41 Easy Fundraising Ideas To Raise Money For Your Cause

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

When American author and political activist, Helen Keller quoted this, she meant about the idea of Fundraising!

Fundraising means gathering people for some voluntary contributions that can be money or any valuable resources – including toys and children’s items. It is a convenient way for non-profitable organizations, foundations, aspiring cultural or sports groups, daycares, schools, healthcare centers, etc., to collect funds or essential resources to achieve their missions or goals.

No matter what type of organization you own and the reason you need funds, there are hundreds of easy fundraising ideas to try out!

Below we have listed 41 easy fundraising ideas for nonprofits that would work for almost all forms of causes. Stay tuned till the end!

How Your Fundraising Goals Can Guide Your Strategy?

The goal you have set for your fundraising plan determines the way you communicate with your supporters. The way you host fundraising programs might change based on the theme of the campaign. After you have decided on your fundraising goals, you need to lay out the steps required to achieve them.

After that, head on to focus your organization and energy on accomplishing the tasks. This will help you keep your desired outcomes in mind while planning the fundraising campaign. But first, you’ll have to examine what are the goals and how to measure them.

Consider the tasks needed to be completed if you want to ensure a successful fundraising campaign. The first and foremost step to ensure that your fundraising goals are guiding your strategies in the right way is to devise the right goals first. Take care of the fact that the goals you have set are relevant to the cause of your fundraiser campaign.

Can I Fundraise Without Spending Money?

The term ‘fundraising’ refers to raising money for any type of noble or non-profit cause. While planning the fundraisers, one major concern is the amount of money that will be spent while arranging the event. However, the target always is to keep the costs as minimum as possible or host a fundraiser without spending any money.

Are you wondering whether it’s possible to fundraise without spending money at all? The answer may sound impossible but YES, you can! Several fundraisers can be arranged and hosted easily, even if you don’t spend a penny. Especially, quick, and easy fundraising ideas such as walk-a-thon, Clean-a-thon, spend-nothing challenges, social media challenges, potato hunts, and many others don’t need to spend a single dollar.

All you must do is analyze the reason for your fundraising first and then identify the goals. It’s advisable to frame the goals in a SMART format – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. After that, you need to start identifying the resources for your fundraising campaign, which will be followed by devising strategies. If you want to launch an event without spending any money, you will have to choose the resources and plan the strategies carefully.

41 Easy Fundraising Ideas to Achieve Your Goals!

Irrespective of the size of the nonprofits, they depend on monetary support for their causes. Whether it’s a small neighborhood association or a national charity, you have to raise money to keep your organization active. Being a beginner at fundraising can be a bit overwhelming.

If you don’t plan rightly, it will make you spend a lot of money rather than raising money for your cause. As a result, you will have to keep coming up with fresh ideas and keep a regular check on where your fundraising campaign is going. The key to simplifying your fundraising and hosting a blasting fundraising program is to develop an iconic fundraising team first. This is followed by using the right tools, creating a budget, knowing your audience, communicating a clear goal, and building a multichannel approach to fundraising.

Below we have jotted down 41 easy fundraising ideas which are super fun and easy to plan as well as execute:

1. Community Yard Sales

Community yard sale fundraisers are pretty profitable for churches, sports teams, schools, as well as other groups. While spring is the time to clean out the closets, storages, garages, and basements, why not take this amazing opportunity to raise money for your cause?

Trust us! It’s a total low-cost money-raising plan, and the outcomes are quite blasting too. People love to give away things they no longer need. A community yard sale is a perfect way to donate things and raise money simultaneously. Invite family, friends, and donors wanting to unload their excess goods.

Collect the donations for the sale from your community members personally on a specific pick-up day. When it comes to selecting the yard sale location, the local community centers, cafeteria, church basement, or school gymnasium will work wonderfully. It’s important to promote the yard sale on your organization’s social media channels, website, and community bulletins, on Craiglist, and in the local paper.

On the day of fundraising, sell each donated goods in exchange for a few dollars to raise your fund. You can also earn more by selling coffee, baked goods, and lemonades.

2. Spend-Nothing Challenge

You can now save more money and raise funds for your cause through a no-spend challenge. Get in touch with your supporters and tell them to spend nothing for a day, not even a single penny. This means no groceries, no ice creams, no lattes, or spas.

