21 Football Fundraising Ideas to Boost Your Team’s Finances

Football season holds a special place in the hearts of Americans, but supporting football teams, whether in schools, families, or sports clubs, often comes with financial challenges. These teams require substantial resources, from sports equipment to coaching and travel expenses. While player fees help, they rarely cover all the necessary costs, making fundraising essential for sustaining football teams and fostering inclusivity. In this article, we’ll explore 21 innovative football fundraising ideas that are not only easy to organize but also have the potential to maximize your donations.

What is Football Fundraising?

Before we dive into the football fundraising ideas, let’s clarify what football fundraising is:

“Football fundraising is a strategic process through which football teams raise funds to support their essential expenses. These funds provide teams with the resources, equipment, and coaching needed for players to participate in games and seasonal tournaments.”

Football fundraising goes beyond financial strategy; it builds community connections, nurtures player development, promotes team spirit, and contributes to the overall growth of the sport.

21 Profitable Football Fundraising Ideas For Your Team:

If you’re searching for innovative and practical football fundraising ideas for your school or sports team, you’re in the right place. While these ideas can benefit middle schools, high schools, colleges, and youth sports clubs, it’s crucial to create a compelling fundraising campaign, both online and offline, to engage potential donors within your social circles.

When choosing the best fundraising idea for your football team, consider factors such as profit potential, ease of execution, and the resources and volunteer support required.

1. Popcorn & Chocolates Fundraiser

popcorn and peanuts fudraising

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Looking for a unique, enticing, and budget-friendly fundraising idea for your youth football team? Look no further than a popcorn and chocolate fundraiser. Create and promote a gourmet popcorn and chocolate catalog through your campaigns, with a strong emphasis on social media. Encourage supporters to share your catalog with their friends and loved ones, enticing them to join in on the scrumptious experience.

For added appeal, prioritize using gluten-free and preservative-free ingredients for your chocolates and popcorn. Collaborate with a reliable local supplier that offers 100% natural ingredients.

Diversify your offerings with a range of popcorn flavors, including classics like butter and cheese, as well as unique options such as chocolate and caramel. When it comes to chocolates, cater to a broad audience by offering a variety of flavors, including dark chocolates, caramel, peppermint bars, and milk chocolates.

Pro Tip: To maximize profits, customize your fundraising event by incorporating online, home-delivery, and hybrid options, making it accessible to participants regardless of their location.

2. Cookie Dough Fundraiser

cookie dough fundraising catalog

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Indulge your youthful football team with a cookie dough fundraiser. This easy-to-host and enjoyable event involves ‘ready-to-bake’ cookie dough, making baking a breeze. Offer various cookie flavors, from classic chocolate chips to unconventional peanut butter and white chocolate Macadamia, to maximize sales. Whether virtually or on-site, this fundraiser is a hit. Source gourmet cookie dough from a local partner for hassle-free delivery.


3. Supreme Snacks Fundraiser

supreme snacks

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If you’re seeking high-profit and easy food fundraisers ideas for football teams, the Supreme Snacks fundraiser fits the bill. Sell a variety of healthy snacks, including sausages, cheeses, cookies, peanuts, cashews, and sesame sticks. The more variety, the better. Appeal to students, teenagers, and parents with an inviting snacks catalog, promoting it online. Secure a local supplier for deliveries, making this fundraiser suitable for any season.


4. Candy Bar Fundraiser

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For a cost-effective and hassle-free option, consider the classic candy bar fundraiser. Raise money by selling a variety of candy bars in bulk. Partner with a local store for a wide range of flavors and affordable prices. This fundraiser targets all age groups and can be hosted virtually. Provide gift wrapping to boost sales.

5. Lollipop Fundraiser

lollipop fundraising

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Satisfy sweet cravings with a lollipop fundraiser that promises significant profits. Offer a colorful array of lollipops from local suppliers and create an enticing virtual catalog. Leverage social media to spread the word and allow online orders. Partner with a popular retailer for door-to-door delivery and gift-wrapping options.

