking, ideal for gifting or treating yourself.

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Each piece sells for $2.00, so the retail value of each case is $240.00 (120 x $2.00).

Depending on the number of cases you buy, each Caramel Sea Salt Pretzel Rod case costs between $132.00 and $108.00. For example, purchasing two cases would cost $264.00 (2 x $132.00).

You earn between $108.00 and $132.00, depending on how many cases you buy.  For example, if you purchase 2 cases, your profit would be $216.00 (2 x $108.00).

Cases Retail Cost Profit $ Profit %
1-19 240.00 132.00 108.00 45%
20-39 240.00 127.00 113.00 47%
40-59 240.00 120.00 120.00 50%
60+ 240.00 108.00 132.00 55%


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Product Details

Information for Fundraising:

120 Pretzel Rods Per Case
4 Carriers Per Case – 30 Rods Per Carrier
Each carrier includes:

  • 30 Caramel Coated Dark Chocolaty Sea Salt