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UP TO 45% profit
On The Go Totes Fundraiser
UP TO 50% profit
Holiday Wishes Fall Fundraiser
UP TO 50% profit
Popcorn and Chocolates Fundraiser
UP TO 50% profit
Sweets And Treats Fundraiser
UP TO 45% profit
Cookie Dough Fundraiser
UP TO 50% profit
Spring In Bloom Fundraiser

How to Raise Money with Wrapping Paper Fundraiser?

When we think about fundraisers, our minds often conjure images of selling baked goods, popcorn, candies, or other gourmet snacks. However, numerous exciting fundraising ideas can help you raise substantial funds without relying on food sales.

One of these ideas, which holds great potential for success, is the wrapping paper fundraiser. This easy-to-host fundraiser is ideal for schools, daycares, sports groups (like basketball or softball teams), and non-profit organizations looking to generate funds for their genuine causes.

In this blog, we’ll delve into wrapping paper fundraising, exploring tips and creative ideas to help you maximize donations for your institution or cause. Discover how this innovative approach can significantly impact your fundraising efforts while offering your supporters a valuable product.

What Is A Wrapping Paper Fundraiser?

The wrapping paper fundraiser is one of the common ideas today. We use wrapping paper to beautifully pack the gifts we give to special ones during holidays or occasions.

While gifts are incredibly precious to the ones who are getting them, a stunning wrap will make the moment of gifting and unwrapping more exciting!

No matter how small or big, expensive or non-expensive the present is, fantastic gift paper wraps it with warmth and brings a bright smile to the face of the person. Beautiful wrapping papers are also necessary to bind flower bouquets, which makes them look visually more appealing.

As the custom or usual urge of gifting will always prevail, the demand for wrapping paper will grow. The idea of covering paper fundraising is to sell varieties of wrapping paper and miscellaneous decorative pieces like ribbons, tapes, bows, bells, etc.

This fundraiser can be run for days or weeks to raise the targeted funds. When we hosted it, we earned huge profits! Want to know why? It is usually more profitable when the fundraiser is held before Christmas and other holidays when the gifting customs take place.

Usually, wrapping fundraisers is a fantastic and easy way to raise hefty donations by elementary schools, sports clubs, school bands, dance groups, etc.

Apart from a suitable venue in a familiar and convenient place, it would help if you had a reliable wrapping paper supplier. Gift wrap is something anyone needs throughout the year and can easily afford!

So, if you put up a wrapping paper sale in your fundraiser and spread the word about it among the masses through an outstanding campaign, it will likely be successful.

Why Host Wrapping Paper Sale As For A Fundraiser?

We consider wrapping paper fundraisers as a rewarding idea for raising donations for any cause because almost everyone uses gift wrap!

Who does not love gifting others or getting gifts from others? Besides, the wraps are non-reusable despite the paper being recyclable and reusable for purposes other than wrapping.

One will never use a used wrapping paper to wrap another present. Moreover, the paper gets torn during unwrapping, which makes it unsuitable for wrapping another gift.

For this reason, the demand for wrapping paper will never die but will always prevail!

When you provide wrapping paper for sale in your fundraiser, people will be excited to participate because they can add some marvelous wrapping paper to their stock.

Also, hosting the gift-wrapping fundraiser is convenient because it requires minimal startup costs. And instead of such a lower investment, you can earn substantial funds for your organization, group, or non-profit.

While it is an old-age tradition to wrap the gifts in paper, you now know the advantage of hosting a gift-wrapping fundraiser for a cause. It is cost-effective, hassle-free, and has more significant moneymaking potential.


wrapping paper fundraising

How Does A Wrapping Paper Fundraiser Work?

Whatever your cause of raising funds, if you decide to do it through a wrapping paper fundraiser, there are several ways to go.

First, you can put up stalls to sell myriad varieties of wrap papers at unbelievably low prices, including holiday season wraps, birthday gift wraps, Valentine’s Day gift wraps, Christmas gift wraps, Mother’s Day gift wraps, and so on.

People will be surely excited to come to your event once they know about it. They will be happy to collect many unique and pretty wrapping papers for every occasion of the year at once.

You can also hold a contest in your fundraiser, like a painting contest, and charge a minimal fee from the participants. You can make this idea happen quickly online and host it for weeks! This makes your fundraising extraordinarily cost-effective and will raise enough profits for you.

You can also give gift-wrapping papers to every participant as giveaways in a raffle fundraising contest. It helps raise enough money that participants purchase tickets and hold a chance to win a collection of wrapping paper as a gift.