Instead, ask them to donate whatever amount they would have spent for a day to your organization. You can intensify the challenge more by announcing a double-or-nothing challenge. This means, if they spend anything on the day, they will break the challenge and have to donate twice the amount to you.

You even don’t need a place to host this fundraiser campaign. Just contact the supporters via digital media and ask them to transfer the amounts via the online payment system.

3. Puppy Kissing Booth

It’s a low-cost and one of the easy fundraising ideas for small groups. It will take just a few hours to a day to arrange a Puppy Kissing Booth fundraising campaign. This fundraiser can turn out to be a huge success if you can make it engaging enough.

To host this, all you have to do is send an invitation card or a mail to the targeted audiences to bring their dogs and pups at a particular time at a particular place. You can also tell them to deck up their 4-legged babies adorably. Also, choose a venue where the event will take place. The best place to arrange events like this is a community park, school playground, or car wash station.

4. Clothing Swap

A clothing Swap is a type of meeting where the participants exchange their valued but unused clothing for garments they will never use. It’s a good idea to raise money for your cause and also refill your wardrobe. There are a lot of motivations for the participants to join this fundraiser program.

In this fun event, guests bring their unwanted and gently worn fashion items and swap them with each other. In the end, everyone gets home with new-to-them, free pieces. To make the money you have to set minimum prices for each cloth and then sell them to your supporters. It’s an act of environmentalism as well. People can get rid of garments that are environmentally degrading in nature.

5. Home Delivery Fundraising

Home delivery fundraising – Sounds like something with lots of hassles. However, it’s by far one of the simplest and easiest fundraising ideas to plan and launch. Plus, you don’t need to spend anything if you can plan it correctly.

Call your team members for a meeting and ask them to save something from their everyday groceries for a week. In this way, you will be able to collect a significant quantity of household items for free. Make sure they are not expired, or rotten, and are in edible condition.

Next, fix a day or two, according to you and your team members’ schedule, and deliver the grocery items to the houses in your community. Of course, let your neighbors know about their fundraiser program beforehand by distributing handmade flyers otherwise, they might fall into a weird situation all of a sudden. While delivering the items, take some amount from them as a donation to raise money and achieve your fundraising goals.

6. Art Sale

Hosting an art auction is a wonderful way to make money for your non-profit organization. Especially, when it comes to art-related businesses where artists need financial support to purchase costly, supplies, this kind of fundraiser is pretty useful. Even kids’ art is effective to raise funds for your organization.

Gather all the concerned persons together to host a single-day workshop where the art creations will be sold. Before you can host an opening event where all the art will be displayed the supporters will see every piece of art to decide which one to buy.

It’s a fundraiser that will deliver successful results as there are millions of art enthusiasts in the USA. You can use the community hall, a local dance studio, or a gymnasium to organize and execute the event. This is one of the easy fundraising ideas to try out if you have a narrow budget.

7. Art Competition

An art fundraiser is a free, easy, social fundraising tool to make money for your organization. The best part about hosting an art competition is that it can be done with both senior and junior artists. Not only will this make the competition exciting but profitable too.

This type of fundraising event will work best for the art schools as these institutions need financial support to buy supplies, and do exhibitions. First, create a team with your group members and decide your goals as well as your target. After that tell your art students and community members who are art enthusiasts to come down to your school on a particular date to join the competition.

If the participants are large in number, it’s better to host the event at the local school’s playground, or community field. Take a registration fee from each candidate to take part in the event. Also, reward the winners and runner-ups to boost their enthusiasm. To make your fund box a little bit heavier, sell the best paintings and keep a certain percentage of the sales to you as a commission.

8. Historic Tour

Historic tours can be a brilliant way to collect money to fulfill your cause and also enjoy some informative time with local history lovers. Share a social media post saying you are planning a trip to any beautiful historical place near your neighborhood. Then see how many responses you get. You can also send emails to your targeted audiences about this.

Ensure you select a destination that’s easily commutable and cost-friendly. Now select a date by conducting a meeting with the interested people. Also, ask them to pay some amount as a registration fee to take part in the trip – make sure to keep it at a minimum.

On the day, you can lead your team to the place through a walk-a-thon. This will save you any additional traveling expenses that you had to incur otherwise. Make arrangements for some refreshments including lemonade, chips, juices, fruit salads, chips, cookies, etc.

9. Marathon

You might take on a solo challenge if you don’t wish to involve others in an athletic event. This may be as simple as obtaining sponsorship for running a half marathon, 10k, or full marathon on your neighborhood’s roads.

