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On The Go Totes Fundraiser
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Holiday Wishes Fall Fundraiser
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Popcorn and Chocolates Fundraiser
UP TO 50% profit
Sweets And Treats Fundraiser
UP TO 45% profit
Cookie Dough Fundraiser
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Spring In Bloom Fundraiser

45 Elementary Fundraising Ideas: Boosting School Funds

Everyone is aware that educated kids have a bright future. It’s crucial to provide every kid an equal chance to flourish as they mature and that begins with excellent schooling!

From school librarians to coordinators, everyone is aware of the expenses involved in offering education. And regrettably, educational funding is inadequate, especially for elementary schools. Money raised through school fundraisers may be invested in well-rounded after-school programs like sports and clubs, vital educational resources, and community involvement.

Additionally, by including children in fundraising activities, you may help them develop important life skills like perseverance, hard work, and cooperation.

There is a lot of pressure on educational professionals to provide the best for students. That’s why there are fundraisers to make things easier.

In this blog, we have listed 45 elementary fundraising ideas for you. These will help you gain the funds you need without much hassle. We have broken it down into different sections so that you can choose them easily. Read ahead and use them to your benefit.

Table of Contents

Our Favorite Elementary School Fundraising Ideas

Some fundraising ideas really do well and become a favorite among people. Here we have a favorite that we’d like to share with you-

1. Cookie Dough Fundraiser

cookie dough fundraising catalog | Elementary fundraising ideas

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Everyone loves tasty and irresistible cookies. Hosting a cookie dough fundraiser with themes or flavors can be the best way to have a successful fundraiser. You can do the themes or flavors according to the season, colors, etc., or you can do classic flavors like mint chocolate chip.

Find a partner for the cookie dough fundraiser service. It will help you roll out a mouth-watering fundraising campaign. They will provide you with fresh and flavorful dough and will also help you promote the event in different ways. The marketing tactics will help in the success of the fundraiser.

Your dough can be flavors of oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodle, peanut butter, etc. You can hold this event in a proper venue and promote it by distributing brochures.

There can be order sheets for friends, neighbors, and family so that you get precise order amounts for delivery. Try such fun fundraising ideas for elementary schools and see them become a success.

2. Lollipop Fundraiser

lollipop fundraising | Elementary fundraising ideas

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Are you searching for a fun, simple, and tasty fundraiser? Lollipop sales would be a hit among children. Adults would love to see kids happy with their favorite sweets.

Therefore, the lollipop fundraiser will help elementary school and school kids immensely. Such a fundraiser will also be great for non-profit organizations like churches.

Lollipops are inexpensive, handy, and simple to sell. Request kids or parents to volunteer or assist you to market your items. Sell them to family and friends once you buy inexpensive lollipops from a reliable supplier. You’ll be shocked by how rapidly sales of these little delicious delights increase.

Additionally, you may give various incentives based on the amount of money donated. The incentives can be major trophies, class parties, food, game days, or other pleasant activities. Such acts will encourage kids to spread the news about your fundraising. Such creative elementary school fundraising ideas will definitely be a hit as a product fundraiser.

3. Fall Fundraiser

Fall fundraiser | Elementary fundraising ideas

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Use this unique elementary school fundraising idea to host a highly-entertaining fall fundraiser. Families of students pay an entry charge to participate in a range of fall activities and games during fall festivals or fall fun days, which are fundraisers in the style of a carnival.

If you go into school fundraising ideas for elementary schools, without the proper support, it may get a little expensive. To plan and execute as many enjoyable attractions as you can for your autumn festival, you should advertise for contributions across your neighborhood, train a group of volunteers, and collaborate with nearby companies.

Fall fundraiser is an ideal opportunity for you to combine a variety of different fundraising events into one, like hayrides and apple bobbing, and make it interesting and engaging for students.

4. Candy Bar Fundraising

candy bar | Elementary fundraising ideas

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When we are talking about children from elementary schools, how can we not talk about candy bars? Where there are children, there are candy bars! Holding a candy bar fundraising for the kids is a smart and elegant idea to raise funds for the elementary schools.

Being a classy idea, candy bar fundraising always hits the right note with the audience. If you are looking for a guaranteed money-making idea, then this is the one you should opt for. It is easy to hold, profitable, and quirky fundraising that promises ultimate satisfaction to the kids and grand success for your event.

You can connect with Midland Fundraising to organize this event, and you will be floored with delicious and unique candy bars that will surely be a hit among the supporters and attendees.

Unique DIY Elementary Fundraising Ideas

You’ve read about some fun and kid-friendly fundraising ideas mentioned above. Here, we have compiled a list of unique fundraising ideas that enhance the kids’ reading abilities and help them learn about community sharing.

Elementary school fundraising ideas are undoubtedly the best way to raise funds and support the development of elementary schools. If you wish to add an extra layer of fun and additional engaging activities that would teach the children about teamwork, school spirit, and community support, you must try the following DIY fundraising ideas.

5. Read-a-Thon

Read a Thon | elementary school fundraising idea

When it comes to favorite elementary school fundraising ideas, read-a-thon is the top choice. But what is it? We are glad you raised this question.

Read-a-thon allows you to collect funds for a good cause by motivating students to read during short breaks. This fundraiser is not only simple to organize, but it also stimulates and can be done during regular class hours.

All you have to do is join up through a read-a-thon fundraising site, tell your pupils and parents about the event, and allot some class time for reading.

The rest will be handled through the read-a-thon fundraising platform, which lets children track their hours and receive rewards while parents and grandparents make donations to recognize their accomplishments.

