Yankee Candle Fundraiser [25 Huge Tips To Success]

The lifeblood of every non-profit organization is donations. Non-profit fundraising enables your business to finance its objectives, cover administrative expenses, create learning initiatives, and make advancements that will help current and potential customers. Fundraisers are one of the easiest, most creative, and most lucrative ways to raise money for non-profit organizations like churches, schools, etc.

Fundraising is a continual procedure of soliciting voluntary funds or donations to help certain organizations grow.

These fundraisers help meet the community’s needs. If you plan to host a fundraiser, it can consist of both individuals and businesses. Thanks to advanced technology, one can also host online fundraisers! One such fundraiser that you can go to is the Yankee Candle fundraiser.

Wondering what it is? We have this blog for you that includes everything about the Yankee candle fundraiser. It has the what, why, when, and who and 25 successful tips as well. Read ahead!

What is a Yankee Candle Fundraiser?

Yankee Candle is a huge specialty brand that sells high-end scented candles for fundraising in the US. You will find a wide range of assorted candles having delightful scents. You can get candle-related house décor items and modern home fragrance products from Yankee Candles.

From setting a mood to reliving some memories, Yankee Candles Company shares a passion to deliver top-notch fragrant candles. The drive to create evocative, memorable scents that help feel rejuvenated at home.

The Yankee Candle Company sells a wide range of items, such as candles in different scents and sizes, room sprays, lip balms, reed diffusers, candle accessories, scented wax tarts, votive candle holders, tart warmers, votive candles (samplers), car scents, jar toppers (for use with the Housewarmer line of candles) Electric Home Fragrance units (scented wall plug-ins), Good Air products, and more.

Additionally, they occasionally create a variety of limited-edition candles, such as “Chocolate Layer Cake.”

So what’s a Yankee Candle fundraiser? Parents and teachers have praised the Yankee Candle school fundraising program for more than ten years as one of the best school fundraising ideas. It makes sense why it is referred to be America’s greatest love candle. It was simple for schools to generate money with these candle fundraisers.

It is sensible that one would look for the Yankee Candle Fundraiser Catalog every year. Many organizations count on the Yankee Candle fundraiser as a major source of success and high income for churches, sports teams, PTAs/PTOs, etc.

The Yankee Candle Fundraiser History

Yankee Candles, one of the most popular candle producers, is famous for its huge variety of scents. Since its establishment in Massachusetts in 1969, Yankee Candles has become the most well-known scented candle brand globally. These days, it’s rare to find a present or home goods shop without candles from a well-known brand on the shelves.

They manufacture candles in a staggering variety of scents. People are aware of the beautiful glass jar package and the purely endless range of aromas delivered by Yankee Candles. It has worked wonders among more than half of the population, and by distributing worldwide, the results have been astonishing.

The story behind the making of Yankee Candles

On a freezing December night in Massachusetts in 1969, 17-year-old Mike Kittredge sat at his family’s dining room table. He didn’t have enough money to buy his mother a gift for Christmas. Thankfully, his need stimulated some creativity. He created a candle for his mom since he believed it would be a sweet and totally unique present that she’d like.

Mike was aware of his mother’s tendency towards glumness. He knew that her strong feelings and beloved memories were important to her. Thus, he created a simple candle using materials easily found in the kitchen (milk carton, household wax, thread for candle wick, red crayon).

A neighbor spotted the candle and was so impressed that she convinced him to sell it to her before he could gift it to his mother. The youngster used his newfound “money” to purchase enough materials to make two new candles: one for his mum and one to sell. The process of developing a prosperous corporation, therefore, got underway.

In July 2019, Mike Kittredge, who had created his first candle a little over 50 years before, passed away.

The Yankee fundraising has a vast history of its own. We already mentioned how the company got founded. Let’s see how it expanded after 1969.

Susan Obremski and Donald MacIver, Kittredge’s high school buddies, assisted in the founding of the business. MacIver contributed money from his side employment to the startup company. In 1977, retailers in the US took notice of Yankee Candles and placed large orders to sell eventually selling in profits. In 1983, the business relocated to South Deerfield as it gradually grew.

Following a 1993 medical scare, Kittredge began transferring control of the business to a friend and worker. For $500 million, he sold the business to NYC-based private equity firm Forstmann Little in 1998.

In 2004, Yankee Candle and GBI Marketing came into acquisition and started to expand the fundraising business. 2010 was the year when the Yankee Candle fundraiser generated an estimate of over $14 million for more than 10,000 national and local groups. Gradually, in 2016, Newell Brands acquired Yankee Candle.

Why Have a Yankee Candle Fundraiser?