In short, there are exciting ways to host a wrapping paper fundraiser and grab as many audiences as possible.

Discovering The Right Fundraising Causes To Wrap

The success of any fundraiser depends on how genuine the cause is. If you are hosting a wrapping paper sales fundraiser, ask the participants to develop a purpose they can understand and relate to.

You will invite your friends, family, and acquaintances to your event, making it a huge hit.

However, no one will get excited by the mere thought of participating in a wrap fundraising. Wrapping paper is available everywhere, and they can buy it anytime from anywhere.

So, why do you think they will be excited to join your fundraiser? It must be the cause behind your fundraiser!

They will be eager to buy tickets and donate when they know you will use the funds for productive purposes like purchasing equipment for a sports group, necessities of an elementary school, daycare, etc., or a nonprofit.

When there’s a noble mission behind the wrapping paper moneymaking event, it will surely convince the audience and make them support you.

Last time we hosted such a gift wrap fundraiser, we ensured our audience knew about our cause by communicating about it during the campaign.

So, people who came up after knowing the cause were happy to donate while enjoying shopping for unique wrapping papers.

11 Tips for a Successful Wrapping Paper Fundraiser

There are no surefire ways to make your wrapping paper fundraiser a successful event. Watch what others are doing in their wrapping paper sales fundraisers and plan the steps wisely to make your fundraiser a success, too!

To assist you here, we present some proven tips to host the best wrapping paper fundraiser for schools, groups, teams, organizations, or non-profits. Take a look:

1. Make sure to partner with the right wrapping paper company

Any company or local wrapping paper seller is suitable for a fundraising idea. You need a company that can provide unique varieties of wrapping papers attractive enough to attract the audience.

But that’s not all! The company should understand the importance of charity and be capable of supplying as many types of wrapping paper as you want for your fundraising event.

We recommend contacting wrapping paper companies like Charleston, Sally Foster, Innisbrook, etc. These companies are mainly known for their immense role in school or similar fundraisers.

So, to host a fundraiser that will align with your cause, you need to find one of the notable gift wrap fundraising companies that support schools, sports teams, music bands, youth groups, etc.

2. Convey a clear message through your campaign

You need to motivate your target audience and provide them with incentives so that they become interested in taking part in your fundraiser.

When they know that the money raised in the fundraiser will go to an elementary school, sports groups, dance troops, or a non-profit organization fighting for a social cause, they get eager to join.

Thus, pick a specific way to convey the reason for fundraising in your campaign so that people can immediately connect to it and be interested in participating.

For instance, if it is a school fundraiser, you can combine your wrap fundraiser with a rhyme or fashion competition. Make the kids of your school take part in the competition.

When you mention this in your campaign message, you can get an audience because many will be keen to see the little ones to whom they donate the money.

3. Promote your fundraiser through a catchy title/slogan

The title or tagline of your fundraiser is essential! Since gift wrapping paper is just an ordinary item available in every local store, you need to sound differently to make your wrapping paper some fantastic stuff to buy.

So, create a title or slogan for your event that makes it stand out as a fundraiser.

Don’t go with general fundraising titles like Donate for Children, Contribute for a Noble Cause, Give and Seek Blessings, etc.

Titles such as “Give and earn the smile of a kid,” “Make miracles happen with a small effort,” and “Invest in someone’s dreams” have always garnered attention and resulted in fulfilling fundraising events.

Make sure to choose one such attention-grabbing title for your wrapping paper fundraiser!

4. Offer a variety of wrapping papers

Offering just one or two simple types of gift wrapping paper will not be enough to lure the audience and draw them towards your fundraiser. You should provide a wide variety of wrapping pieces in your fundraising event that people could rarely find elsewhere.

That’s why you need to partner with one of the specialized gift wrap fundraising companies that are aware of the craze and demand for different wrapping papers among people.

These companies can provide fascinating wrapping papers customized for different occasions or holiday seasons.

When you partner with the right company, you can provide Christmas-themed holiday wraps in red and white, rosy or red wrapping paper for Valentine’s Day gifting, minimalist wraps for corporate gifting, etc.

Those companies keep wrapping papers according to the occasion and the latest designs like glossy, transparent, vintage, black and white, satin, etc.

The more varieties of wrapping paper you offer, the greater the potential of making money from your fundraiser.

5. Make your fundraiser a fun event

To make your gift-wrapping fundraiser successful, make it a fun event with some innovative ideas. Just selling the best quality wrapping paper might bore the audience.