Additionally, you get flyers to advertise your program and sponsorship opportunities to entice nearby companies. They may then contribute to your fundraising campaign.

6. Library Fundraiser

Library Fundraiser | elementary fundraiser idea

Library fundraisers are a fun and simple way to help local libraries. It is a great source of motivator for students to read. You can merge read-a-thon and library fundraisers to create higher donations. This will make the library fundraiser even better. Find a local library and start soon.

If there’s a problem with local libraries, you can host a terrific book collection for your library fundraiser. You can raise funds by gathering and sharing books with young kids to let them improve their literacy.

Through such elementary school library fundraising ideas, use this platform to find a perfect library fundraising partner.

This is where students will sign up and create pages for donations with their wishlist. They can also ask friends and family for donations. Depending on the number of funds raised, pupils will receive rewards for the books on their wishlist.

7. Book Club

Book Club | elementary fundraising ideas

Since reading is a fundamental element of education for your young pupils, we take it extremely seriously. Book clubs are another novel approach to promoting reading, building a feeling of community, and raising money for your organization.

With such elementary school fundraiser ideas, you can invite parents, elementary school children, or a combination of both. Not just them, but everyone, especially book lovers welcome to join a book club.

You may set your guidelines for your group’s activities and meeting times. Simply request a nominal membership fee from potential members, which they may pay in person or online using your contribution form.

Then just decide on a meeting place, unwind, and take turns reading. Talk about your favorite novels with ease while the fundraiser benefits. Make the participants aware of your cause so that many more are encouraged to take part.

8. Used Book Sale

Used Book Sale | elementary school fundraising idea

The primary school students probably have a pile or two of books that they’ll soon have to get rid of. They will soon swiftly move into new reading levels. To make excellent utilization of the books your pupils have outgrown, start a used book fundraiser.

To make excellent utilization of the books your pupils have outgrown, start this used book fundraiser at your school. Such fundraising ideas for elementary schools have great benefits for those in need of books.

Place donation boxes around your school so that patrons may drop off their used books. You may then divide the books into various themes and grade levels.

This is for the convenience of the readers. It is then distributed at a school book sale or even a used book fair. Isn’t it a great product fundraiser?

9. Walk-a-Thon

Walk a Thon | elementary fundraising ideas

A walk-a-thon is far more appropriate for an elementary school fundraiser, unlike run-a-thons and 5Ks. They are common fundraisers for several high schools and corporations. Walk-a-thon activity lessens the burden on young contestants while maintaining the payment possibilities of a run-a-thon.

Students can solicit donations from friends and family for each lap they walk around the school’s track by recruiting sponsors.

Established an event registration and contribution page beforehand. Provide enough room for your parents to watch from the stands or walk with their kids, and then start the race!

The fact that this fundraising may be sold for a lot of money is a bonus. Offer your walkers’ sponsors wristbands, event t-shirts, bags, water bottles, and snacks. Get ready to implement such fundraiser ideas for elementary schools and see the magic unfold.

Product Fundraising Ideas for Elementary schools

There are times when you have to promote products in different ways. Here are some product fundraising ideas for elementary schools. You won’t be disappointed to read them.

10. Face Mask Fundraiser

Face Mask fundraiser | elementary fundraising ideas

Face mask fundraisers can be quite fun. It is quick and relaxing for many participants. You can make this a virtual or online-only fundraiser for convenience. If you want, you can make it an in-person event too.

During the pandemic, lots of online-only fundraisers took place to gain money. Therefore, face mask fundraisers too can be great fundraising ideas for elementary schools. It is an opportunity to strengthen your fundraising game.

Mask fundraising is a reduced, high-return fundraising tactic. It may help your organization generate funds for the cause while simultaneously protecting your supporters.

Have custom-made face masks that have the school’s brand name. You can sell the masks to parents, students, and community members. This will show the pride of your school and promote safety and health among supporters.

11. T-Shirt Fundraiser

T-shirt Fundraiser | fundraising ideas for elementary schools

T-shirt fundraisers are a great way to lift the school’s spirits. It is a wonderful way to encourage the pride of your school. You can do it by wearing shirts that promote the elementary school and bringing a good amount of donations.

Create personalized t-shirts for your elementary school, unique school events, or certain clubs and programs. You can do it by collaborating with neighborhood businesses or using a professional quality fundraising firm.

Purchasing these things in bulk will provide you with ongoing, dependable fundraising. Additionally, you may sell t-shirts as goods at other fundraising occasions or educational activities, such as unique t-shirts for the field day or even t-shirts to thank your volunteers. This is one of the best elementary fundraising ideas to promote products.

12. School Calendars

School Calender Sale | elementary school fundraising ideas

A school calendar sale will definitely create lots of profit in the fundraiser. It is a classic product that lets you create a sense of belongingness; a sense of community among families and friends.

You can share photos of students’ art, images of events, photos of staff and faculty, and school areas for each month of the calendar.

Additionally, you can also note important school events in your calendars, such as reminders for picture day or notes about upcoming fundraisers.

Sell these calendars to students and parents to create a heart-warming reminder of your times together as a school community! Such creative fundraising ideas for elementary schools have a memorable impact on everyone, so try it out.

13. Car Decals

Car decals | elementary fundraising ideas

Our mode of transport has become very important in our lives. It is virtually impossible to travel without one. Vehicle decals are another method to incite some school pride among your pupils and parents, much like branded t-shirts and personalized face masks!

You can promote your school and your students anywhere parents travel by selling branded (and even personalized!) automobile decals. You may even host a design competition for one of the decals to further your decal fundraising and include your participants.