Sometimes, non-profit organizations need money to improve their infrastructure, get new and updated materials, repair certain aspects of the building, etc. Therefore, Yankee Candle Fundraiser is a great way to raise money for a good cause. Since the vast popularity of Yankee candles, there will be high income based on its demand and versatile products.

Here are a few reasons why the Yankee Candle fundraiser would work well-

  • The majestically charming assortment of fragrances and candles is sure to put visitors in a dilemma. Patrons have a choice to buy high-quality gift ideas.
  • You can opt for the Yankee candle fundraiser online for contact-free options. This was introduced during the pandemic to help people have a safe fundraiser.
  • Earn high Yankee candle fundraiser profits in the best way possible- the aim is to always raise a high amount of money for the admirable cause. The Yankee Candle fundraiser is the one for you.
  • Have an easy Yankee candle fundraiser- A simple and classic event that has outstanding results. Strategize your fundraiser in this way and make the most out of it.
  • The products are of immense value, and premium quality leading to joyous supporters.
  • If you are wondering about your target audience here’s a sneak peek into it- Women indeed indulge in scented candles more than men. The next target audience is families who try to create a relaxed and refreshing atmosphere at home. The women are between the ages of 30-50 years.

The biggest manufacturer of scented candles, YCC offers a variety of lip balms, room mists, and air fresheners. Candle accessories and scented candles are YCC’s two main product categories. There are approximately 150 different smells available for the high-quality scented candles. These are reasons enough to have a Yankee candle fundraiser.

When is the Best Time to Have a Yankee Candle Fundraiser and Who Can Have It?

Scented candles, room sprays, lip balms, candle accessories many other products by Yankee Candles work all around the year. But the winter months hold a special place for such items. If you wish to host a successful fundraiser, the winter months, Christmas, and new years are the best time to do so. It is the peak time to use candles at churches and home.

Try to host such a fundraiser with other fundraisers like trivia night or sports fundraiser. If you host it online, the Yankee candle fundraiser can be a hit all over the nation and not limited to one place. In this way, the organization can earn hefty money for a good cause.

You can organize such a fundraiser for colleges,  elementary schools, high schools, churches or sports teams, animals, medical treatment, education, business, etc.

25 Huge Success Tips for Your Yankee Candle Fundraiser

No matter how popular a fundraiser may be, you still need to think about a few things before hosting such an event. It takes a whole village to have a flourishing fundraiser. Here are a few tips for a successful Yankee Candle fundraiser-

1. Have a clear and attainable goal

Although it may seem simple, you should begin by having a clear understanding of your objective, why you are raising money, and your work capability. Consider your fundraising goals and the amount you need to raise. Having a goal can keep you motivated, and it also gives donors a compelling narrative that may help a request seem more real. Get some advice on how to create fundraising targets and then achieve them.

You should have a concise message, have clear and realistic goal timelines, select an ideal name, recruit volunteers, make a list of everyone present, and reap the benefits of the various communication channels. Go through some case studies and get an idea of how to go about it.

2. Be prepared with materials

Having a fundraiser event means looking into the tiniest details. Whoever hosts a fundraiser needs to put in a lot of effort to make sure everything is in its place. From the Yankee candle samples, and catalog to food refreshments, venue, decorations, and sign-up sheets. Everything should be present.

Any shortage in it may create a bad impression on the visitors and can also affect the income. Create a checklist of deliveries and implementations. You should also have a backup plan in case something goes wrong. Always have extra materials as well, for instance, samples, food, sheets, etc. If you host a competition or games, have the necessary materials and rewards accordingly. Plan well ahead and have a successful Yankee candle fundraiser.

3. Recognize that not everyone is a potential buyer

In a fundraiser, you have to understand that not everyone will buy the Yankee candle products. Once you have planned fundraisers like Yankee candle, there need to be realistic and rational goals for the event. Remember, you are doing it for a good cause so make it as easy as possible. Keep a catalog handy and a few sample products so that people have an idea of what they are looking into.

Plan a fundraiser according to this perspective. Narrow down the marketing tactics. Determine your clients, learn the demographics, asses the needs and then plan the event. Knowing your true customers will free you from chasing unbeneficial leads.

Therefore, research on who can give how much, what content they consume (for promotional reasons), typical age, gender, etc, and target them.

4. Keep it personalized

Your audience will probably be quite diverse. They have varied interests and needs. Therefore, the thing about having personalized items is the touch of extra love and care. Keeping products and services personalized will remind the customers about you. Therefore, you require detailed planning and execution for a personalized Yankee candle fundraiser. It shows the uniqueness of every person. It is what makes it special!

