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On The Go Totes Fundraiser
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Holiday Wishes Fall Fundraiser
UP TO 50% profit
Popcorn and Chocolates Fundraiser
UP TO 50% profit
Sweets And Treats Fundraiser
UP TO 45% profit
Cookie Dough Fundraiser
UP TO 50% profit
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31 Cheer Fundraising Ideas for Your Squad

Fantastic cheerleaders are precisely what any school needs to boost school spirit, whether supporting their school’s football, basketball, or other sports. In addition to competing in cheering events, many cheers and dance groups often wear pricey outfits and travel.

Cheerleading squads sometimes need to hold fundraising events since things like outfits, props, supplies, practice, travel to competitions, and even renting a cheering area can be costly.

This blog has detailed 31 cheer fundraising ideas to help you fulfill the cause by raising money for your cheerleading group. Each picture elaborated is easily achievable at minimum costs and a higher return on investment.


What Is Cheer Fundraising?

The concept of Cheer Fundraising refers to raising money for a cheerleading group. Cheerleading squads use various cheer fundraising ideas to raise funds and pay entrance fees to take part. They must also pay for travel, food, lodging, dresses, makeup, and other related expenses.

Cheerleading is one of the best ways to show support and school spirit to your team. It can raise the overall morale of the crowd and enhance everyone’s involvement in the game.

However, having a cheerleading group or being a cheerleader is not only about games and fun. Instead, it’s an expensive activity and involves miscellaneous expenses to cover.

It’s not always possible for the group to have the necessary amount of money and spend as and when required. That is why it’s a MUST for cheerleading groups to raise funds by hosting profitable fundraising campaigns.

Top 31 Cheer Fundraising Ideas

Several costs are involved in the cheerleading clubs. It’s not always possible for cheerleading groups to have funds ready at their service. Therefore, raising money by hosting a cheerleading fundraising campaign is the most viable option cheerleading teams are left with.

However, in terms of planning fundraising events, it’s required to be creative enough to gather attention from as many donors as possible. In this section, we have explained 31 cheer fundraising ideas below, each of which can be quickly executed, tracked, and monetized.

1. Lollipop Fundraising

lollipop fundraising | cheer fundraising ideas

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Lollipop fundraising is one of the fabulous fundraising ideas for competitive cheerleading groups. You can plan this community business donation program, especially during the Fall and Holiday seasons.

Sell anything you want in your lollipop stall – color blasters, mega-rounds, sports pops, church lollipops, and sweet pops.

Pick up some volunteers from your team and get the lollipop supplied by local suppliers. This will benefit the local businesses primarily. Next, organize a colorful and noticeable lollipop stand in any community space. Charge a nominal amount for each purchase to generate revenue.

2. Popcorn and Peanuts Fundraiser

Gourmet popcorn catalog | cheer fundraising ideas

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The popcorn and peanuts fundraiser is an innovative fund-raising concept that can help you reach your fundraising goals and make your event a huge success. Make a preliminary estimate of the number of purchasers first, then prepare flavored popcorn and peanuts.

Create a popcorn and peanuts fundraiser stand at any public location, such as in front of a school, a children’s park, a theatre, etc., to attract children’s attention.

Gourmet popcorn with a variety of flavors, including salted caramel, hot chili, cheese butter, apple pie, tangy tomato, and vanilla chocolate, popcorn, can be sold.

You may go with essential, salted peanuts or add variations like cream onion, salt, pepper, cheese, garlic peanuts, etc. Charge a modest fee for each serving of popcorn to help raise money.

3. Cookie Dough Fundraising

cookie dough fundraising catalog | cheer fundraising ideas

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Holiday seasons are incomplete without delicious cookies, and a cookie dough fundraising event is one of the excellent fundraising ideas for cheerleaders.

Cookies are sweet twists carrying the ‘essence of love.’ You can get wholesale cookies supplied by the local bakers or ask your cheerleaders to bake cookies at home and bring them to the fundraising campaign.

Fix a nominal amount for every cookie box purchase to gain more profit. You can also give away one extra lollipop or candy bar for free to gain more attention from the buyers. It’s one of the fantastic cheer fundraising ideas that can be launched in any community setting.

4. Candy Bar Fundraising

candy bar | Cheer fundraising ideas

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A candy bar fundraising campaign is both fun and profitable at the same time. Who doesn’t love candies? Everybody does, and that’s precisely why this event will be a blast if you plan it properly.