These stickers can be purchased outright, added to your school website’s online store, or even distributed as prizes during other fundraising events.

14. Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans | elementary fundraiser ideas

Coffee is a beverage that has high demand. Whether you want it hot or cold, more than half the population loves this drink. It may seem a bit strange to have a coffee bean fundraiser as an elementary fundraising idea, but let’s not worry. If the students may not drink coffee, their parents or other adult guests can.

Coffee is a source of energy. To keep drowsy parents alert, sell them coffee beans. Through flyers given to children and email blasts, you can publicize this fundraising event.

This is a fantastic way to raise money! Make use of the vast parent connections and volunteers to spread the word about your coffee sale and get the best outcomes.

Quick and Easy Elementary Fundraising Ideas

No one likes a complicated process of work in anything. Therefore, here is a set of easy and quick elementary fundraising ideas for you. Be at ease when it comes to reaching your fundraising goals.

15. Shoe Drive

Shoe Drive | elementary fundraising ideas

A shoe drive is an amazing elementary fundraiser idea to help students and elementary schools. It is a great way to recycle shoes, and you gain profits from forgotten shoes. This cost-effective, local fundraiser works quite well for the fundraising organization.

It works well as elementary students outgrow shoes very fast. You get a variety of shoes, from sneakers to ballerinas in the fundraiser.

All you have to do is simply put collection boxes near the school and become partners with a show drive coordinator for fundraisers or shoe drive organizations. You can exchange donors’ new and tenderly worn shoes for a cheque from a third-party merchant.

Start with this fundraiser to gain loads of donations and make the most out of it. This fundraiser is an effective one when collaborating with different other fundraisers too.

16. Food Truck Day

Food Truck Day | elementary fundraising ideas

Who doesn’t love food? It is the one thing that keeps everyone motivated. There is a wide variety of flavors that you must try. So what’s better than having a food truck fundraiser? This event is something that no one can turn down. It has the power to bring together different communities.

This event promises fun and most importantly, good food. Use the amazing and successful fundraiser ideas for elementary schools soon.

This fundraising activity goes nicely with other events like fairs, field days, and new outdoor activities. Simply ask your neighborhood food truck vendors for a cut of their sales during this unique fundraising campaign.

As an alternative, you may grant these vendors parking spaces in exchange for them selling meals. They can do it in and near your school round.

17. Family Picture Day

Family Picture Day | elementary fundraising ideas

Taking family pictures is a memorable act. You get to freeze time with your loved ones. Family picture day is a good option if you are looking for good fundraising ideas for elementary students.

Ask locals, artists in the area, academics, and even staff members if they would like to participate in your musical night by performing (kid-friendly!) songs in your school’s auditorium to discover some local talent.

This activity can be connected with bigger initiatives like a talent show or school festival, and have a seasonal theme. You can also include elementary school trip fundraising ideas to take more pictures with family and other guests.

Just remember to gather the entry charge when participants pick up their tickets. By trying to set up a concession stand or selling merchandise with the event’s branding, you maximize the amount of money.

18. Make a Snake

Make a snake | elementary fundraising ideas

Students get distracted quite fast. They need something very engaging to stay in the game. Snake fundraiser is one of the finest easy elementary fundraising ideas. In this fundraiser, you need to make a snake, and the one who makes the longest snake wins.

The competition should be healthy between students. They can divide each class into a team. Students will need to bring cash donations and make a snake out of money.

Set a fundraising goal and promote this fundraiser by requesting students to spare some change. Use dollars and coins and for the longest snake donation should get a reward.

Reward the team, club, or class with something unique. It can be a physical gift or an experiential one like a day in the amusement park.

19. Dog Wash

Dog Wash | fundraising ideas for elementary schools

Many of us love cuddling some sort of animal. They get dirty, and occasionally your beloved canine companion needs a special bath to be clean. Finding both the time and a suitable location to wash your dog, however, can be difficult when you have a hectic schedule and an animated pet.

Fortunately, by holding a dog-washing fundraiser elementary schools and other groups can satisfy this need in their community. Any group with the necessary equipment, a passion for animals, and expertise in caring for them can conduct such easy elementary school fundraising ideas.

There should be a positive attitude towards the animal. Dog wash fundraising is particularly successful for pet-themed groups.

Groom a pet dog with this fun fundraising event. Invite families and their dogs for a good bath time for a small fee. The volunteers can scrub, wash and groom the dogs. If a child is doing this activity, let there be an adult to look over them.

Be sure that there are no allergies involved because of dogs. Have an open space and set up a card or cash payment booth. You should have enough water, soap, and bins to do such an activity. Such an event can be a cool elementary school student council fundraising idea as well. Try it and raise money in a fun way.

20. PJ Day

PJ Day | elementary school fundraising ideas

One of the finest and easy elementary school fundraising ideas that work is the PJ day fundraiser. It may be difficult to get the students to market products or bring donations, hence pajama day is a wonderful option.

It is a memorable and fun activity that no student is likely to forget. What you need to do is, before the PJ day, students should pay a small fee for the benefit to wear pajamas to school.

You can incorporate this event into a costume party that encourages children to dress up and have fun with the holiday spirit. Alternatively:

  • Mark the calendar: Choose a day that best fits everyone involved in the fundraiser.
  • Register for this event: Obtain complimentary Pajama Day flyers to distribute across your school to promote the occasion. Give Pajama Day stickers to attendees.
  • Raise Funds: Get free Pajama Day fliers to hand out across your school and hilarious Pajama Day decals for guests to commemorate the occasion.
  • Party in your pajamas: There are so many wonderful ideas to make your pajama party as exceptional as your school. Play a game, host a movie, or compete for prizes.
    Collect the money and have a successful fundraiser.