In addition, it can be as outrageous as decking up as a kangaroo and running around your neighborhood for as long as you can while doing so. Nonetheless, since it’s one of the easy fundraisers for sports teams if you want you can also include your team members in the marathons to make the events engaging.

10. Coffee And Donuts Sale

The coffee and donuts sale fundraiser is delicious as well as profitable. While winter is already here, coffee and donuts are something that people crave during this season. So, utilize this by hosting a coffee and donuts sale fundraiser.

The planning and execution are very simple. All you have to do is purchase the supplies for preparing coffee and donuts from a local store at a cheaper price. You can also look for combo offers available during the holiday season. Then gather up your team to decide on a venue which could be a community park, local gymnasium, fitness studio, or community hall.

Promote your coffee and donuts sale fundraising campaign using flyers, posters, as well as social media so that it attracts potential supporters. Create some stalls and start preparing different hot drinks and donuts. You can go for Espresso, Americano, Latte, Cappuccino, and Dalgona on one hand while cake donuts, potato donuts, vegan donuts, filled donuts, Cream donuts, etc., on the other. Sell the donuts to your supporters at minimum prices to raise the fund.

11. Snacks Fundraising

Whether you have a school, team, church, or any other group, snack fundraising is a super fun way to raise funds. It’s not a “spend nothing” campaign but, the overall cost you will have to bear is pretty low in comparison to other fundraisers.

During the holidays, everyone enjoys some crispy nibbles, and winter is the ideal season for doing so. Hosting a supreme snack fundraiser anywhere in your locality where you will be able to gather huge crowds makes absolute sense. With this holiday season fundraiser, you can make your customers happy while charging little.

Get some fresh, crunchy, flavorsome snacks delivered to you from a local snack store. Apart from fundraising, you will also help the local businesses to make some profit during the holiday season.

12. Clean-A-Thon

A community clean-up, often known as a “Clean-A-Thon,” assists a charity in raising money while enhancing the area. For each piece of garbage, you gathered that day from the neighborhood, make a donation request. By rewarding the team that collects the most garbage bags, you may make it more entertaining.

You can offer candies, chocolates, lollipops, cookies, muffins, etc., as small tokens of appreciation for those who donated. Since trash should be handled carefully, pack some sturdy trash bags, and put on gloves whenever you conduct the task.

It’s another simplest and one of the easy fundraising ideas for teams to choose from that can be hosted within 2-3 hours. If you need funds on an urgent basis to fulfill your cause, try this fundraising campaign out.

13. Jellybean Hunt

This type of school fundraising is well-known for a reason—it’s entertaining and incredibly easy to set up quickly. If you are looking for easy fundraising ideas to execute then this might be the one. In the hallway of your school, set up a jar of jelly beans.

Take $1 or $2 from each kid and estimate how many jellybeans are in the container. You can make it more fun by including jellybeans of multiple colors so that participants get confused. After a week of guessing, declare the winner. The winner should be the one who came the closest to correctly estimating the number of jellybeans in the jar. The winner either keeps the jar or receives a different reward.

14. Potato Hunt

Potato hunt – sounds fun and healthy at the same time, right? It is so in reality. How about a fun-filled afternoon accompanied by kids’ laughter and making money for your cause? A potato hunt is one of the easy fundraising ideas for teens and small kids that is a guaranteed and easy way to raise money fundraising.

Gather up the teenagers and children of your community who are interested to play the game. They will have to pay an entry fee although. Hide some potatoes in different corners of your neighborhood that are tough to determine. However, make sure the places are easily accessible and safe for the kids. Play some energetic music to make the event more enthusiastic. The team or the kid who wins will get a pack of fresh root vegetables for free.

15. 50/50 Raffle

A 50/50 raffle is one of the simple methods to earn money for charities and people, whether you arrange it as a part of a bigger fundraising event or alone. The 50/50 raffle operates similarly to other raffles, with the exception that you receive the other half of the proceeds while the winner receives half.

As the prize is 50% of the funds raised, your supporters will be encouraged to buy raffle tickets and motivate their family members and friends to do the same. Make use of digital outlets where you have the majority of your followers who can spread awareness about your raffle. In any upcoming event, you can announce the winner’s name and discuss the motive behind your project.