Instead, you can host a contest or competition and present wrapping papers to the contestants and winners! Sounds interesting, right? Yes, it is because the audience can enjoy seeing kids competing in an arts and crafts contest, cooking, baking, rhyming, or dancing.

Usually, the paper-wrapping fundraising ideas are helpful for school fundraisers, preschool fundraisers, small group fundraisers, or nonprofits for being cost-effective!

Hence, you can hold several activities involving the kids and see how the event turns up! The parents get excited, too. They invite friends, acquaintances, and family members, which further increases the footfall of your event.

6. Create a sense of urgency

It is wise to create a sense of urgency before your fundraising event to have an audience on your fundraising day! Think of the success rate that any holiday fundraiser gets, and you will know why.

Schools or needy organizations host cookie dough fundraisers, candle fundraisers, chocolate fundraisers, or Christmas tree fundraisers for weeks just before the holiday bells ring! This creates a sense of urgency in the potential supporters or donors.

They fear that the stock of these holiday season products will soon run out, so it is better to register for the event quickly.

Given that gift wrapping paper fundraiser is one of the holiday essentials, you can easily create a sense of urgency by choosing an appropriate time to host it.

7. Use social media to the fullest

Social media is our most significant gift for spreading the word or promoting an event. So, utilize social media to the fullest and make your wrapping paper fundraiser successful.

Post stories, campaigns, and imagery regularly on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc., to keep the conversation about your fundraising event going.

With impressive posts on different social media accounts, you can reach the masses and enhance the chance of your fundraiser becoming a success!

8. Use traditional methods of marketing

While investing your time in social media marketing, do not forget the popular conventional marketing methods, like flyers, posters, and billboards. Use traditional methods to promote your easy wrapping paper moneymaking event among the locals.

Word-of-mouth promotions are equally effective these days! Therefore, as soon as you fix the date and venue of your fundraiser, start with all the traditional means to promote your event.

You can even contact the local newspaper and magazine agencies and urge them to promote your fundraiser event.

9. Choose a convenient venue

Remember that getting higher footfall is the prime concern for your fundraiser event. You can only sell more wrapping paper and reach your target funds.

A key criterion to make your event a crowd-puller is the location/venue of the fundraising event. Fundraisers held at community centers or public places like parks, playgrounds, etc., were the most successful!

More people could reach the event quickly and timely, which resulted in higher sales and unbelievable profits!

To make your paper wrapping fundraising idea a sure shot success, choose the most convenient location accessible from all regions through public transport.

10. Get maximum supporters

Do not rush, but take your time to gather as many volunteers as possible for your event. They are the most valuable assets of any fundraising event.

They help you on the event day and in many other ways, like sharing on social media, advocating the cause, requesting peers to join, supplying essentials like posters, stall decorating items and selling tickets.

With many supporters or volunteers by your side, things get easier at every step, i.e., campaigning, gathering participants, and hosting.

First, look into your organization or group to get more volunteers and ask in-house members to participate. After that, seek participation from the locals.

For instance, if you are going to host the best wrapping paper fundraiser for a school or sports team, urge the kids, teachers, faculty members, and parents to take part in the fundraiser.

11. Welcome and appreciate the donors

Fundraising is about nurturing the feeling of giving! Never forget the donors and supporters who gave valuable time to your event and invested money in wrapping papers. You can make a sweet gesture like presenting a thank you note with chocolates or flowers.

If donors feel appreciated and leave your event with a happy heart, you will surely get some loyal members to participate in your next fundraiser.

11 Best Wrapping Paper Fundraiser Campaign Ideas

Gift wrapping fundraiser is undeniably a popular idea to raise funds for three apparent reasons –

  • Wrapping paper is a demanding product.
  • Fundraisers are exceptionally cost-effective.
  • They are easy to host

If this looks convincing and you are ready to host a gift paper wrap fundraiser for your cause or organization, here are some of the brilliant ideas we have for you!

1. Gift Wrapping Party and Raffle

This fundraiser is a brilliant idea before Christmas as people will be waiting to buy wrapping papers for packing all the presents for their loved ones. Host a Christmas wrapping party at your fundraising program to make the event successful!

Host some stalls of gourmet snacks, drinks, and other refreshments for the participants. A simple sale of wrapping papers might sound boring to many, and you might not get enough crowds.

However, everyone, including kids, teenagers, and adults, will be excited to participate on hearing that it’s more like a fun party than a simple fundraiser.