21. Parent’s Night Out

Parents Night out | elementary fundraiser ideas

Not every elementary fundraising ideas center the school students. Some fundraisers focus on parents too. Some top-notch fundraisers may come as a surprise for you.

We all know how parents get exhausted looking after the family, home, and home. They have to maintain social outings and relationships and look into tiny chores that kids hardly realize their existence.

During parent’s night our fundraiser, you can allow parents to take the night off. Hire some volunteers to look after parents’ kids on a specific day. after this, invite the parents to shell out a fee to have the kids watched for some time.

In this way, parents can enjoy free time. They can go out on a date. They can attend an event or just relax at home doing nothing.

Parents will be able to enjoy their free time for a date, event, or opportunity to relax at home!

22. Bake Sale

Bake Sale | elementary fundraising ideas

Wish to create the perfect PTA fundraiser? Bake sale comes under one of the best elementary PTA fundraising ideas. The traditional bake sale can do wonders for your school. The main role of a PTA is to create a strong and healthy relationship between teachers, parents, and school associations.

This is done to provide the best possible assistance for students. Several PTAs organize and recruit volunteers for fundraisers. They offer teacher support, parent education sessions, etc.

Check to discover whether there are any bakers amongst your PTA members and their parent network. Anyone may participate, sell their products at the bake sale function, and help their school by preparing homemade cookies or cupcakes from a boxed recipe.

And we all know that people love delicious baked goodies. The bake sale fundraising idea for PTA elementary schools will be a great hit.

23. Jelly Bean Count

Jelly Bean Count | elementary fundraising ideas

Elementary school fundraiser ideas go crazy when it involves jelly beans. All you need is a container, a pack of jelly beans, some writing materials, and pencils to start this simple, inexpensive fundraiser.

Gather your kids around the jar, fill it with jelly beans, and demand a $1 entry fee to guess how many jelly beans are there in a container. All the jelly beans go to the winner!

You could always count the jelly beans manually using some scratch paper and a contribution container.

Alternatively, you may make this fundraiser even more straightforward by using online-only fundraising platforms that track student estimates, enable donations, or make it simple to determine the jelly bean count champion. Try such simple elementary school fundraisers event ideas to have a victorious fundraiser.

24. Teachers in Jail

Teachers in jail | elementary fundraising ideas

Give your students a fixed number of weeks to reach a set monetary goal for a school project. You might ask them to raise enough money to fund a field trip or fix up parts of the school.

Whatever the objective, kids receive the same reward when they earn enough money for their class: they get to “jail” their teacher (or administrator!).

Of course, nobody is actually getting imprisoned. In actuality, teachers receive extra preparation time or decide to spend some time in a cardboard jail while the pupils have a free period under the supervision of another staff member. Try such ideas for elementary fundraisers and see how it works for you.

25. Pie-in-the-Face

Pie in the face | fundraising ideas for elementary schools

Use a pie-in-the-face challenge to engage your instructors in your upcoming fundraising! When your students reach a specific fundraising goal, challenge your instructors to boldly accept to have a pie (or a pie pan filled with whipped cream) tossed in their faces.

To increase your earnings, combine this absurd fundraising target with a variety of additional events such as read-a-thon, a cookie dough fundraising, or a shoe drive. Your instructor will take the pie throw if your pupils read for plenty of hours, make enough money selling cookie dough, or contribute enough shoes.

Online Elementary School Fundraising Ideas

The convenience and comfort of online elementary school fundraising are inexplicable. It is cost-effective and can reach a wider audience than usual. Through online fundraising, there is a higher scope of money collection.

26. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding | fundraising ideas for elementary schools

Did you know what is crowdfunding? It is a fairly new concept in recent years. Crowdfunding campaigns entail requesting a lot of little donations from your followers for a certain cause. These fundraisers can be put up quite easily and are a terrific way to quickly generate a groundswell of support.

There are crowdfunding consultation websites that give an easy breakdown of what you have to do.

  • Work with a specialized platform for crowdsourcing or running your website.
  • Create a fundraising page.
  • Request to share online of your page from students and parents.

Crowdfunding is yet another simple virtual campaign. Such elementary fundraising ideas have the power to make a lot of collections. to collect money for your primary school, in addition to online school fundraisers such as library or read-a-thons fundraisers!

27. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Peer to Peer Fundraising | elementary school fundraising idea

Peer-to-peer fundraising removes all of your responsibility for organizing and publicizing your event. You might instead delegate control to your supporters. Take help from staff members, PTA members, and parents who have friends and family to help you raise money.

They can first create their fundraiser and contribution sites and share them with others. Then, they may text the links to one another, spread the word, or even utilize Facebook and other social networking sites to promote your peer-to-peer fundraiser as much as possible!

You might even turn it into a contest by pitting the groups that execute the most effective peer-to-peer campaigns in each classroom against one another. There are good elementary school fundraiser ideas in the world that are also online.

28. Matching Gifts

Matching Gifts | elementary school fundraising ideas

Do you know that annually unclaimed matching gift price totals between $4 and $7 billion? Matching gifts fundraiser is a unique way of collecting money for a good cause. Such elementary school fundraising event ideas are worth trying.

Companies utilize matching gifts, a kind of corporate philanthropy, to provide additional funds to worthy organizations. This indicates that the employers of the contributors may only be willing to match your donations.