16. Bake Sale

People just love a bake-off, and it’s winter. Therefore, a bake sale fundraiser completely makes sense. It’s one of the easy fundraising ideas for individuals that require minimum cost to arrange and host. Plus, a bake sale event can be easily arranged with your team and community people.

So, give them a chance to show off their baking skills and make money for your cause at the same time. You can add a competitive vibe to the event by offering a prize for the best bakes. Charge a few dollars from each participant to register their name in the competition. Make donuts, cakes, biscuits, cookies, croissants, etc., which are possible to be sold individually. This will allow people living alone to taste their favorites and have fun as well.

17. Cookie Dough Fundraising

Without delicious cookies, it’s difficult to enjoy the fall season. One of the best online easy fundraising ideas is cookie dough fundraising accompanied by soft chocolate muffins. The ideal option is this if you want to give your fundraising concept a lovely homely flavor.

Tell your team members to prepare some delectable cookies and muffins for your campaign and also request them to bring their friends and family members as well. You can set up a cookie stand in front of your organization or other frequently visited areas in the neighborhood such as community parks, school playgrounds, gymnasiums, etc. Keep a nominal price for each cookie so that your stall can attract a huge crowd and you raise your fund

18. Car Wash

When narrowing easy dancing fundraising ideas, a fundraiser for a vehicle wash should be high on your priority list. It’s a great opportunity to raise money for your organization while encouraging your team to get some good exercise and bond. One of the major advantages of a car wash program is that members of your community will have access to car cleaning services.

It’s a cleaning initiative where there won’t be a lack of patrons. Towels, a sponge, soap, a team of service providers, and some elbow greases are all you need. Choose a few enthusiastic leaders from your group to oversee the fundraising. Set up shop in a convenient location, such as a large parking lot, or a basketball court, after providing your car wash personnel with the necessary cleaning products. Take a certain amount from each owner of a vehicle as payment for the assistance your team will give.

To obtain the most customers, start the event at an appropriate time, such as a summer afternoon. Make plans for food as many automobiles will be waiting in the neighborhood for a while. This will increase customer involvement.

19. Team Trivia Night

A team trivia night is one of the quick fundraising ideas you can plan and wrap up within a short time. If you need some money on an urgent basis for your non-profit organization, choose this as your fundraising option. Get in touch with a local eatery to host an event. Pick a volunteer from your team to prepare a list of challenging and intuitive brain-teasers.

The restaurant can give you a percentage of the revenue they will make from the drinks and food that evening. Or, you can also ask the team to pay some amount as an entry fee to the competition. To make the event more interesting you can give a portion of the accumulated funds to the winning team in the form of incentives. However, win-or-lose trivia nights belong to the category of cheap and easy fundraising ideas that are helpful for your organization’s welfare.

20. Sports Tournament

Host an athletic tournament if your group has a bunch of energetic, sports lovers. There could be sports like ultimate Frisbee, kickball, softball, flag football, basketball, or a blend of various sports. The first thing you need is a place to host the tournament. You can approach local churches, schools, and colleges if they allow you to use their spaces for a couple of hours.

After that, choose a uniform for your teams and pick some volunteers from your group who will be the referees. Collect entry fees from every team to participate and also sell tickets, merchandise, drinks, and food to the spectators for generating additional revenue. With sports tournaments, your fundraising plan can achieve blasted success.

Nevertheless, keep first-aid boxes in hand so that if there’s any accident while playing the game, he/she can be treated. Also, do not forget to lay out clear rules for the gameplay. Needless to say, this is again one of the easy fundraising ideas for sports teams.

21. Giving Holiday

Holidays are quite effective to raise money as they create organic opportunities to make funds for your cause by connecting you to people. It’s wiser to tap into those holidays which are not traditionally famous for fundraising. This may include Halloween or Valentine’s Day.

Plan donation drives along with costume parties to make the most of these special days to raise the fund. Take some amount of registration fees from the contestants. This will help you connect with wider audiences and also will keep your donors engaged all year. The more relevant the connection is to your cause, the easier it is for the supporters to understand the impact of your event.

22. Lollipop Fundraising

Your non-profit cause deserves some sweetness. It’s not necessary for the themes of fundraising campaigns to be serious always. Rather, you can always add some twist depending on which types of supporters you are targeting and what are your causes.