6. Candle Fundraiser

candles fundraiser

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Illuminate your fundraising efforts with a candle fundraiser. Candles are household staples, making this fundraiser highly profitable. Offer scented, hand-poured candles with lead-free wicks, ensuring 75 hours of burn time. Choose reusable glass containers and set reasonable prices. Partner with a local supplier for customization and delivery options, and consider offering aromatherapy products as well.

21 DIY Football Fundraising Ideas To Boost Your Team’s Success:

Successful fundraisers are crucial for youth football teams, and rallying volunteers and supporters is key to achieving your fundraising goals. Whether you’re managing a school or sports club football team, your group members can make all the difference in hosting a successful fundraiser. Here, we present 13 fantastic DIY (Do It Yourself) football fundraising ideas suitable for any season or time of the year.

1. Summer Football Camp

Summer Football Camp

Organize a summer football camp as a fundraising idea that speaks for itself. Promoting your cause becomes easier when the camp itself embodies your reason. To make it fruitful, enlist experienced football coaches and host it at a local community playground or sports facility. Revenue will come from registration fees, and volunteers from your team can help make it a success. Promote the camp through social media and a dedicated website page for registration.

2. Discount Card Fundraiser

Discount Card Fundraiser

For a quick fundraising option, consider a discount card fundraiser. Partner with local businesses to offer discounts to cardholders (10-15% off). The more cards you sell, the more profits you earn, benefiting your team, cardholders, and local businesses. Customized and locally printed cards work best.

3. Touchdown Sponsorship

Touchdown Sponsorship

During games, secure local business sponsors by offering touchdown sponsorship opportunities. Businesses purchase the sponsorship and receive prominent signage or branding exposure when your team scores a touchdown. This idea requires minimal volunteer effort but has the potential to generate significant funds.

4. Flag Football Tournament

Flag Football Tournament

Organize a flag football tournament by engaging friends, parents, family, teachers, and community members. Charge a fee for participation and sell tickets to family and friends attending the event. Consider setting up stalls for refreshments to maximize earnings.

5. Sale of Exclusive Seats

Sale of Exclusive Seats

Sell premium or VIP seats during the final game of the season to raise funds for the next season. Choose the best stadium seats for the best views, enhance comfort with cushions, and set ticket prices accordingly. Consider offering refreshments for an enhanced spectator experience.

6. Energetic Summer Event

Energetic Summer Event

Take advantage of the summer season by hosting a fundraising event like a music festival, fireworks show, day camp, pool party, or film night. Charge a ticket price for participants and use the funds for necessary expenses before the game season begins.

7. Car Wash Event

Car Wash Event

Conduct a car wash event to raise funds for your football team. This straightforward idea requires a suitable location, date, time, and a few volunteers. Participants pay a fee to have their cars washed, and you can promote the event through various channels.

8. Host A Spirit Night

spirit night
spirit night

Collaborate with a local restaurant for a “Spirit Night” fundraiser. The restaurant dedicates a night to your team and shares a percentage of the profits. Promote the event to attract supporters, and consider showcasing your team’s achievements during the evening.


9. Kicking Challenge

Kicking Challenge

Organize a kicking challenge on the football field, where participants compete to become the best kicker. Charge an entry fee, and enlist volunteers to coach and judge. This high-energy fundraiser can attract a considerable number of participants.

10. Powderpuff Game

Host a Powderpuff game where female fans take the field while male supporters cheer from the sidelines. Train the participants, charge fees for participation, and consider adding a music or dance show to keep the audience engaged.

17. Fun Run

Fun Run

Organize a fun run fundraiser, encouraging participants to dress up in costumes or enjoy colorful elements like color splashes along the route. Charge a participation fee and use the event as a fun and active way to raise funds for your team.

18. Lend A Helping Hand

Lend A Helping Hand

Offer “hours of helping hand” where team members assist with tasks requested by donors. Donors purchase hours for specific tasks, benefiting from the help while supporting your team. This unique idea can be redeemed after the game season ends.