Choose any community place to set up your candy stall, like a footpath, a park, or a spacious courtyard of a team member.

Now, buy candies of different flavors and shapes from a local seller. Then embellish your stall, and you are all set to start the event. To gain the attention of more customers, you can provide discount offers on more significant purchases such as candy tubs, candy houses, or extra-large candy boxes.

5. Candle Fundraising

candles fundraiser catalog | cheer fundraising ideas

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With the holiday season approaching, it’s possible to assume that there will be a high demand for candles, and people will prefer purchasing them in bulk to avoid the last-minute hassle. Raise your profit from this demand by planning a candle fundraising event.

Cheerleading fundraisers, such as handmade scented candles, are in high demand. So, choose a local supplier and get a quick supply of them. Now, you must set up a small accessible stall in any community area to sell and raise funds.

Ensure to keep a nominal amount for each candle box. You may also offer adorable notes mentioning holiday wishes to add more value.

Unique DIY Cheer Fundraiser Ideas

6. Spirit Nights

Spirit Nights | Cheer fundraising ideas

A spirit night fundraiser is a pretty easy way to raise money for your cause. This simple way of revenue-generating is also a Win/Win for your group, which benefits both the venue and the supporters.

If you select a restaurant as the venue, you will get a sound referral commission without spending a lot of time or money planning and promoting an event.

You can include a flavor of positivity in your spirit night by asking some of your cheerleaders to move to some good beats that will engage the participants even more. To raise the money, charge a small amount as an entry fee from the participants.

7. Coupon Books

Coupon Books | Cheer fundraising ideas

Selling coupon books could be one the easy fundraising ideas for cheer teams and for every other type of nonprofit organization to raise money.

This cheer fundraising idea involves selling books, booklets, and brochures at discounted prices. This is quite an effective way to make money as these events can attract many audiences.

You can organize this fundraising program by asking for sponsorship from book companies or donating old books at rebated prices.

You can also contact any local seller of old books who would love to give you some books at cheaper prices that you will sell again to raise money.

8. Pie-A-Face

Pie A Face | Cheer fundraising ideas

There are so many reasons why pep rallies are fun. Plus, they are easy-to-cheek fundraisers, too. Let your cheerleaders be involved in the festivities and make funds for them. Cream pies to the face are immensely entertaining; combining donations with the event will be productive, too.

The highest donor can choose the cheerleader they want to make a mess of with the pies. Pie-A-Face is a fun way to raise money for your cheerleading team, where you need only your team members’ involvement.

Make sure to bring some good quality cream pies so that the colors in the creams don’t cause any irritation on the skin.

9. Silent Auction

Silent Auction | cheer fundraising ideas

A silent auction is an event where various items are displayed for the attendees to evaluate, place valuable bids, and make purchases.

Nevertheless, it’s called silent since no auctioneer is present, and the bids are placed anonymously using a bidding sheet and a bidding number.

To raise money for your cheerleading team, you can arrange this silent auction in any area of your locality. You can place bids on trending items like salon gift cards, Jewelry, Art, sporting equipment, movie or play tickets, etc. Although time-consuming, a silent auction has much potential to raise money.

10. Raffles

Raffle | cheer fundraising ideas

It would be a terrific idea to encourage fans to join a charity raffle during the important sporting events at your school.

Ask nearby companies whether they would be willing to provide raffle winners with free goods or a gift card—raffle off the raffle tickets on the big day by charging for them.

Consider holding a 50/50 raffle or investing in an exciting vacation package to generate excitement instead, keeping in mind that prizes are essential to the success of a raffle fundraiser.

11. Ice Cream Sales

Ice Creme Sale | cheer fundraising ideas

Ice cream sale is one of the fast fundraising ideas for cheer teams. It’s effective whether your cheering squad is in high school or is still in elementary school.

If you can’t find a distributor, look for one that would sell you ice creams at a wholesale price. You will get a discount on the retail prices, or go to a departmental store. Decide a day to sell ice cream, and set the pricing to earn a profit.

To ensure that the youngsters remember to bring a few bucks to purchase your delectable ice cream delights, be sure to publicize the dates and times of the sales.

Remember to set up a timetable for parents to sign up and come in to sell the ice cream on a rotating basis. The cheering team can generate money while the students have an excellent way to round off the week.