A lollipop fundraising is one of the simple fundraising ideas for schools that you can wrap up easily. Plus, achieving the fund target is also not a big deal with this fundraising event. You have to prepare a lollipop stall at any place that’s easily accessible by your community people.

Purchase colorful lollipops from a local supplier and decorate your stand with flyers, and posters highlighting the objective of this fundraiser. Keep a small amount for every sweet treat you will be selling so that your stall attracts passer buys more. Even kids will be super excited to buy from you.

23. Lawn Care

An excellent chance to bring in some cash for your organization is assisting your neighbors with spring and summer lawn/garden care services. You have two options for promoting the service: either go old school and put fliers in letterboxes or use popular social media platforms and online community pages.

It’s one of the easy ways to fundraise and reflect results quickly so that you can meet your goals as efficiently as possible. Divide your teams into smaller groups and ask them to dress in a funky way to make the lawn care fundraiser more appealing. Take charges from each family in exchange for providing your service.

Also, remind them that the amount you are collecting will go straight to your group or club and no middlemen are involved in it.

24. Garage Sale

Encourage residents in your area to take part in a clearance sale, and then sell the things at a garage. Some percentage of the revenue will go to your organization to foster a sense of community and raise money. By promoting online via your organization’s social media and website accounts, and with printed fliers, you may reach a large audience.

The question is what can be sold in a clearance sale? You can keep anything that’s not perishable. This may include dry foods, candies, worn clothes (but in condition), the equipment you don’t use anymore, old jewelry, photo frames, beautiful decors, etc. Arrange some refreshments such as soda, fries, chips, nuggets, etc., so that people don’t get bored.

25. Cute plant contest

There are many proud plant parents in your locality. Why don’t team them up to host a cute plant contest? Tell your neighbors to decorate their baby plants adorably, put them in a cute pot and bring them to the fundraiser. Take an entry fee from each participant when they register their name in the event.

It’s one of the quick and easy fundraisers capable of making money for small groups. Hosting this fundraiser will be a way of promoting eco-friendliness too and community people will be encouraged to take care of their plants. To promote the event, hang down flyers or posters from the local trees as a sign of environment-friendliness.

Do not forget to tell the contestants to embellish their plants with environmentally-safe products or those which won’t hurt them.

26. Chop Chop competition

In the Chop Chop competition, chefs battle to create the tastiest meal from a basket of unusual ingredients. Distribute the food that expires that day to prevent food waste and collect money. This is an excellent and simple fundraising idea to organize. Charge a charge to participate or to sample the scrumptious dishes.

If you want to conduct this event, we suggest you book a place with a large capacity as you are required to assemble several pieces of cooking equipment. A community park or a parking lot can be the best place to host the chop-chop competition. Do not forget to clean the place after the fundraiser is over.

27. Popcorn and peanut fundraising

Munchies like popcorn and peanuts are liked by all during winter. While the holidays are coming near, people are getting snuggly at their homes in front of fireplaces, and snack items like these feel amazing. Naturally, the demand for these items is increasing rapidly.

You can utilize this consumer behavior to raise funds for your nonprofit by organizing a popcorn and peanuts fundraising campaign. A creative campaign like this is one of the simple fundraising ideas for small groups. Build a group with your team members and choose some volunteers from them who will take the responsibility of ordering the popcorn-peanuts supplies and planning the next steps.

Create a stall at any easily identifiable and accessible place in your locality such as a children’s park, community playground, the yard outside movie theatres, etc., to get the maximum engagement of people. Try to offer different flavors of popcorn and peanuts to attract people and boost your fund. Take a small amount of money from the people who will purchase from you.

28. Happy hour

There are so many quick and easy fundraisers for teams to choose from and a Happy Hour fundraiser is one of them. You don’t need a wide budget to make people assimilate together and enjoy a cheerful time. You can do the same within a narrow budget as well as limited time as well.

Host a happy hour at a local pub or restaurant to help people chill and breathe after a busy day. This will also provide your teams and supporters an opportunity to connect in a relaxed environment. It’s recommended to host this event on weekends as the majority of the people will be able to join.

To make the fundraiser more interesting you can set a theme for the event such as TGI Friday, or Sarcastic Saturday. Also, make arrangements for lip-smacking food and drinks. Ask the manager of the venue to donate a percentage of their sales to your organization.

29. Talent show

Fun and easy fundraisers such as a talent show let your teams and community people showcase their skills as well as raise funds for your non-profit. Invite local talents, from jugglers, magicians, singers, musicians, drummers, etc., to participate in your show. You can pick talents from your team as well.