The organizers of the most successful wrap fundraisers affirmed that they usually get an audience whenever they put additional stalls of snacks or food trucks alongside their event.

You can make your gift wrap fundraiser even more exciting by holding it as a raffle event. Ask the participants to join the raffle with a minimum ticket price. The generous volunteers of your event can collect the trending and best wrapping papers in a gift basket. The winner of the raffle contest will be handed over the basket.

Hosting a raffle fundraiser will make your gift-wrapping fundraiser immensely exciting. After all, who does not want to be applauded as a lucky winner among the crowd?

Choose a public venue or place convenient for anyone to arrive to make your gift-wrapping party or raffle fundraiser a big hit.



2. Gift Wrapping Tutorial

Gift wrapping with beautiful papers is good, but what about making some artistic impressions on the wrap with decorative pieces like bows, ribbons, gift cards, and sketches with sparkling colored pens? So, here’s another great idea for a holiday gift-wrapping fundraiser.

In this event, ask the talented gift wrapper volunteers who have innovative folding ideas and can decorate the gift boxes well. Advertise your fundraiser as a gift-wrapping tutorial fundraising, where people can buy their choice of wrapping papers and learn the coveted skill of wrapping.

This idea is nothing but the usual gift-wrapping fundraiser with a great twist. One interesting fact about this fundraiser is that you can host it as an online wrapping paper fundraiser.

Ask people nationwide to join your virtual tutorial event through Zoom or other apps instead of a minimal registration fee.

At the end of the tutorial, you can provide the participants with the link to some beautiful wrapping papers they can purchase online.

Whether you host the gift wrapping tutorial fundraiser online or offline, there’s a high chance to raise reasonable donations with maximum revenue. This is the best idea for fundraisers for school groups.



3. Classroom Holiday Party

Schools in dire need of funds and do not have enough budget to host a lucrative fundraiser can try the simple classroom holiday party.

There is no need to arrange a venue, and you can host a party by decorating your school’s classrooms on a weekend or holidays. Collect excellent gift-wrapping papers with miscellaneous decorative pieces from a local supplier.

You can display some of the loveliest wraps by creating a photo backdrop or wrapping empty cardboard boxes.

Since this is a holiday season fundraising party, the best time to host it is during Christmas. You can use some of the creative ideas to decorate the classrooms uniquely.

Ornament the desks and teachers’ tables using giant peppermint sticks of plain white paper and red electrical tape.

However, it would be best if you had greater volunteer participation to make this fundraiser party a huge hit. Thus, the parents, teachers, and young kids must be convinced to participate. Also, ask them to promote the fundraiser amongst all their close groups.

holiday party


4. School Math Day

Promoting math skills with your wrapping paper fundraiser is an exciting idea.

This is best for elementary and high schools because teachers must participate, and participants can learn mathematical skills while donating to a cause.

A school-wide math event as a fundraiser will be a crowd-puller, too, as students of all grades from different schools will be excited to join and win! There are very few fundraisers known for educational value.

Qualified teachers put up math questions and quizzes and seek solutions from the participants.

The ones with the best scores are then gifted amazing prizes in unique wraps. So, you can promote your wrapping paper stock with your holiday math event.

For this fundraiser idea to be exciting, make sure to host it on the weekend so that a maximum number of students can participate.

It’s even better if you host it before an exam session! Students will be eager to nurture their mathematical skills and boost their confidence.

math day


5. Gift Wrapping Service

Organizations, schools, or groups needing to raise funds can improve their gift-wrapping paper fundraising event by offering the gift-wrapping service.

Just selling the wrapping papers is not always profitable. Instead, service-based fundraising is more effective because people get a needed service.

So, by offering the gift-wrapping service, you can help many people with fantastic wrapping papers and various gift-wrapping stuff like tape dispensers, scissors, gift boxes, gift bags, ribbons, bows, gift tags, and markers or pens.

The volunteers will be present with all these kinds of stuff and quickly wrap the gifts, no matter the size or how oddly they are shaped.

The gift-wrapping service is perhaps the most profitable idea and leaves you the scope to raise maximum donations while fostering cooperation, teamwork, and interaction between the participants and donors.

wrapping paper service


6. Sally Foster Fundraiser

Sally Foster fundraiser was the most famous wrapping paper fundraiser once known, but unfortunately, it is no longer available to sell wrapping papers. Before it was closed in 2013 after going bankrupt, Sally Foster sold fashionable and novel wrapping papers through fundraisers for schools and nonprofits.