12. Pledge Challenges

Pledge Challenges | cheer fundraising ideas

A pledge challenge is one of the most engaging fundraiser ideas for cheerleading teams. This involves pledging to complete a particular challenge. I hope you all remember Jump Rope for Heart Pledges, which we all used to play during childhood. You can reminisce about those good old days through a Pledge Challenge Fundraiser.

It’s an excellent idea for your cheerleading team if the members are willing to take on challenges like shooting hoops, jumping ropes, and running laps.

Some other ideas include mowing lawns, long-distance cycling trips, and completing tasks oriented to community members, such as ice or leaf clean up.

Much planning is required for these cheer fundraising ideas, such as promoting the challenge, collecting the pledges, getting the guarantees, etc.

13. Walk-A-Thon

Walk A Thon | cheer fundraising ideas

Even if your cheerleaders might be able to sprint for kilometers without any trouble, organizing walk-a-thons is a tradition since it’s a classic fundraiser.

Ask friends and relatives to make donations in support of your cheerleaders. Ask friends and family to participate in the fundraising walk with you.

Find a location for the walk-a-thon, such as a neighborhood park or a school track, and get ready to go! Include rewards and participation trophies at the conclusion.

14. Cheerleaders’ Fashion Show

Cheerleaders Fashion Show | cheer fundraising ideas

Cheerleaders of all ages usually like doing performances, and a fashion show is an ideal venue for you to do both while supporting your team.

Have your team showcase each outfit after requesting donations from nearby retailers. You’ll need a location to hold your concert.

Hence, work with a local studio to use their event spaces or just the arena at your school. You can also invite the parents and friends of your cheerleading team to participate in the event to raise more money.

15. Holiday Candygrams

Holiday Candygrams | cheer fundraising ideas

Cheerleading squads have long loved holiday candygrams because they work well in educational settings.

Students may use this simple fundraising opportunity to send sweets and a unique note to a buddy. Everyone at the school likes participating in this fundraiser.

You only need to select holiday-appropriate candies and unique note cards that allow for message writing. To guarantee you don’t forget anyone, keep thorough sales records.

Select a time of day to distribute the candy bars, and then collaborate with the school administration to determine where the recipients will be. Make sure to involve the entire crew to ensure that all deliveries are made.

16. Color Runs

Color Runs | cheer fundraising ideas

A color run is a fun activity where participants are doused in color while they run. Even dressing up is an option if you want to increase pleasure. So that more people may participate, schedule it over a holiday or weekend.

The event can have a registration price. Set up many stations at which clients can receive color-spraying treatments.

Colors might also be sold at the event to allow attendees to paint each other. This will increase enjoyment and enable you to raise more money.

17. Discount cards

Discount Voucher | cheer fundraising ideas

Discount cards are again one of the fast fundraising ideas for cheer groups, most likely due to their low cost and high demand. People like cutting costs while dining out or purchasing daily necessities like dry cleaning or vehicle washes.

The secret to the discount card is to get in touch with as many well-known companies as possible in your neighborhood to set up specials and discounts that customers will be thrilled about.

The printing of the discount cards will be your most considerable outlay for this fundraising, but you may reduce it if you work with a nearby printer.

18. Baskets of Cheer

Basket Of Cheer | cheer fundraising ideas

The purpose of cheerleaders is to lift others, precisely what this fundraiser concept aims to achieve! Put themed gift baskets with your school’s sports or cheering squad merchandise.

Ask your school if they will contribute any of the spirit wear they sell or collaborate with a wholesaler to manufacture and locate the ideal things.

You may individually sell these baskets to family and friends or at sporting events and tournaments.

19. Dog Wash

Dog wash | cheer fundraising ideas

Do your cheerleading members love cute, furry friends more than anything else? If yes, then host a dog wash day where your community dogs can come for grooming. You must ask for donations to raise the funds but not exceed the minimum of $10.

If you want to cut more costs, you can ask the pet parents or your cheerleaders who have pets to bring towels or special shampoos.

Bake treats for the dogs when the event is in progress to add a dose of extra happiness. You can also arrange some refreshments for the proud parents of the furry babies.

With extra efforts and distinctive strategies, you can make your cheer fundraising ideas a huge success!