Make sure to inform parents and other community members about matching contribution programs. Urge them to research the corporate philanthropy initiatives of their workplaces. Incorporate a perfectly matching gift database into your contribution form to streamline the procedure. In this way, you instantly double or even triple, the number of gifts through a few clicks.

29. Text-to-Give Campaign

Text to give campaign | elementary fundraising ideas

Everyone is highly dependent on their smart gadgets today. Almost all the work is done there quite fast. Since mobile usage grows every year, a text-to-give campaign may be a fantastic way to support your primary school without having to organize a real event.

To get in touch with your supporters, post flyers, send emails, and authenticate the data in your donation database and school address books. Invite parents, employees, and others in the community to text a specific keyword to a certain number. The remainder should be handled by your text-to-give platform, enabling people to contribute to your cause in a matter of seconds.

Such types of fundraising were best as elementary school fundraising ideas during covid. But now, whether covid or not, you can host such a fundraiser for comfort and ease.

30. Virtual Craft Night

Virtual Craft Night | elementary fundraising ideas

Craft fundraising events conducted virtually show that having fun does not need a physical presence. Parents and kids may relax in their own homes while taking part in an arts and crafts evening virtually. In such fundraiser ideas for elementary school, give students instructions on how to produce a project.

You can do it by using a tutorial video or even a live, facilitated meeting. You can supply and distribute resources to your students beforehand, or you can let them know where to locate the inexpensive, appropriate, or simple-to-find tools.

As students browse the event’s online registration page, request a little payment. After they’ve paid, provide them with the link to the craft video.

This will help them to start crafting Christmas cardboard cutouts, Halloween paper bats, or anything else the fundraising members come up with. Implement such elementary art fundraiser ideas for large donations.

31. Online Giving Day

Online Giving Day | elementary fundraising ideas

As strong and caring individuals, sharing and giving should be a daily part of our lives. Kindness knows no boundary so here’s a way to show compassion and raise money.

The elementary school fundraiser may occasionally benefit from a deadline to truly motivate people to contribute. A singular online giving day for your institution, a la Giving Tuesday, may instill a sense of urgency in your fundraising efforts.

For many charitable organizations, this single, well-publicized occasion is among the most fruitful fundraising times of the whole year. Your school may employ the same tactic to attract a surge of support.

Regardless of whether you use a Facebook funding page, a text-to-give line, or a mixture of various giving options, be sure to publicize the major event and provide parents and the larger community with clear directions on how to donate. This can be one of the best online fundraising ideas for elementary school kids.

32. Watch Party

Watch party | fundraising ideas for elementary schools

Gone are the days when you had to wait in a queue for a movie ticket. Today we have other sources to watch movies. Thanks to the various online platforms, you have endless opportunities to watch whatever you want. There are watch parties via Netflix, Amazon, etc.

These make it easy for people to watch in groups and have fun together. So why not use this chance to create a fundraiser? Yes, you read it right.

Most of us love watching a good movie. Therefore, by creating a fundraiser, you also do it for a good cause. coming under the online fundraising idea for elementary schools, the watch party will be a hit. So what do you need to do?

Just pick a kid-friendly or family-friendly movie for the guests. You need to schedule a particular time and create a donation page. This page should be used for the entrance fee. Serve them with popcorn, nachos, and other tidbits to create maximum engagement.

Fundraising Event Ideas for Elementary Schools

You may come across several ideas, but none can match the ones that are listed below. Implement these event ideas and gain some outstanding outcomes. Read ahead to know some of the best fundraising event ideas for elementary schools.

33. School Concert

School Concert | fundraising ideas for elementary schools

Concerts are a great way to gather several people. Use this as a way to host an ultimate concert for kids. Invite families, local performers, professors, staff members, and friends. Incorporate creative fundraising ideas for elementary school music programs with school concerts.

Use their talent for a good cause. They may be interested in taking part in the musical night. Find a local community hall or even your own school for this event.

Remember, singing kid-friendly songs. You can incorporate this fundraiser as a sweet elementary school valentine’s fundraiser idea too. Let the kids grab this opportunity to show how they love someone.

Such types of events can have themes. You can even merge it with bigger projects like school festivals or talent shows. It will be one of the best fundraising ideas for elementary schools. Remember to collect a little admission fee when competitors pick up their tickets.

Additionally, you may increase your earnings from the event. How is that? Do it by setting up a concession booth or selling branded goods from the event. Start this fundraiser for elementary schools and collect large amounts of money in less time.

34. 50/50 Raffle

50-50 raffle | elementary fundraiser ideas

The 50/50 raffle event is hassle-free when it comes to hosting a fundraiser. It is one of the best easy fundraising ideas for elementary schools. It is unlike the typical raffle where people have to run around. In this one, the prize is fifty percent of the money you raise by selling tickets for the raffle. The other fifty percent goes straight toward the school.

The amount can be in thousands. However, the amount may depend on the ticket prices and how you promote this fundraiser. You can pair this with other bigger events like game tournaments to increase its effectiveness.

It is also a great way to engage everyone who participates. Try the 50/50 raffle for maximum results and make a difference for elementary school kids distinctively.

35. Costume Contest

Costume Contest | elementary fundraiser ideas

Whether it’s St. Patrick’s day or Halloween, always have time for a good costume party or contest. For this fundraiser, request students to pay a modest price to participate in these themed contests, by dressing up for school.

You can provide them with a sticker, badge, or small token to categorize them as participants. They can enter the costume contest in their classroom when receiving the funds.