Fundraisers shouldn’t undervalue the power of personalization. Through personalization, there will be more individuals who will want the product. It boosts word-of-mouth, delivers better insights, generates higher sales, and boosts customer loyalty. Therefore, be open to personalized candles, room sprays, and accessories and see the magic unfold for a praiseworthy cause.

5. Train your volunteers

Volunteers are the foundation of any fundraiser. After you have recruited some volunteers, explain to them what they have to do. Tell them the fundraising plans and let them know how they are an important part of such an event. Ask them about fundraisers and whether they have done such work before. Volunteers should be encouraging, energetic, and full of knowledge.

Training the volunteers should not be difficult. When you do so, they must share your goals. To get them to see the larger picture, start by presenting the fundraising strategy. Once they thoroughly get how they fit within your fundraising objectives, allow them to ask questions. Inform them about your previous fundraising efforts and the new objectives you have for this.

Each volunteer should be given a specific duty to complete, although it would be wise to teach volunteers to complete all duties so that roles may be exchanged and covered in case of emergency. Most essential, don’t forget to acknowledge and appreciate your volunteers for work well done. They require your gratitude and admiration.

6. Give your customers the option to shop online

The internet has made a sensational change in the entire world. in the past ten years, we have specially evolved in terms of technology. Today, we can get several items and services at our fingertips. So why not make it possible for fundraisers as well? Plan a Yankee candle fundraiser online for schools through a safe platform and generate profits for the non-profit organization.

By going online, you have the advantage to touch a wide range of places. If you only host an online fundraiser, then it will have minimal costs. There will be an increase in the number of donations and ease of access. Online fundraising options build trust and transparency.

If you plan to host a hybrid fundraiser, it will be a great success as you are serving locally and nationally. Through word-of-mouth, the fundraiser will get the name and fame required. Make sure you host it in such a way that is creative and carefully organized.

7. Have a sign-up sheet to collect contact information

For the Yankee candle company fundraiser, make sure everything meticulously takes place. When you have decided on the venue, recruited volunteers, and done the promotions, it is time to have a sign-up sheet. This is an important part of the event. You will need these sheets to know your customers and also to deliver the products.

Why should you know the customer? This is because, after every fundraiser, the team should understand how the footfall was, what kind of people attended, what did they buy, how did they know about the fundraiser, etc. All of this information helps the fundraising organization and the Yankee candle company to be prepared for the next one.

To deliver the products, it goes without saying that basic contact information is crucial. This maintains a smooth flow of delivery.

8. Have a variety of Yankee Candle products

Humans tend to want variety. They tend to get bored quite fast, especially at a time when you get everything within minutes (thanks to online shopping). Variety keeps individuals hooked to look for more. It elevates the chances of purchasing power. Since Yankee Candles have so many products to sell, this is a win-win situation for the fundraiser, the company, and the customers.

They say variety is the spice of life, and it’s said rightfully so. You need to keep the guests engrossed with not just scented candles but home fragrances, car scents, etc. Create segments in terms of collections, fragrance types, colors, seasons, holidays, or new arrivals. Individuals will love to see segregated items. The chances of having a high-income generation are through variety.

9. Use Positive Language

It’s crucial to pay attention to the words you employ in your fundraising effort. People should be informed of who and how they are assisting. Additionally, you want them to understand the impact they will have.

Instead of focusing on the bad, use positive words to describe the good. Instead of describing how things are, tell a tale about how they could be. Don’t make donors feel guilty for not donating “enough” by using guilt tactics to get them to contribute more. Consider what their actions mean and the impact that a larger gift may have.

For people to want to donate again when they can, you want them to feel so good regarding themselves and their choice as they leave.

10. Utilize social media

Do you know the power of the internet and social media? The reach from social media posts can do half of your promotional work in no time. With social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Meta, and Pinterest, you get to do online promotions without much cost. When people have a look at social media posts, they tend to share with their family and friends, thus making great audience reach.

Social media is the best way to go about it to promote the fundraiser and having Yankee candle fundraising profit. Have well-made social media posts with catchy titles and vibrant photos and videos, so that it grabs everyone’s attention. Do not use difficult words or gestures that may confuse or offend people. Be careful and have a great fundraiser.

11. Make it easy

People like certain processes to be simple. They don’t want to use their time and energy on something that can be done in an easy way. The more straightforward a donation process is, the more probable it is that someone who wants to donate will do so. Reduce the number of steps required for the contribution process and the amount of website redirection you need the donor to complete.

Prioritize your contribution page first. Use an attention-grabbing design and vibrant colors to make it simple to spot on your site or social media profiles. A pop-up contribute button on your website’s different pages is an additional useful tactic. Donations are how your organization can carry on doing the job that your audience enjoys, so don’t attempt to be sneaky when you ask for them.