20. Hair And Makeup Lessons

Hair and makeup lessons | cheer fundraising ideas

Think about all the shows and competitions the cheerleaders have participated in; they’ve had plenty of practice with hair and cosmetics.

Unsurprisingly, many other people, especially younger people, wish to acquire similar abilities and showcase their craftsmanship.

Tell your team to instruct others on how to enhance their appearance. You don’t want to transfer germs, so buy sterile cosmetics applicators or ask people to bring their own.

Dress the participants and take many pictures to show off their new outfits! Take a small amount from each participant to cover the targeted funds.

21. Barbeque Stand

Barbeque Stand | cheer fundraising ideas

Do you own a grill? It may be put to good use to help your squad raise money. Install a barbecue station in your community and offer live meals. Due to the popularity of grilled food, this is a fantastic method to raise money.

Additionally, many people enjoy having a handmade barbecue but cannot prepare one at home simply because they lack a grill. You may use your stand to grill people’s freshly prepared and seasoned food to draw their attention.

You may charge a fee for this service and give customers the choice to make additional donations if they want.

22. Email Campaign

Email Campaign | cheer fundraising ideas

Email marketing or an Email campaign may be just as successful at generating money for your cheering team as mailing out appeal letters can. It’s an affordable and straightforward method to request donations from your friends, family, and community.

Additionally, these communications can be sent to other people who might be intrigued.

This is one of the best fundraisers for cheer teams to use the internet contacts on your team, such as distant relatives.

These emails are successful since they provide contributors with a specific donation link. Additionally, it’s crucial to include a suggested gift amount because many contributors will do so rather than choose a lower amount.

23. Cheer Clinic

Cheer Clinic | cheer fundraising ideas

Are there a lot of young, ambitious cheerleaders at your institute? Do you want to include them in the squad when they become older? The ideal summer day camp for younger children to try out becoming a cheerleader and acquire new skills is a cheer camp or clinic organized by your team.

Costs are low since your coach and cheerleaders manage the camp and utilize the school’s resources. With this creative cheerleading fundraising concept, you only need to charge for camp attendance to start making money.

24. Pumpkin Decoration

Pumpkin Decoration | cheer fundraising ideas

Holiday seasons mean Halloween, and one of the best parts about Halloween is picking out and carving a giant pumpkin.

Host a pumpkin-carving gathering for local children this year to take it further. Local parents are welcome to drop off their children with your team for a modest cost. It’s one of the most engaging cheerleading fundraiser ideas.

After having some refreshments and beverages, give each kid a pumpkin. Help them create the pumpkin of their fantasies by picking different patterns!

For extra entertainment, your cheerleaders might teach them dance moves to scary music, like Monster Mash and Thriller.

25. Cheerleaders’ Car Wash

Cheerleaders’ Car wash | cheer fundraising ideas

Car Wash is a tried and tested fundraising event and a profitable way to raise funds for your cheerleading group and keep the vehicles of your team and the community clean simultaneously. To set up a car wash in your parking lot or school, you can charge a fee for every car you wash.

Take a small amount from car owners as a charge for the service your team is providing. Hang banners, flyers, and posters to spread the word about the event of your car wash.

You can also make use of social media sites to promote the event. You must purchase some sponges, soaps, and other supplies for the car wash.

26. Refreshment Bar

Refreshment Bar | cheer fundraising ideas

Is any school event or sports night coming up soon nearby? Why not plan and set up a refreshment bar with your cheerleading groups? Arrange a simple stall and sell juices, sodas, coconut water, snacks like chips, fries, chicken nuggets, fish/chicken fingers, and popcorn.

It’s a great way to raise funds as people love to munch something while watching a sport, a program, or other event.

If your target fundraising amount is on a little higher side, you can offer unique combo deals such as two drinks and a bag of chips, a larger pack of nuggets/fries, or a tub of popcorn for a discounted price.

27. Dance A Thon

Dance A Thon | cheer fundraising ideas

Since cheerleaders like dancing, why not organize a cheerleading dance-a-thon fundraiser? Dance-a-thons are intended for participants to solicit contributions and pledges from their friends, neighbors, coworkers, and family before the event.

Dance-a-thons and dance marathons may be very profitable, cheering fundraising ideas when held online using a P2P crowdfunding platform. Have others bet on who will win, and then watch them compete for the prize.