19. Alumni Event

Host an alumni event and involve your football team members in organizing and performing. Invite former students, spread the word through social media and your institution’s website, and provide multiple donation options during the event. Incorporate a gala dinner and entertaining games to make it memorable.

20. Penny Drive

Penny Drive

Set up donation jars in strategic locations around your community, such as schools, colleges, local stores, supermarkets, and popular public places. Encourage individuals to contribute their loose pennies whenever they come across one of these jars. Over time, these small contributions add up, making a significant impact on your football team’s finances.

21. Football-Themed Quiz

Football-Themed Quiz

If you’re seeking engaging football fundraising ideas for high school or college teams, consider hosting a football-themed quiz night. This idea is perfect because it directly relates to the game, making it an enjoyable experience for participants and supporters alike.

 5 Pro Tips For Host Profitable Football Fundraising:

Football fundraisers differ from typical school fundraisers as they aim to support a specific team or group’s performance, providing resources like equipment, training, and other expenses. To ensure a successful and profitable football fundraising event, follow these expert tips:

1. Highlight Your Purpose in Campaigns:

Make your cause crystal clear in all your campaigns. Unlike fundraisers for general education, football fundraisers need to emphasize their specific goals. Clearly explain how the donations will benefit your team, whether it’s for player training, scholarships, or tournament travel. Clarity encourages more donations.

2. Determine a Realistic Target:

Calculate the costs of hosting the event and set a realistic fundraising target. This target should not only cover the event’s expenses but also provide the necessary funds for your team’s goals. For instance, if you need $5,000 and the event costs $1,000, set a target of $6,000.

3. Choose the Right Type of Event:

Select an event that resonates with your team spirit and your love for football. It should appeal to supporters and motivate them to donate. Ensure the chosen event aligns with your team’s resources and capabilities, making it easier to host.

4. Ensure It’s Easy to Host

Opt for an event that’s manageable and requires fewer resources. While creative ideas are enticing, complex events can become resource-intensive and challenging to organize. Choose an event that can be executed with minimal resources and is well-suited to your local area.

5. Appreciate Your Donors

Show appreciation to your donors at the end of the event. A simple “Thank You” note, flowers, or handmade gifts can go a long way in expressing your gratitude. This gesture not only makes donors feel valued but can also encourage repeat contributions in future fundraisers.

How Football Fundraising Ideas Will Benefit Your Team:

Football fundraising offers numerous advantages beyond financial support for your team. Here’s a brief overview of the potential benefits:

  • Support Necessary Expenses

Football fundraisers cover essential team expenses, including travel costs, venue fees, uniforms, equipment, scholarships, and more. This financial support ensures the team has the resources required to perform at its best while maintaining player safety.

  • Promote Your Team

Fundraisers expand your team’s visibility beyond the local community. Participating in games or tournaments in different areas widens your audience base and attracts more donations and support. Fundraisers also foster stronger community connections as you involve various communities in your team’s activities.

  • Nurture Talents

Fundraisers play a pivotal role in nurturing talent within your team. With the means to sustain players, smaller teams can participate in larger events such as national leagues, providing a valuable talent pool for future competitions. Access to improved equipment, superior training facilities, and up-to-date training methods enhances players’ skills and knowledge.

  • Enhanced Responsibility

Involving players in fundraising activities instills a sense of responsibility and teamwork. They understand the importance of performing well to honor their donors’ support. Fundraising fosters a collective sense of responsibility and teamwork among players and contributes to broader community goals.

Make Your Football Fundraising Idea Stand Out With Midland Fundraising!

Successful football fundraisers not only provide financial support but also strengthen team bonds, expand networks, and nurture responsibility among players. Whether you’re fundraising for travel expenses, facility upgrades, or player experiences, these tips and ideas will help you stand out. If any of these football fundraising ideas appeal to you, Midland Fundraising is here to provide essential supplies and support for a successful fundraising journey.