Kids will have a lot of fun through such elementary class fundraising ideas. Although they cannot vote for themselves, students can choose their favorite costumes. It can be the most well-made and creative outfit.

You can invite your friends, family or acquaintances. The participants can receive minor rewards.

36. Art Show

Art show | elementary school fundraising ideas

Art has a great impact on many individuals. It is a valued form of expression for many. Through an art show, or an amazing elementary art fundraising idea, you can gain large profits. The pupils likely have a massive collection of artwork that is just ready to be shown between their projects and the crafts and arts chances in the classroom.

Give kids designated time to create in class or encourage them to bring artwork from home to present in the school’s own art exhibition!

Make a grand night of it by announcing the student gallery’s opening with refreshments and prizes. Selling tickets to family members waiting in line to see their children’s artwork is one way to collect money.

37. Talent Show

Talent Show | elementary fundraising ideas

There must be young artists, magicians, vocalists, dancers, and painters who are all eagerly awaiting the chance to showcase their skills. This primary school fundraising concept will not only raise money but also highlight your pupils’ distinctive talents.

Make a sign-up page to encourage participation and showcase their hidden abilities. Implement such unique fundraising ideas for elementary schools and collect large sums of money in minimum time.

You may charge a small admission fee to people who are keen to assist the young superstars that make up your school, in addition to selling refreshments during the event.

If you face difficulty in holding a fundraiser, hire companies who have professionals to guide you through. They can help you with all the processes regarding setting up a fundraiser.

You can also incorporate separate elementary school music fundraising ideas with a talent show to boost collection and footfall.

38. Auction

Auction | elementary fundraising ideas

Another amazing online fundraiser would be hosting an auction. One of the most profitable fundraising events you may arrange is this one, but to maximize your return on investment, you’ll need to put a little more thought and organization into it.

For instance, finding products that all the participants would genuinely want to bid on is the hardest aspect of auctions. Make sure you choose kid-friendly things and housewares that parents would value for your elementary school’s fundraiser.

You can make high-value gift baskets by combining many things with experience gifts like family-friendly vacation options.

There is some of the best auction software available. They can provide your auction with a plethora of opportunities. Participants can use mobile devices to place bids.

You can also hold this full auction online. Such elementary school fundraising ideas during covid were a great success. You can now use it anytime you want.

39. Roller Skating Night

Roller Skating night | elementary fundraising ideas

Roller skating is not for everyone, but it sure brings the best out of students. Many individuals love skating and will enjoy being a part of this fundraiser.

You’ll adore the concept of a roller skating evening if the restaurant fundraiser mentioned above strikes you as a worthwhile fundraising event idea. For your pupils, this is a more involved fundraiser that would be a fun-filled evening filled with song and dance.

Speak with a local skating rink to arrange a night when a portion of sales will be donated to your school. Encourage volunteering, carpooling, chaperoning, and other cooperative efforts to attract bigger groups.

The groups may have kids and their families attend the event by heavily promoting this skating night to your pupils. Try such joyous and beautiful fundraising elementary school idea and collect a good sum of money.

40. Board Game Tournament

Board game tournament | fundraising ideas for elementary schools

Many board games like aren’t for specifically aged children like Monopoly or Candy Land. Some are complex while others are simple. Find a suitable board game for all age groups and start a board game tournament.

Take a survey of your students and parents, if they prefer video games or board games. Encourage them to participate in this exciting, multi-round school fundraiser. If they have their preferred board games it creates high interest in the fundraiser leading to better donation value.

You can charge a modest entrance fee for each player. You can also ask the families of your players to contribute to each round they take part in. There can be a collection of awards for the winners of your various games is acceptable. This creates healthy competition as well.

41. School Dance

School Dance | fundraising ideas for elementary schools

If you need fundraising ideas for low-income elementary schools, this can be the one. event fundraising like school dances will work astoundingly to raise funds.

A school dance shouldn’t be reserved for high school students only! Decorate your gym, establish a ticketing booth for your event that is both online and in person, and then let your families and students have fun and dance the night away with buddies.

Think about combining your performance with other fundraising events like raffles, quiet auctions, and concession sales. Although the cost of the tickets may be your primary source of income, these other projects will boost your overall earnings and create more options for student participation. Such events also help students to have fun and show their skills.

If you are confused about how to organize the fundraiser, call a company that can set it up for you and helps you promote the event. Dance and enjoy this event and collect donations.

42. Trivia Night

Trivia Night | elementary fundraising ideas

Trivia night is a great opportunity to increase your knowledge about funny and odd things. Such an event fundraiser will definitely have people participating in it. Organize a quiz night as the next family-friendly fundraiser for your elementary school.

While fighting for large and small rewards, participants will learn interesting information about a variety of diverse topics. Go for such elementary school fundraisers event ideas and gain profits.

You can include a supplementary round of questions on forthcoming school events. The bonus questions can mention read-a-thons, impending bake sales, or other fundraising activities.

Participants in the trivia competition may have a great time while learning more about your institution, competing for prizes, and enjoying snacks and drinks from your concession stands. This can also be a great valentine’s fundraiser idea for elementary schools.

Easy-To-Host Elementary Fundraising Ideas

There are hundreds of ideas for fundraisers for elementary schools to try. These will no doubt be profitable and can successfully contribute to your cause. However, if you are looking for ideas for hosting that are quick, easy, and budget-friendly, here are some.