It was incredibly famous then for its top-notch quality paper that is not wearable easily. It provided wraps of widespread designs for Christmas gift wrapping, Hanukkah, special occasions, birthdays, and whatnot!

While the fundraising company remained no longer, people still search today for the Sally Foster fundraiser for its unmatched popularity.

paper companies


7. Holiday Fundraiser

If the Christmas and New Year holidays are near, host the wrapping paper fundraiser by selling unique varieties and designs of wrapping papers.

Whenever it is the holiday season, make sure to incorporate fun and relaxation in your fundraiser. So hold activities like a dance competition, fashion show, singing contest, music band performance, etc.

Holidays are the time people get a break from their hectic schedules and like to spend time with their loved ones. Food brings people together; it is one of the best holiday fundraising ideas!

By offering snacks in your fundraiser, like peanuts, popcorn, cookies, and chocolates, you can allow them to relish some savory snacks with friends and kids while purchasing the wrapping papers and contributing to a cause.

We once asked children to volunteer in a cookie-dough competition to make your Christmas wrapping paper fundraiser more profitable. Children offered varieties of flavored cookie dough, which were instantly baked and delivered. The crowd response was tremendous!

Not only did the wrapping paper sales skyrocket and receive hefty funds, but we also got requests for hosting such snack fundraisers separately.

Holiday Fundraiser


8. PTA wrapping paper fundraiser

As the name suggests, the PTA wrapping paper fundraiser involves the parents and teachers to raise money for a cause related to the school kids.

The PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is already responsible for hosting educational or recreational events throughout the year to give students a break from mundane routines.

They can host a wrapping paper fundraiser as one of the fun events for their children to enjoy and, at the same time, raise some funds for their cause.

Clearly, in this fundraiser, parents and teachers are the volunteers who will collect wrapping papers and various accessories needed for elegantly wrapping the gifts. They can promote the event on social media or by spreading catalogs among their peers and family members.

They can also share the catalogs through email. To boost sales in this fundraiser, the parents and teachers can put up snacks and drinks counter by bringing prepared items from their homes.

pta fundraiser


9. Fall Fundraiser

Want to host a great fall fundraiser? Again, a gift-wrapping paper fundraiser is the best choice for those needing the lowest investments. Fall is the most pleasant time of year when the temperature decreases and creates positive and energetic vibes.

Fall is perfect if you are looking for a time to hold your wrapping paper fundraiser event!

People love to go outdoors and have fun with their loved ones during this time.

Hold your fall fundraiser in your school playground if it is a school fundraiser, or choose a beautiful park or a community recreation ground. It is necessary to choose an open-air venue to let people enjoy the fundraiser amidst nature and calming weather.

Decorate the venue with flowers and stunning wrapping paper to mark the fall. You can pull many supporters to your fundraiser with handpicked wrapping papers for sale.

fall fundraiser


How to Host A Wrapping Paper Fundraiser?

Whether you want to host a virtual or in-person wrapping paper fundraiser, there are different ways to host it. Of course, we want you to host it most efficiently, also ensuring that you get maximum reach and supporters.

Here are a few recommended ways to host your paper wrap fundraiser effectively:

1. Partnership with a charity

If you have no clue how the fundraiser works and how to get started for your fundraiser, reach out to a charity and discuss it with its members. They can guide you and give you a great head start on your efforts to raise funds!

Partnering with a charity will also assist in other aspects, such as approaching volunteers, promoting the fundraiser, and selling tickets.

2. Online/virtual hosting

If you have a huge follower base on social media, hosting an online wrapping paper fundraiser is possibly the best idea to use your vast number of followers.

You can create an interesting post about your fundraiser and provide a direct link to your wrapping paper catalog.

Whoever comes across the post can instantly see the record, decide what to buy, and place orders. This way, you can receive the funds directly into your account whenever anyone purchases the wrapping paper online.

3. Hosting in a school premises/public place

Hosting an in-person fundraising event is perhaps the most common, significantly, when the COVID situation has faded.

You only need a proper venue to host an in-person wrapping paper money-making event—some of the appropriate places to host our school premises are playgrounds, parks, practice rooms, etc.

Wrapping Paper As A Way To Advertise

Of course, your wrapping paper fundraising event is about raising money for a genuine reason. It would be best to emphasize advertising your fundraiser as much as possible to ensure it draws a significant audience on the final day.

However, use the opportunity of advertising your fundraiser to promote your cause.

People are likelier to come forward when they know the reason behind your fundraising efforts. That eventually helps you in raising your target funds!