12. Have a lucky draw for a Yankee Candle gift basket

Yankee candle basket has the most beautiful collection that everyone wants once in a while. The basket has candles scent jars and bottles and accessories. The basket is decorated beautifully for customers and can be sent as a gift to loved ones.

In a fundraiser, you can put lucky draws for Yankee candle gift ideas. Ask the volunteers to create lucky draw coupons for the visitors and see how it creates excitement for people. The guests have to pay for the lucky draw contest to participate in it. Make sure that whoever wins a lucky draw gets the best Yankee candle basket.

13. Create a sense of urgency

Ease is one way of encouraging people to donate when they first consider it, but another is urgency. If you have someone’s attention with a donation plea, they are most likely to follow through if they do it at the moment.

Why should someone donate today itself? Is there a specific goal with a deadline, like a new building? Do you think the need is immediate, like a relief effort? Is there a company or individual match that has an end date? All of these tactics can effectively create a sense of urgency. Use them realistically; do not exaggerate. It is one way to have a great footfall at the fundraiser event.

14. Follow up

The most crucial fundraising advice is to stay in touch with your contributors. You should always write follow-up personal letters or emails. Everyone is busy, so a reminder is welcome by many. A second personal note is always worthwhile sending if the recipient has committed a gift, made a donation previously, or has participated actively in your nonprofit’s community.

Even better, you may follow it up with your mass mailings and publications. Plan to send many messages on any channel, separating them sufficiently for each to stand out without being annoying. This will depend on your timeframe, but postal mail every month and emails every two months in the run-up to a deadline might be useful.

15. Get creative with marketing

Creativity has no limitations. There are several ways to promote a fundraiser. For the Yankee candle fundraiser for schools, make sure you do all kinds of promotions so that there are higher reach and better sales. While using common hashtags is okay, they become invisible among the thousand other common ones. In the digital world, you need to think out-of-the-box. Have creative hashtags and posts for the event.

You can introduce games or challenges related to the charitable event, just like the ice bucket challenge. Under digital marketing, there are options for video marketing, event marketing, website, social media, content marketing, etc. The performance indicators for each are- video views, ticket sales, web page views, comments and shares, and subscriptions respectively. Track the performances with Hubspot, Google Analytics, etc.

16. Make a good impression- show your appreciation

In fundraising, relationships are key. You want to convey to them that their gift was noteworthy and had a distinctive impact. When you show someone your appreciation and love, it stays with people.

Send out notes of appreciation following campaigns and fundraiser activities. Keep their birthdays in mind, send presents to important donors, and acknowledge significant occasions. Donors will want to give again if you stay in touch with them and let them know you value them as people, not just as financial sources.

Send out polls and surveys following campaigns and events as well. Make it clear to your donors that you value their input and experiences. This will not only enable you to create future efforts that are more effective but, it will also let them know that you care about them.

17. Use positive peer pressure

When we use positivity in a different way, it may work wonders. For several people, the words “peer pressure” has a negative connotation. It seems to create a flashback during the university or school days. But using positive peer pressure has proved to be useful for a fundraiser. Positive peer pressure is a tactic when an individual’s peer influences them to do something good. It is something that helps in building growth. Therefore, if you use it in your stride for the fundraiser, it can do wonders.

A classic example would be, peers who commit themselves to do well in sports or give donations to a non-profit organization can influence others too. Using this tactic is a great tip for a successful Yankee candle fundraiser for schools. The more peers influence individuals, the better the income generation. Try this strategy by showing how others have influenced the donation numbers. It may work spectacularly and have a great impression.

18. Have fun and be enthusiastic

Humans tend to judge a person or an atmosphere by the energy and vibe of the person or surroundings. Many of us can stay away from an atmosphere that doesn’t feel right or fun. For a fundraiser, creating a fun, energetic, and fervent event is extremely important. It gives a promising vibe to everyone.

Imagine if the event was dull- it would have caused lower footfall through word-of-mouth itself. Putting the event in the spotlight is crucial to raise a large sum of money. You can conduct games, and trivia nights, and include refreshments, snacks, and music in the event. The whole idea is to make it look welcoming. If you conduct the Yankee candle fundraiser online, make it add some online gaming or online competition to engage people.

19. Be organized

A well-organized event is key to its success. Set a goal, choose the kind of event you want to host, finalize the budget and have an estimate of how many people would attend. Book the venue accordingly and promote unabashedly. Even if there are a handful number of people, make sure there is everything that goes for entertainment and activities. Book a catering service beforehand so that no one gets famished.