Choose 3 or 4 of your organization’s senior members as the judges who will put forward their valuable feedback after each performance. Or, you can simply leave it on to the audience. Take a registration fee from each audience which will help you make the required money and achieve the target. You can also sell tickets in your locality for the same.

When it comes to the venue, you can conduct the event on the lawn of any of your team members who will feel comfortable allowing you to use it for a few hours. As a token of appreciation, you can pay some amount to the person whose lawn or yard you have used.

30. Gaming marathon

The video games market is proliferating day by day. Incorporating it into your fundraising plan is one of the easy money-making fundraisers. Money-raising campaigns like this allow people to engage with like-minded groups and donate to worthy causes.

Gaming marathons can attract huge audiences and also create awareness for your organization. If your group has game lovers, choose some gamers from them who will stream themselves online. The rest of your members will watch them playing, cheer them up and donate some amount for each hour they will be playing.

To make some extra bucks, you can also a small amount of money as an entry fee to take part in the game marathon. Additionally, to become recognized, use platforms such as YouTube Live or Twitch to broadcast the streams.

31. Flower bulb fundraising

Christmas and New Year are just around the corner and everybody is getting ready to deck up their houses with pretty X-Mas trees, lights, and freshly bakes muffins. Flower bulbs are beautiful supplies that people purchase during this time. So, why not use them to create your fundraiser?

Undoubtedly flower bulbs are easy things to make for fundraising. Guess what? It’s super easy to make also. Choose some volunteers who will be capable of leading your team while they make flower bulbs. Just purchase the bulbs from local shops and let the other supplies for the embellishments of the bulbs be sourced from homes. After preparing flower bulbs, sell them in your locality at a bit higher price than the purchasing price to make a profit.

32. Pizza fundraising

Pizzas and Winter or Pizzas and Holidays seem to be two perfect combinations. Hence, a Pizza fundraiser is the most effective as well as one of the easy fundraising ideas for church youth groups. Planning this campaign is simple. Get some pizza supplies from a local restaurant and distribute them amongst your team.

Ask your team members to invite their friends, families, and neighbors to attend a charming Pizza Party. Do the headcount roughly and order some fresh Pizzas from a local restaurant at discounted prices. Choose the courtyard of any of your team members to host the party and on the day ask the attendees to donate some amount while receiving the pizzas as a token of help for your organization.

Do not forget to explain your cause in a detailed way including what’s the reason for this fundraiser, where this money will go, and how this will help your organization. This will generate immense value and help your event become successful in achieving its goals.

33. Open Mic Night

An open mic night is simply a wonderful way to raise money for your cause within a short time. You can mingle talent shows and happy hours together to devise strategies for hosting an open mic night. Choose singers, dancers, comedians, or magicians from both your team and the locality. You can select a pub or a restaurant as the venue.

The attendees have to pay a little amount of money to watch your show and enjoy food/drinks. Make sure you have a rough estimate of the number of attendees so that you can make necessary arrangements accordingly. To make the event a memorable one, it’s better to visit the venue beforehand and understand the interests of the crowd so that you can plan the entertainment as per their preferences.

34. Candle fundraising

The candle fundraising is somewhat similar to the flower bulb fundraising and it’s a holiday special event as well. The New Year and Christmas are just on their way and candle fundraising is a high-profit fundraising event to host at this time.

Candles are required by households, churches, and schools mostly during this time of the year. So, buy scented candles from local suppliers at cheaper prices and choose some volunteers who will agree to sell them in your community. Do not set the price margin excessively high so that people from every type of financial background can easily afford them.

Through a candle fundraising event, you can spread happiness and positivity in your neighborhood on the one hand while raising funds for your nonprofit on the other. If you want your cause to be successful, go for this one.

35. Blindfold obstacle course

An obstacle course sounds adventurous, isn’t it? On top of that, if your participants are blindfolded, it becomes more challenging. Go to a local school or preschool and seek permission from them if they allow their kids to participate in your event. In case you are looking for easy fundraising ideas for preschoolers, this is the one.

You will need volunteers from your team to coordinate every stage of this fundraiser. So choose wisely. Prepare the obstacles but make them as safe as possible as kids will be taking part in this competition. Strategize the health and safety rules and regulations very clearly so that everybody plays carefully.