43. Pancake Breakfast

Pancake Breakfast | Elementary fundraising ideas

It’s easy to make pancakes and also to host a fundraiser with a pancake breakfast. What you need for this idea is to invite families of students and friends of your school community for breakfast. We always recommend you host the breakfast even on Sunday or on a holiday.

For the event, encourage some of the prominent members of your community to prepare the pancakes. You might ask the teachers, vice-principal, coaches, and caregivers with cooking skills for the same. You can offer a variety of pancakes at your event, from basic vanilla pancakes to flavorful ones. Chocolate, banana, and peanut butter pancakes are a hit among the children.

To raise money for the event, sell tickets of a minimum price for those attending the breakfast. But, ensure the ticket fee is enough to cover the costs of pancake supplies and raise substantial profits for your cause.

The best part, you need not worry about finding a venue for the breakfast event. You can host it in your school’s cafeteria or on the open playground if the weather is pleasant. Hosting this one of the easy elementary school fundraisers on weekend mornings or holidays will turn out to be highly profitable. It assures you receive more footfalls.

44. Straw-Draw Fundraiser

Straw draw fundraiser | elementary fundraising ideas

Another easy and top elementary school fundraiser is the straw-draw fundraiser.

It’s so cool and easy that you might be wondering why you haven’t done it earlier. All you need is a few packs of colorful straws. Decide some exciting prizes for participants and write them down on a piece of paper. Consider prizes like a free period, a chocolate box, an ice cream, excess recess time, etc.

After deciding on the prizes, tape the papers to the bottom of the straws. Place all the straws in an opaque glass preventing anyone from seeing what’s written within.

Set a minimum ticket price or entry fee for this awesome and fun fundraiser to raise enough for your cause. The participants will draw a straw and followed by a loud cheer, you are going to declare his or her gift. It seems exciting for many.

This one must be the simplest yet cool idea for fundraising for elementary schools. You can host any day within your school premises.

45. BBQ Cook-off

bbq cook off | elementary fundraising ideas

Consider barbeque cook-off as an easy-to-host fundraiser idea for elementary schools.

Everyone loves a cook-off, especially when it is about making something delicious. Besides, BBQ is the perfect food for festivities and special events and brings people together. So, why not try this fundraising idea to bring your school community and friends from outside together? They can enjoy some good moments together while cooking and relishing good food at night.

You need a good space for hosting your BBQ cook-off. You can arrange it in a big school playground. Choose that time of the year when the weather is pleasant. When people are in the holiday mood or before the start of the new school year is also a great time.

Sell tickets at a price that would cover the cost of supplies and ensure you sufficient profits. If you have a good restaurant nearby, you can solicit some help from them. They can provide you with the ingredients and equipment like a smoker or grill. They will be happy to help knowing that it is a school elementary fundraiser idea.

Fundraising Tips for Elementary Schools

Hosting elementary fundraising ideas for your school might have some blunders or slipups that can fail your event. So, before you start planning, learn about the possibilities to make it highly profitable and mistakes to avoid.

To help you raise the best PTA fundraising ideas for elementary school, here are some tips to keep in mind.

1. Make it easier to donate

The easier it is for someone to donate to your cause, the more profitable it gets. Of course, anyone who is interested in donating to noble causes will donate at your event if the process is simpler. Therefore, make the donation procedure as simple as possible.

It’s better to receive donations online through a website. After you have successfully planned your fundraiser event, prioritize the donation process by promoting the website through your social media page.

2. Be specific about your goal

When you are approaching the target audience, whether personally or through an online platform, be clear and specific about your purpose.

If you vaguely state a cause and ask them for donations, it will not persuade them. Approach them directly and ask for donations. State the goal behind hosting an elementary fundraising idea for your school and how it is going to benefit the students.

When you maintain transparency in your fundraising campaign, it easily captures the emotions of the audience and urges them to donate.

3. Make the audience aware of the impact

You can furthermore gain the trust of the audience by showing how previous fundraiser ideas have helped you. Mention how you initiated a new curriculum, provided scholarships, or improved the school infrastructure.

When you appreciate earlier donors’ contributions and highlight how they made a difference, it will motivate others to do the same.

4. Use images and videos for promotions

This is one of the most effective tips that work for any of the profitable PTO fundraisers for elementary schools.

It’s easy to draw anyone’s attention with captivating images and videos than text. Use this sensibility to promote your campaigns for the elementary fundraising event to captivate as many audiences as you can. Use images of your students, teachers, and school campus, and videos showing how teachers nurture the students with care.

When you use positive and bright visuals, they are likely to relate to your cause or feel compassionate. It will urge them to donate to your event.

5. Engage a strong volunteer base

Only a strong volunteer base guarantees the success of easy fundraisers for elementary schools.

Volunteers are a vital asset for any type of fundraising event! Whether it’s arranging the venue, organizing the event schedule, or inviting participants, they will do everything. They ensure to successfully host your eventLearn Some

Safety Guidelines for Elementary School Fundraising

Hosting the best fundraisers for elementary schools requires you to keep their safety as a top priority.

Here are some key points to bear in mind for safety.

  1. Parents or teachers should oversee their children when they go out for door-to-door sales. Also, limit the sales only to houses located in the neighborhood and that of friends’ houses.
  2. Teachers and parents should ensure the children handle the money received as donations correctly. Also, elders’ supervision is necessary to ensure that the kids share the right information about payment to the participants.
  3. In money-raising easy fundraisers for elementary schools, parents, or teachers’ involvement is necessary. It ensures the supporters know about the cause of the fundraiser.
  4. If the fundraising idea is an outdoor activity, make sure the kids wear the same bright and reflective clothing. It makes them visible among the crowd.