28. Bake Sale

Bake Sale | cheer fundraising ideas

This is one of your squad’s most well-liked and time-tested fundraising concepts. Almost everyone enjoys baked goodies.

Additionally, anyone can perform it, which is the finest part. There is a recipe for everyone, whether you are an experienced baker or a novice.

You might invite each player to prepare and sell their favorite treats to raise money for the team. Your parents, grandparents, or other family members may be able to assist you. This is an excellent strategy for involving the neighborhood in your fundraising event.

29. Craft Fair

Craft fair | cheer fundraising ideas

Crafts done by hand are growing increasingly popular, and it’s one of the excellent cheer fundraising poster ideas. Due to the difficulty in finding handcrafted and distinctive things on the market, people choose to purchase them.

If you or the other team members are skilled in creating, you can use this talent to generate income.

You might organize a small craft fair in your neighborhood where you can sell the items you or your team members have produced by hand. There are many items that individuals would want to purchase, including art, jewelry, and clothing.

30. Cheer-A-Thon

Cheer-A-Thon | cheer fundraising ideas

This can be an excellent option for the competitive squads planning to participate in more significant competitions. What you love to do can help you make money for more important causes.

Exactly, a Cheer-A-Thon is one of the best cheerleading fundraising ideas to host and raise for your cheerleading group.

To conduct a cheer-a-thon, your cheerleading squad should invest a certain amount of time and plan your groups accordingly.

For instance, if you plan to host 24 24-hour cheerleading events, you can arrange multiple cheerleading squads.

You can do different routines, cheers, dance moves, and stunts to ensure the venue has a high spirit. You may also have to play good band music in the background, fun activities, and games to keep people entertained.

Spread awareness of your event as much as you can, both online/offline. Print tickets and sell them to audiences at discounted prices to attract more people.

31. Pancake Breakfast

Pancake breakfast | cheer fundraising ideas

The cheerleaders will be enthusiastic about breakfast fundraisers, which are popular school fundraising ideas.

Although pancake breakfasts are a mainstay of school fundraisers, providing gourmet and brunch-style alternatives will enable you to charge higher admission prices and entice more attendees.

To pull off this kind of event, you will undoubtedly need volunteers for the cook and the chef. If you want to take some of the baked goods home for later, add music performances and a bake sale afterward.

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Pro Tips To Execute Successful Cheerleading Fundraising Ideas

Cheer Fundraising Ideas are brilliant ways to raise money for cheerleading groups. These are quite profitable and can yield huge returns if planned and organized systematically. Below are some practical tips for hosting a successful cheerleading fundraiser that you need to follow to raise the required money for your team hassle-free.

1. Gather A Team To Succeed

The cheerleaders involve their families, instructors, and neighbors in the fundraising in addition to themselves. Coaches and parents may have formed alliances with nearby businesses to obtain sponsorship assistance for in-kind and monetary gifts.

2. Plan Goals For The Year

Set a specific fundraising objective at the beginning of the academic year. How much money will your team need to raise to accomplish your objectives? Determine how many cheer fundraising ideas are necessary to achieve your goal, leaving enough time between each one to collect the funds needed to carry them out.

Along with participating, the cheerleaders include the parents, coaches, and neighborhood. Relationships that parents and coaches have built with local companies are crucial to securing sponsorship for both in-kind and financial donations.

3. Use The Right Tools

Use websites for fundraising that might make your organizing and reporting tasks easier. Fundraising software also allows you to accept mobile and online donations, which help you collect more money, particularly for peer-to-peer cheering initiatives.

Also, these tools will help you keep track of the targeted fundraising amount without creating confusion among the team members.

4. Evaluate The Result Of The Event

Planning fundraising events involves several steps, one of which is the review and summary of the event. Your team must identify what went well and what may be improved.

Once a week, while everyone’s recollections are still vivid, gather together and talk about the event.

You can also use the software statistics to understand how your fundraiser project is progressing and plan accordingly per your evaluation results.

Cheer Up and Raise The Fund

People will turn out in large numbers to back your fundraising efforts since cheerleaders play an essential role in the student body of a school or institution. We hope your team will benefit significantly from these 31 DIY cheer fundraiser ideas!

You may encourage the squad by using your imagination and having fun. If you want to give your fundraising ideas a reality and raise money for your cause, contact Midland Fundraising to get awesome cheer fundraising ideas.

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