Take an entry fee from the participants and their parents (if the participants are small kids) and also sell cheap tickets to the audience to raise funds. Host the event at a community field or a school’s playground to avoid extra costs for the venues.

36. Cooking classes

Cooking classes are pretty intuitive and easy to host fundraisers if can be planned well. Some people love to cook and are experts in cooking. However, there are individuals whose cooking skills are not up to the mark. Do you want to help them out? Host a cooking class fundraiser then!

If you have a kitchen at your organization you can use that easily but if you don’t have one, use the community kitchen to conduct the practical classes. Share some flyers and banners in your community to attract people who are interested to learn cooking delicious and basic recipes.

Take an amount from them as the fee to attend your classes and this will help you raise funds for your cause. Ensure to keep adequate safety measures to avoid any unwanted kitchen accidents.

37. Dance fundraising

Dance fundraising campaigns are pretty cool to host since they involve a lot of creativity. If you have a dance team, then give this a try without a second thought. Nevertheless, the steps to host this event are pretty simple while the plans can be executed systematically.

Plan with your team to host a dance show and create small groups. Train them vigorously over the next few days so that they can deliver the best performances. Book a community hall or you can make a stage with the help of your volunteers at a community playground.
Sell tickets for your dance show. You can also name your groups if you want based on the dance themes you have chosen. This will enable you to make sufficient funds for your organization. Do not forget to give your supporters a sweet treat at the end of the show.

38. Candy bar fundraising

A clever candy bar fundraiser idea will help you make more money and have fun. Candy bars are a universally enjoyed treat, thus selling them to earn money is viable. A campaign like this can be held in any publicly accessible public space, such as a children’s park broad sidewalk, a front yard of a team member, etc.

You must now decide which members of your organization will enjoy assisting you in carrying out the fundraiser’s final steps. If you are concerned about the availability of sweets, you may get them for less money from any neighborhood vendor. It’s a great way to support the financial success of your neighborhood businesses.

Print banners, flyers, and posters showcasing the specifics of your event and hang them by hand in various locations throughout your neighborhood. You are all set to sell the sweets and raise the necessary funds.

39. Speed friending

Who doesn’t love to make new friends unless he/she is extremely introverted? If there are people you know who are looking forward to making new friends, host a speed friending fundraising program to make money for a noble cause.

What’s the catch? You can do it online pretty easily. Gather the interested persons on an online meeting platform in exchange for a small amount of entry fee. Each person speaks to another individual at a time – irrespective of gender. There will be small intervals of five minutes in between.

A bell will ring after 5 minutes and everyone will swap their partners. Not only this increases collaboration but also events like these radiate positivity in online communities. When it comes to choosing some easy online fundraising ideas, speed friending is a great option.

40. Lip sync fundraising

Arranging a lip sync fundraiser for your organization is fun and easy. All you need is an auditorium to use, a good sound system, and some people who are willing to donate and give some time from their busy schedule for a good cause.

It’s somewhat similar to a talent show but has its perks. The procedure is simple. The individuals perform onstage while imitating the voices of popular songs for an adoring audience. The amusement comes from observing how crazy people would go to win over the audience or receive a prize.

Ask your participants to donate some amount as a registration fee to participate in the event. To encourage as many individuals as possible to appear on stage, provide awards in each category. Because the audience is there to experience a presentation, ensure your awards promote imaginative costumes.

41. Walk-a-thon

Walk-a-thon is a wonderful idea to host a money-raising campaign. This is one of the easy fundraisers for youth sports. If you want to boost some sports spirit within your team and raise funds at the same time, the Walk-a-thon fundraiser is a good choice.

Like a fun run, or jog-a-thon, walk-a-thon participants raise money by asking their fans to donate a certain sum for every mile they walk. Your organization collects the funds that your supporters committed once your participants have finished the walk-a-thon.

Now Rise Fund For Your Cause Easily!

Easy fundraising ideas are always loved by nonprofit organizations and fundraising teams as they involve lesser or no expenses. These incredible fundraising ideas may help any group, if it’s for a worthwhile purpose, generate any amount of money. From short and simple to multi-year campaigns, these activities come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Once you’ve chosen the best option for your business and the neighborhood you’re working with, put in a lot of effort to make it happen. Also, do not forget to promote your campaign inside your network. If you want to plan and host an easy fundraising event for your cause, get in touch with the Midland Fundraising team today.