So, you have two things assured with proper campaigning or advertisement- spreading your cause and earning donations.

A few of the proven tricks to advertise your wrapping paper fundraiser effectively while promoting your cause are below.

  • In a quick survey, ask people how they would like to donate to your cause.
  • Include some helpful information about your organization or cause, reasons you need the fund, and how purchasing the wrapping papers from them will assist you in the cause.
  • Urge the school kids (if it is a school fundraiser) and the groups/sports team/music band/nonprofit organization members to share a message about the fundraiser on their social media profiles. They should always be responsible for spreading flyers and posting to spread the message in their local regions.
  • Provide a CTA (Call-to-action) button that would lead the audience to purchase the ticket to your in-person fundraiser or register for the online fundraiser.

Why Is A Wrapping Paper Fundraiser A Good Idea?

Holiday or Christmas wrapping paper fundraiser is always a great option for elementary schools, daycares, small groups, sports teams, or nonprofits that do not have any monetary support or strength.

Wrapping paper is one of the most affordable products and has higher demand, too! Thus, with the wrapping paper fundraiser, you can draw everyone’s attention and convert the wrapping paper buyers into your donors.

Reasons why wrapping paper fundraiser is an excellent moneymaking idea today:

1. Helps you raise funds without spending all your money

Paper wrap fundraiser is inevitably the most low-cost fundraising idea ever. The essential supplies, i.e., wrapping papers, are available at cheaper prices, regardless of their type and designs.

Even if you go for high-quality gift wraps, gift bags, and various accessories, there is nothing affordable in this category.

2. Wrapping papers are demanded all through the year

Not only during the holidays or special yearly events, but gifting is also a tradition practiced throughout the year in birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, housewarming parties, baby showers, etc.

So, you will never have a lower footfall in your paper wrap fundraiser, no matter at what time of the year you host it.

3. Hosting online fundraising is easy

If you cannot arrange a proper venue for your fundraiser, you can host it online and earn an equal amount of donations. Hosting it online will never reduce your fundraiser’s profit potential.

A virtual fundraiser can raise more donations by reaching more audiences.

4. New and innovative idea

While talent shows, walkathons, trivia tournaments, etc., have become quite common as fundraisers, this gift paper fundraising is one of the innovative ideas that are time-tested and helped many to raise reasonable funds.

Who Can Benefit From A Wrapping Paper Fundraiser?

Organizing a wrapping paper fundraiser by offering a great selection of gift wraps is a popular money-maker option that benefits schools and small groups, including sports clubs, dance troops, cheerleading groups, music bands, arts and crafts clubs, etc.

Also, many nonprofit organizations can benefit from this fundraiser because it requires no significant amount of money to host!

This type of Holiday or Christmas wrapping fundraiser is also a suitable and quick way to raise money and support their services to society. Given their cost-effectiveness and minimalist requirements, gift-wrapping fundraising options are best for all types of organizations and purposes.

Are There Any Risks Involved In A Wrapping Paper Fundraiser?

To know if your chosen fundraising idea is risk-free, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is it selling everyone’s favorite or necessary item?
  • Is it quick and easy to host?
  • Is it helpful for fulfilling the personal needs of the participants/supporters?
  • Is it something new, fun, or creative?
  • Is it inexpensive to host and requires fewer supplies?
  • Can you promote it on social media and online?
  • Can you get more interested volunteers?

If you could answer ‘YES” to all these questions, your wrapping paper sales fundraiser would be risk-free and highly rewarding for your cause or organization.

Host a Spectacular Wrapping Paper Fundraiser with Midland Fundraising!

Wrapping papers is a complementary product with a friendly and pleasant association with gifting on holidays or special occasions. A cute or gorgeous wrapping paper can bring a big smile to the person’s face when receiving the gift!

Hosting a wrapping paper fundraiser is an extraordinarily low-risk yet profitable idea to spread a cause, foster good cheer, and raise money for your organization.

We have listed here some of the perfect gift-wrapping fundraiser ideas for schools, groups, or nonprofit organizations.

Each of these works best as a Christmas gift wrap fundraiser, a fall fundraiser, and a spring fundraiser. It’s simply because you do not need any particular season or occasion to sell wrapping papers.

If you are part of an organization and need to raise money, try out any of these ideas! We at Midland Fundraising promise to help you succeed by providing all the essentials and expert guidance to grow at the fundraiser.

After assisting hundreds of organizations and nonprofits, we know what organizers look for. We will help you plan, organize, and host a fruitful fundraiser for your cause.