Quick Tips To Promote Elementary School Fundraisers

Before you host one of the coolest fundraisers for elementary schools, it is crucial to promote it well. It ensures you can attract maximum participants to your event.

Putting in brilliant marketing efforts is the key to successful fundraising. It helps promote your cause, draw people’s interest, and compel them to donate!

To make the marketing or campaign of your elementary school fundraising idea successful, here are some of our expert tips.

Social media promotions: Typically, the most powerful marketing media is social media. With billions of users on every type of platform, you can reach a broader audience base. Posting influencing pictures, videos, links, and content is also easier on social media, which helps you approach your audience directly.

Flyers: Despite social media influencing the marketing field, you should not forget the relevance of traditional print flyers. Print an appropriate message with colorful images about your fundraising cause on the flyers. Hand them to people by going door-to-door in the neighborhood to ask for their support.

This also makes your approach personal and hence, is more likely to raise the interest of the people. It ensures to donate to your fundraiser.

Local newspaper: You can also approach a local newspaper agency. Request them to print about your fundraiser event with a captivating photo. This will allow you to describe your cause vividly.

Direct mail: It is a pretty convenient and effective way to get support from the community. When they get an email requesting support for a genuine cause of your school, they are more likely to help.

Word of mouth: Talk more about your elementary school fundraising event and also get other people talking about it too. The more people talk about your event, the faster it spreads in the community. It ensures more people will come forward to support it.

Why Is Elementary School Fundraising Important?

The value of school fundraisers extends well beyond practical considerations. Few other activities can bring people together as well as school fundraisers can, fostering closer ties between the families, community, and schools.

Even though that is their main goal, these activities do more than only collect funds for much-needed facility improvements or educational enrichment programs. They provide kids, teachers, and parents the chance to forge enduring relationships, pick up new abilities, and create priceless memories.

Here are other reasons why elementary school fundraisers are important-

  • Families get involved
    In such busy lives, it’s good that fundraisers give us a chance to work and enjoy ourselves with families. Families, children, teachers, and other people involved in the fundraiser are a recipe for a successful fundraiser.
  • Benefits student development
    Students get to learn new things through such fundraising ideas. they learn how to host an event, socialize better, have compassion, and get leadership skills. Such ideas for an elementary school fundraiser to boost money and enhance student development are like a jackpot.
  • Fundraisers bring together communities
    When communities come together, there is a sense of unity. It’s a moment to have fun, do something for a good cause and create a terrific bond. This may be helpful in future events too.
  • Volunteering opportunities
    Through volunteering opportunities, people get to understand the process of hosting a successful fundraiser. Volunteering also gives you knowledge about fundraising ideas for PTA elementary schools, Christmas contests, student council fundraising, thanksgiving fundraising, etc.

Parents are Key to Success for Elementary School Fundraisers

A parent’s role is vital when it comes to fundraisers. Their involvement with the students and the fundraisers speaks volumes to people. Through several PTA meetings, fundraisers can be a huge success for everyone involved.

Even though parents dread the fundraiser phase as it’s time-consuming, and soaked in work, they still play a huge role in it.

  • Parents help their children to gain excitement for the fundraiser. This helps a lot with the hosting process. If children are not interested or discouraged, parents can help here.
  • They can take up organizational roles, volunteer activities, or help in the promotion of the fundraiser. This boosts the success of the event a lot. They can get involved in small errands to help different members involved in the fundraiser. It helps in starting the event faster. Parents get further ideas for elementary school fundraiser promotion and can use them in the future too.
  • Exploration- Investigating innovative and intriguing peer-to-peer fundraising concepts is a fantastic approach to include both parents and students.
    Numerous institutions (and other organizations) frequently fall into a rut and wind up repeating the same uninspired fundraising concepts year after year. Parents, students, and even the family and friends who are offering their support can know about student store fundraising ideas, spring fundraiser ideas, and more.

Collect More- A Fantastic Fundraiser Awaits You!

With such fascinating information, we are confident you can raise more money with less work. Through these events, you may generate thousands of dollars while letting your contributors experiment with cutting-edge styles and simple, kid-friendly fundraising concepts. They leave no stone unturned when it comes to creating something innovative and spectacular.

Whether you need elementary school PTO fundraising ideas or relay for life fundraising ideas, Midland Fundraising is the organization you need. If you’re seeking assistance with your elementary school fundraising activity you can take their help. It is the best one to arrange or conduct a campaign, quickly, while registering the maximum returns on your charity fundraiser.

They offer several catalogs for various types of fundraiser events. Prepare for your next elementary school fundraising campaign with fantastic prospects.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I choose the right fundraising idea for elementary schools?

To pick the right idea from the list of elementary school fundraiser ideas is challenging. Here we suggest a few secret facts to make it easy.

  • Make it easy and quick to host.
  • It should not involve a lot of investment.
  • Source the supplies for the fundraising event locally.
  • Host it within the school premises.
  • Host the event any time of the year.
  • Members of the school community i.e., parents, teachers, and students can host it.

2. Are there any online fundraisers for elementary schools?

Many easy and cool online fundraisers for elementary schools have shown success in the past. Some of them are:

  • Facebook/social media challenge fundraiser
  • Online auction
  • T-shirt fundraiser
  • Video game tournament
  • Online candy sale

3. How can we measure the success of our fundraising campaign?

The key metrics to measure the success of your elementary fundraising idea are:

  • ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Ticket sale
  • Donor retention rate
  • Average gift amount
  • Growth rate (i.e., success compared to the previous fundraiser)