When the organization is perfect, visitors will appreciate it and talk about it with their friends and family. This makes a good impression. From the fundraiser’s perspective, when everything is organized, the event runs smoothly; without any disruption, leading to better quality and higher footfall.

20. Keep track

On several levels, keeping track of donations is crucial. You will be able to provide individualized outreach hereafter if you can recall who gave what when, and how much. You may compile an email list of donors to contact in the future by keeping a note of their emails. You may discover which platforms have higher completion rates by keeping track of the platforms that donors used. You will also have a better understanding of your audience moving forward.

Donor management solutions like Donorbox come with software that will enable you to track several things. You get the metrics, acquire insight into the behaviors of your contributors, and enhance your campaigns depending on your target market. Every campaign shouldn’t need you to start from scratch. Instead, use the information from one effort to improve the next.

21. Celebrate your successes

How can celebrating the success of a Yankee candle fundraiser be a useful tip? This is because staying motivated is the key to a successful event. No matter what you accomplished, it is important to stay encouraged and work harder. To reach that goal, some perks like having a successful party are a must.

Celebrating boosts confidence and a sense of gratitude. It makes you evaluate yourself in different aspects. A Fundraiser celebration is important because it helps you and the fundraising team to understand that anything is possible. You get to improve retention and boost your reputation.

Celebrate the teamwork and the funds raised through a surprise party or exchange small gifts. You can invite donors, core team members, and volunteers and have a great time. Such plans never fail.

22. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

When it comes to organizing fundraisers, you aren’t alone. You’re likely to find experienced Yankee candle fundraisers in your network who can assist you in getting started. Most individuals are eager to provide fundraising advice. They want to describe how they handled a similar circumstance, and offer whatever assistance possible.

If you are new to hosting a fundraiser, don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask for assistance in getting the word out. Utilize community alliances, organize your crew and volunteers, collaborate with your board, and engage with sympathetic groups.

Don’t be reluctant to solicit support from friends and family and to spread the news about the cause. It will help the fundraiser by manifolds. If you get the right help, the fundraisers can be a huge hit and if you don’t it can be a super flop. Therefore, research immensely and host a triumphant Yankee candle company fundraiser.

23. Use Convincing Imagery

Many individuals react more favorably to videos and visuals than words. When people witness what your organization accomplishes in action, it produces an instant, visceral emotion. In addition to using language to describe the benefits of this assistance, you can use visuals to tell a story and evoke emotion in favor of a cause.

Make sure the pictures or videos you choose support your thesis, convey a story and come naturally. Dynamic and colorful or active graphics will catch the viewer’s attention and entice them to read the information. By choosing pictures with individuals in them, you may personalize your campaign even more.

As an example, you can put up a photo of schoolchildren or old churches that need improvements. This will help people understand what the fundraiser is all about. You can even create a video about the particular cause. It will work perfectly for the fundraiser event.

24. Invest in a platform for your fundraiser

The contribution landing page on your site is among the most crucial elements of any charity fundraising plan. This is where you’ll route most of your individual contributors, utilize it for perennial donations, change it for particular campaigns, etc. It ought to be simple, secure, and easy to use.

The fundraising platform that you choose needs to have an integration with the current tools or the web builder you use. In this way, you have a chance to keep all the data intact without needing to build from the start and migrate. For instance, Donorbox gets along well with Weebly, Squarespace, WordPress, Wix, etc. It makes the job easier.

When you choose to use a fundraising platform look for features like recurring intervals, customizable forms for donations, goal checks, varied payment platforms, automatic donation receipts, crowdfunding features, and more.

You can also look for fundraising tools to integrate with your current website. Make sure it is user-friendly and manages the fundraising functions well.

25. Communicate your message clearly

Consistency is the key. When you send different messages across different channels, chances are the visitors/patrons will not believe you. They may get confused. When you host a fundraiser, be sure to include call-to-action buttons on the website. Have volunteers and donors spread the right message.

If possible, share personal anecdotes to connect with the organization’s cause. This will help deliver a precise message. And most importantly, avoid using a language majority don’t understand. Do not use industry acronyms or jargon that only a certain level of people would understand. This may alienate the donors.

These were just a few tips to let you know how you can have a successful Yankee candle fundraiser. There are many more tips that you can look up. If you still feel confused regarding hosting a fundraiser, ask experienced professionals or hire a fundraiser company. They would keep your best interests in mind.

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Hosting a perfect fundraiser is tricky and at times, dicey. You need to stay focused and plan it intricately to get the finest results. Use the successful tips to improve and host a thrilling fundraiser in the future.